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  1. Yeah nah that's too hot. Start the car from cold, put it in drive and fill the bastard asap.
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  2. You swap from the ZF to the 6R80 or the other way? If it's too the 6R80 I thought the 6R80 input shaft was supposed to be stronger? Not that im going to do it. I'm a long way off the power, ~400kw. But just curious. If it does go bang at some stage its something I'd look at. PS this thing is off chops. good work man!
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  3. If it never happened before the tune and now occurs after the tune, then logically it would be the tune causing this. It could just be a complete coincidence but either way I'd go back to the shop that tuned it and who did the service on the trans. To me the next logical step is to reset the tune on the trans (go back to factory settings) and see if the code reappears. This way you can see if it was the tune doing this or if its something else. How many k's are on the box? Have you ever had other issues with it?
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