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  1. They need a touch of heat mate - heat gun, saucepan of hot water, even a hairdryer. Just soften up the end a bit and they push on. Just use a bit at first because if you over do it the end will crinkle up or collapse when you try to put it on.
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  2. Turned 31 today, sigh. Bout eleventeen beers deep by the pool though. Not bahd
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  3. Back and cardio for me today. First 10km done in a long time. Jog and walk.
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  5. Bruh I did 41 not long ago. Farken send it mate!
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  6. yep I’ll have to give it a go today, pain in the ass of a job but beats $900 from pedders. I’ll probably have to tinker with the diff angle as well as I still have a 5% vibration slightly as certain speeds opposed to before when it was very jerky on low rpms
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  7. Been a member here for a while owning a BA XR6T sedan and BF ute years ago but life got in the way unfortunately had to sell them. After having 3 kids but wanting boost still and to try something different I ended up with an 09 Sy mk2 turbo ghia about 2 years ago. Aug last year I run it down the strip stock as to a best of 14.53 @ 95mph. After that I started doing a few mods when time permitted. A mate also had HP tuners he leant me as id been reading up on tuning for a while and decided to give it a go. Mods so far are: Full hurricane exhaust 4" dump, 3.5" system Full plazmaman intercooler Antz 4" intake for a ba/bf I modified to suit with relocated battery 525 intake walbro with upgraded wiring Gfb drop in reg 1000cc injectors 12psi reg & terribly ported rear housing External trans cooler fitted for ZF. Not a massive list but with dabbling with tuning on 98 and now on e85. I managed to get it down to 11.52 @ 122mph last month. that's full weight with the 3 kids seats still in the back. Sorry I dont have any pics as its been that long I gotta figure out how to upload again lol but just wanted to write up on my adventures so far and what ive to achieve what I have so far on my own. Thanks.
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