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    I wasn't so thrilled with how the dash looked, tried some rejuvenation products which didn't really last and wasn't happy with the dash cover, just didn't sit right over the aftermarket gauges.. So I looked at some options, remembered I used vinyl paint to paint a motor bike seat a while back with decent results and yes, I used sand paper to line the front window... Heres my attempt at a dash.
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    I compared the 1080ti at 4k max settings and got around 80fps average.
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    Fathers day feast Sucker thought I'd share Lol
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    You have seen the YouTube stuff. Mostly these moments
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    lol I dont have the body or face for that career haha I send plenty of love txts to azza dont worry
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    Rab.... not sure if you know this... but there’s a cow and a pig on your plate. 😳
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    He’s moving because there is no work at his local gay strip club due to lock down.... so his dancing career has come to a halt.
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    don't think there's enough meat @Rab
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    looks like a pretty good result on the dash
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    hahah not quite expecting a phone call just symbolising father's day calls
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    cool feature of micro flight sim , can name your plane whatever you want when traffic control talks to you it's, "BCB bravo charlie bravo please turn to heading"....... etc etc
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