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    the factory one is fine for almost all applications it's quite rare to need to upgrade it.
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    @JETURBO should be able to help
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    Yep, weather is looking considerably better than last year, as evidenced by these couple of posts of mine https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/94229-snowy-cruise-2018-friday-23-sunday-25-november/?do=findComment&comment=1667367
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    Finally finished this one off on the weekend - had been waiting until I needed to dump the coolant anyway before removing the heat exchanger from the cooling system. 1. Remove one of the coolant lines from the heat exchanger and allow the coolant to drain (remove the bung from the radiator too if you are planning on a full coolant change) 2. Remove the second coolant line 3. Unbolt the heat exchanger from the side of the engine and throw it in the bin. 4. Remove the short hose that runs from the heat exchanger to the block. At the block end, there's a 90 degree plastic fitting with one of those connections where you push the hose further on, push the side tabs in, then pull back. It is a bit of a pain - you can unplug the smaller starter motor wire to get some more access for your fingers. 5. Once you have this length of hose removed, pry open the oetiker clamp holding the hose to the plastic fitting 6. Re-using a hose clamp, connect the other coolant line to the plastic fitting, and refit to the side of the block. So basically you have removed the heat exchanger and the short piece of hose. 7. Refill with coolant
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    Haha good work! I should probably clean and oil my filter too. This time last year we were driving in 4 degrees! I did an oil change, flushed the coolant, decommissioned the ZF heat exchanger, fitted braided brake lines, flushed the brake fluid, fitted a dash cam. Just need to wash it now!
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    I got an aftermarket FG bar through a Ford wrecker here. Having had both the factory one and the aftermarket one on and off a few times, I honestly can't see any quality or fitment differences. Was about $300.
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    Difficult to get FPV F6 body parts now. Luckily 10 years ago I bought several complete sets both BF and BA
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    that's a beautiful setup... tell him to come back on here and make his own build thread if he's willing to splash like that on suspension/wheels/tyres
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    I remember a similar thing happening in a previous year @PookeyMaster (was it last year?) Am glad you can come along Pookey
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    Had a new face in with Chris recently purchasing this BA turbo that had a short list of mods and accessories but he wanted me to check the car over, knock out a service and then check it on the Dyno with some data logging and a general opinion of the current tune performed by a company that’s located in SA’s mid north. Now this is what came out and obviously far from optimal for the weakest of all turbo engines but for the people with not so great eyes yes that’s 17psi on the hit on the up side the fuel was somewhat controlled but the fact the intercooler was a Ebay ( Wog cooler ) and IAT’s cracked 80*c by 6250rpm and over 12* of advanced timing the knock box was having a red hot spazz and getting way to excited for what should be delivered. All said and done there’s room for instant improvement even on the current list of mods !
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    Well on a lighter note .... our son is definitely following in his parents direction 🤣
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