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  1. Got a new TV and smart bike trainer this week to use my road bike with Zwift. Found the weather has been giving me too many excuses not to exercise, so this way it's like exercising and gaming at the same time. Zwift's pretty cool - simulates changes in gradient etc so it's harder to get up hills etc. TV is a 55" Sony X90J, trainer is Wahoo Kickr + Kickr Climb + Kickr Headwind. Got the Kickr and Climb using Qantas points I figured I wouldn't be using any time soon... Oh and there's an 2021 Apple TV 4K in there to run Zwift on. It's no gaming PC, but it seems to work alright for Zwift.
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  2. Ok, here is a dyno graph from the run in. Zero timing, zero boost control. As you can see, it's very responsive. The valve train is noisy but the cams have changed the sound of the car by a fair bit. Sounds more JZish. Seems to have drastically increased fuel consumption too haha. The T-56 Magnum is super tight, it feels great, but the new twin plate is taking a bit to get used to. Time to put some kms on it...
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  3. Cheers Keefy. Haha, I hear ya. Food and innactivity is my enemy though. I tried getting back into weights previously, but just found I honestly don't enjoy it...as much I want to. A year ago I was in a good place, cycling to work everyday but then Winter hit and seemed to not stop raining for like 4 months and I got lazy. And now it's summer, so 30+ degrees sucks to cycle in for any length of time. So this way I have an engaging way of keeping it up inside (phrasing!) and can vary the sort of terrain I ride more easily than IRL. So should help keep me in shape for when I do ride outside.
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  5. de-stickered it after much better.
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  6. Bought an LG 75" 4k tv. I wanted the 86" one but the missus reckoned it was too big so I had to compromise. It's big enough, much bigger than our 50" it replaced, and loads stuff like Netflix quicker than the fetch box...by miles! Beer for scale
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