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    Had @Boosted Blu back in for the premium suspension option when it comes to lowering a turbo ute and to suit the remaining mods on his 500rwkw beast it was time for only the best ! Shockworks coilovers king spring leafs whiteline eye bushings whiteline leaf bed blocks Mal Wood anti tramp bars with the Shockworks set to 600mm from top hat underside to centre hole of lower support bracket and 6 clicks clockwise it’s brought the fronts from 370 to 340mm and rears from 390 to 360 and feels brilliant on the road ! Before After
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    Got the Ute back a few weeks ago from CPV but been away for work so havnt had time to enjoy it yet. Made 390kw on e85. Had a few problems and didn't quite make the power we were hoping for. He suspected the few year old atomic springs had seen better days and possibly the twin 2.5" exhaust holding it back a smidge. Just to much noise when trying to push it further. We decided against chasing the few possible issues for little kw gain and just leave it there where it was happy. I'm more than happy with the power. Comes on very strong and a night and day difference between the old 98 tune[emoji1360]
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    Had Nathaniel back in for some more mods as last time we had pushed the stock injectors to the end of their capacity and had to stop. Now I’ve installed a set of KPM street fighter 1000cc injectors, walbro 255 intank pump, full Venom turbo back exhaust in MS and put a new seal/gasket kit through the GT3576 as she was leaking a bit too much ! Meeting the owners requirements for a more top end style of tune it was a pleasure to work towards what he wanted and knocking out a solid result at the same time. One of the key areas is always the gain over last time and there’s gainzzz everywhere on this tune over the last with a good supply of mods to suit 333rwkw @ 14.8psi peak Plazmaman 800hp kit KPM1000’s walbro 255 Venom 4*Dump/cat full twin 2.5* system 38mm port & flapper modification Plazmaman 4* race intake battery relocation kit 98 fuel BP ultimate
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    A few pics of my new motor. Hope to reset the Adelaide record with this engine using a low mount. GTX3584RS - DMP CAM package and a few other goodies too.
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    Alright here is the result. I may have cooked a bit too much as I didn't cook the rump and there is still food for dayzzz. After one flip...I couldn't fit everything on the bbq... Pretty much ready to go. The right plate is switched off and just waiting for the mushrooms... Who needs salad right?! M'plate...I ate about half... So many leftovers...
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    Went here yesterday for work. Looks nice and the restaurant is apparently pretty bloddy good. Right across the road is a small shopping complex and other flash pubs/food options. Gutted I'm down here for work a few months to early. Fly back to home tomorrow. Cracking roads but. Even a good drive in a truck. Bonus pick of Lake Jindabyne from yesterday. No snow but cold as
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    sounds delicious in other news, had this for lunch. Chopped brisket, pulled bbq pork, pork & fennel link, double cheddar, coleslaw, white bbq sauce, mild bbq sauce. All meats smoked for up to 12 hours Delicious
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    FYI with our new Custom OS you can do dual maps, variable boost via a rotary dial, flex fuel, variable ignition timing for water meth/nitrous and increased table resolution all via the stock PCM with PCMTEC Editor. You can also wire in a wideband or a relay and set it up to pull timing/add fuel as a safety feature.
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    Went for a cruise this arvo. So you have to key it on before the Kayhan ICC works, no probs. Factory you didn't but meh. It connects to phones wifi & Bluetooth etc but when you start the car it restarts so has to reboot once your getting out the driveway. Asides from that it's pretty responsive, would not compare it to a late tablet for speed or screen quality but a bit upgrade from stock that's for sure. Sound seems to need a few more digits to seem loud but putting system in soonish so not fussed. Also yes it plays the prons.
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    Mine arrived yesterday. Did a dumb and didn't push the rear socket in properly. So I only got it going today. If anyone gets one you really need to lean into it to get it to seat properly. Asides from that it's a little fiddly to get it to sit right. They have just put some new videos up saying to redrill the factory side brackets. This is to allow some clearance for the power socket at the rear of the cd player. Pics not great and it's not bolted in yet but seems pretty decent so far.
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    Alright well it's nowhere near ready but it's gettin there
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    Picked up some 4 pot front brembos with fairly new pads and discs this arvo. The fellow was trying to sell a whole vixen red GT-P that had been stacked but I woke up this morning with a message from the bloke saying he’s decided to part it out now and to make an offer on the front brakes I originally messaged him about a couple days ago. So like usual you offer low and make your way up but he was happy with my initial offer of $500 for callipers only sight unseen. He brought the disc brakes as well to our meeting spot and accepted a extra $50 for me to take them. They appear to be RDA drilled and slotted and don’t even have a lip at all on them yet. I would have much preferred DBA but beggars can’t be choosers. Caught on the wrong end of the pay month I intend on picking up the rear set up as well next weekend. Anyways, I will clean and inspect these bad boys tomorrow!
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    From in line with the unit and from drivers view. Slightly obstructing one of the gauges but not enough to need to make a new pod imo. Might shim the pods up with a few mm of PVC pipe though. Should have a warning light or alarm setup with the important ones anyway.
