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  1. Gt 335 Intercooling

    BPT Motorsport also make an intercooler kit for the Miami. http://www.bptmotorsport.com.au/product/airaid-synthaflow-mxp-series-cold-air-intake-system/
  2. Happy Birthday Strangled Cat!

  3. Happy Birthday Strangled Cat!

  4. Happy Birthday Strangled Cat!

  5. Happy Birthday Strangled Cat!

  6. Going Crazy On A G6Et... Build.

    Awesome car dude! You pretty much have the exact mods fitted to your car which I would get if I had an FG Turbo. I have always loved the coarse and deep note of Di Filippo exhausts and consider them to be among the best on the market. Sure, they aren't the prettiest and certainly not the most refined sounding, but they make great power and have a great note nonetheless. As for the Plazmaman gear, the latest stuff they have for FG Turbo's look unbelievable, both in quality, fit and finish and style. Enjoy your car and the awesome mods that you have chosen for your car! I'm more than a little bit envious....
  7. Fg Catback Vs B Series Catback

    A bit of a thread mine, but I would like to know the aswer to this question as well.
  8. Happy Birthday Strangled Cat!

  9. New Plazmaman Fg Intercooler

    Looks awesome. I've always been a fan of Plazmaman's gear. Top quality products.
  10. Nizpro Cooler Kit.

    Thanks for that benny. Odd that ones taller and the other ones thicker. Although the Nizpro cooler is obviously a lot bigger and better flowing than the 6 cooler, I still am impressed by the size of the stock cooler. It would have to be better than the B series Factory F6 cooler and that wasn't too bad a unit either.
  11. Nizpro Cooler Kit.

    Is the FG XR6T and F6 cooler the same size or does the FG F6 have a bigger cooler than the XR6T like the BA/BF's?
  12. This Is A Big "f*ck You" To Cancer

    I bet the funding for sending a spaceship to the moon and mars is a lot more than how much has been allocated for cancer research. I hope that in my lifetime I can see that the human race has found a cure for this insidious disease.
  13. This Is A Big "f*ck You" To Cancer

    Really sorry to hear mate. Cancer is probably the worst disease known to humans, and it always seems to affect those who least deserve it! My step mother has been battling breast cancer for years, and has only just recently had to have her breast removed. The amount of pain and suffering she has had to endure is phenominal. She is such a lovely person and doesn't deserve it at all. At least she's been given a very good prognosis after having her most recent procedure to remove the cancer completely. I just feel for all those people out there who fight for years and go through hell only to not make it out. We live in a cruel world....
  14. Had My Fg Xr6t Tuned Today

    Far out man that's incredible. Mind telling us who tuned your car? Last I remember of you, you were in SA.
  15. Fg Blown Head Gasket 2000km

    Can you retrofit the BA gasket onto the BFs? I've got an F6X and obviously this is the same as a BF engine. I've just had the 30k service done and they didn't find anything wrong with it. I might have to have a look tonight to make sure there isn't any leaks as I don't really trust my dealer.

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