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    Hotdogs [emoji3] Tex Chilli sausage from the local butcher Onion, cheese, mayo, tomato sauce and American mustard on a crusty roll
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    Bugga! And yeah I do have a different mobile since our last cruise. Not to worry, I think I will still go away to beachport at least enjoy a nice drive down the coast. Hopefully another cruise later in the Year
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    morning all, happy Friday
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    ok... so if it's the turbo, then something in the intake has damaged the fins and caused an issue or there's an unfortunate coincidence with some other cause of the turbo failure (most common cause is oil starvation in the Falcon platform).
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    Since I've left my battery isolated and had it left on charge even odd weekend I've never had this issue. Had it once every month or so before and that was when it just left sitting for weeks on end.
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    dont hashtag me mate first warning cheers admin
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