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    here's a little Birthday skid https://1drv.ms/v/s!Aibjz7ngS0vsm08zDnCPVS6XUBbb edit: on a private road of course
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    Just for anyone interested or who is going to do one themselves thought I would just make a quick post closing out my install and experience. First - Big thanks to the guys ay Plazmaman who fast-tracked my order and got it to my Hotel in plenty of time for me to collect on my short visit to Sydney. I was an extra needy emailer trying to ensure I had everything lined up as I don't get across the ditch often and was trying to save some coin buying direct and bringing it back us luggage. Great service, packaging, communication, and the product is very high quality. I had a couple of tuners tell me to splash out on the 800hp which I would of if I wasn't trying to get it back into NZ in luggage, the extra size and weight was making me nervous and at the end of the day my plans for this build are well supported with the 700hp flow. Install experience was OK, I haven't done a swap before and the lessons learned: 1. Headlights need to come out to get the pipes in/out 2. There is cutting of the plastic bar required, more than expected 3. It will fit nicely over the air con cooler, once you have cut enough plastic bar 4. You don't use the original mounting brackets, although it looks like you should as the rubber bushes fit in nicely, once again if you cut enough plastic it lines up perfectly with the factory mount points for the OEM brackets and you can bolt it up nice and tight. 5. The piping kit was the easy bit and great quality too - I went with the throttle body elbow and already have a turbo side cold air so looking good. Happy to answer any questions or share closer pics if another newb lands on this post and wants a little help.
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    could very well be an advantage as it might make you more focused.
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    The view for today [emoji3]
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    Yep I push my 3.5 inches down everyone's throat....lol. 4inch is drone central but you can't tell them! On a lighter note...domestic happening across the road and off the balcony flies a TV! What's more humorous is that it was the white karnt not the black karnts who threw it! Needless to say that the police were "Johnny on the spot" because blacks were involved....if it was only "white fellas" the police don't exist. At least up here they don't!
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    Down low bigger exhausts actually have counterproductive power generation properties and the full effect of a 4* system is only seen above the 1000 HP mark over say a 3.5* #SAYNOTODRONE
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    Piks of girl Keify !!! you know the rules !!!
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    Lol. Ok then, is this better? Always nice to have a box waiting for you when you get home.
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    5.5kg of rump marinated and ready to go on the weber in the morning
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    needed a new wireless mouse so I popped into MSY... needed something to cheer myself up and g sync is amazing
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    the cutting bed is about 3 x 4 meters
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    Good day for it. My first time at Bathurst[emoji1360] Any other lads here this weekend?
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    So generally happy with the unit? Yes, screen visibility isn't great with sun on it. Does it look decent or stick out like a sore thumb? Looks average Tried any playstore apps? Yes, works like a normal tablet Something you'd recommend? Yes Did you get the apple/android integration with it? Yes, don't bother. They supply an add on dongle that plugs into the USB cable. The unit already has 2 USB cables, I'm sure that eBay would have a cheaper one. You can use a different launcher aswell, the stock one is a disgrace. I'm using "car launcher AGAMA" which is pretty good, very customisable.
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    I haven't had much time to work on anything but homework and studying. But I was able to sneak away from all of that and start cleaning up the engine bay. I pulled out the engine wiring harness and and the harness for the lights. I will be doing a full wire tuck and weld up all the unnecessary holes while the engine is out. I will also be making new brake lines and converting to hydro boost for a cleaner look.
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    @Sacer_Turbo_Actuator when are you going to sell us something mate
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    5 eggs with tabasco, 1 tomato, 2 fried bread, 2 bacons, tinna beans and me favourite sauce. Still pissed that the internets rooted though lol.
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    awesome!! thanks for the link!
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    jeez... how many people are you feeding? looks like it's going to be delicious my girl just made this. blueberry and strawberry cobbler
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    way more daily friendly I had full slicks front runners and was about too screw a heap of boost into it and go for broke running a 9. would have done it easily. stock engine/box. lel but thought if it breaks something I dont have the cash to fix it so bailed out. so now I just enjoy it, still chops most things to 100 odd clicks which is enough. have already showed a few cocky 400 kw F6's how its done ahahahha
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    haha do love some quality long-cooked or smoked ribs also, remember to take pics and update the food thread
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    Farken oath. I forgot to buy some ribs the other day so I'd better head out and pick some up. Full of ribby goodness
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    Yeah the meth head needed cash right away. I was stuck at work doing night shift 200+km away. When somone asks to make an offer, who in their right mind would start at top dollar?
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    Could be a good strategy - buy it and within a week you'll be lying in the driveway fixing the BF!
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    Got the oculus rift a fortnight ago. Impressive bit of kit - quality gear. Came from Hong Kong within 48hrs of ordering. Took the lad about 20mins to setup. Had a go playing a Marvel game. Lots of fun, it is really immersive and lots of movement required. You are transported into another reality. I got nausea after about 15mins, but doesnt bother the kids. Iam hopeless though - cant do roller coasters etc. Impressed so far. My NUC handles it no problem. Still displays on the tv simultaneously so others can see what's happening.
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    Had the F6 serviced at Pitlane in Frankston this week - had centre diff and side bushes upgraded to Super Pro and some other stuff that I'd been putting off ... Ben quite happy to talk about what he thinks beforehand and what they have done afterwards I'll try to have accommodation options posted up next week. Hope we can find somewhere where most of us can be together. Anybody thinking of coming along and have any questions - please post up
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    Plenty of coolers are mounted like that (something poking through the fins). There's nothing wrong with doing it providing you don't put a hole in it or set it up to rub a hole in it later. Also here's a random goat
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    I could only look once then it started freaking me out.
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    Wowzerz indeed shoot me a PM mate but be warned I don’t do anything half arsed so it’s going to be more expensive through me but obviously done to a very high standard with quality parts FYI the stock injectors have like 240rwkw in them at an absolute maximum ! The factory cat is out at 260rwkw and pretty much same with the fuel pump !
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    RAM looks impressive, but it's only 16GB processors are 4 core Xeons $490 each in 2007 now going for $125 for a pair on Ebay
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    ^^^ this guy ^^^ ... wtf not a ford man on the fordxr6turbo forum haha
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    Forum needs cash. We need tight ass members to throw in a few bucks
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