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    I respectfully disagree. In schools there are now new holidays our kids are being forced to celebrate, there’s new communities forming within society which are full of one racial group which sometimes lead to unsavoury behaviour which is indicative of their home land, there’s religious tolerances being made for like dietary requirements etc... none of this seems like much until it’s made the majority and culture is lost... and yes England is a prime example. 1/4 of my sons class would be immigrant based and ironically they’re the ones always getting in trouble for bullying or pushing someone over etc and there is a common trend throughout the playgrounds where in the older years they’re similar trends. This is shown in the males not the females might I add. The females are usually the shyest children I’ve noticed. This isn’t a Muslim thing btw, this is all cultures and races, white, black, orange or otherwise. The people we should be focusing on building relationships with are our indigenous and fixing what we screwed up years ago and closing the gap... rather than trying to open our borders and fixing everyone else’s problems imo.
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    Grabbed a 9kg brisket for Mothers day - cooked the point for lunch and 4kg of flat was set aside to make snags 4yo granddaughter helping me grind up the beef for sausages last night. Currently have 5kg (4kg beef and a kilo of pig fat) on the smoker to get them cured) - should be ready for a taste tomorrow night These should be juicy mofo's
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    there is a saying Keefy "there is none so blind as they that cannot see"
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    You're forgetting about the 1 man invasion of North Sentinel Island last year?? in the name of Christ.
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    I've got a filter on the bench so I'll chuck that in and see if it improves things.
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    What injectors you got. I got 750cc and pump still enough flow. Apparently stock injectors run out. I have SY2 so different pump.. I had Walbro to fit. Simon said not needed. Only injectors. Front mount
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    Housings have been sent by Express Post. I will private message those involved with the buy, with the tracking numbers.
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    Yeah mate I figured between us we can put together some good food.
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    I was calling out Andy's obvious granstanding against vegans (his slippery slope example) and muslims (immigration) as bigoted, which based on what he's said here, I feel is actually true. The good thing about these views is they can be assuaged through careful and considerate thoughts via self-reflection. You're not a bigot, as far as I can tell Your opinion is valid, but the reasoning and ideas going towards a negative future, I think, is largely unfounded, hence my discussion with you.
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    how come this forum always degenerates to Keefy trying to assert his sometimes naive opinions on everyone with an underlying tone of superiority good chat I'm off ciao
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    you will care when you are tucking into a steak at a restaurant and some hippy mungbeen dick head storms into the place and chucks red paint all over you while shouting "murderer"
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    do you want me to load you up with "evidence" ?????? did you even watch that video above? the cop told her she was NOT legally allowed to walk down a street in Sydney is that evidence mr science guy
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    nice work should go hard
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    It's been a while and have had quite a bit of work done since my last post. Here is the list of mods I got done by FPT. Once it was finished I picked it up and within 5 hours of driving it I blew the drive shaft CV lol. So she's in getting the drive line upgraded.
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    it will happen, just a matter of time the UK is a prime example http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/uk-sharia-law.html
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    meh, he can chuck in a twenty if he wants to discuss it here
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    Ahhhh yes it is pretty much one religion, In the western world anyway. Im struggling to think of recent examples where an act of terror has been committed by Catholics, Christians, Sikhs or Jews in the name of their religion. But I can think of a few times another religion has carried out attacks to repent non believers as its his "will"
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    06 is SY1 series 1. SY2 is very different. My engine is FG based. Definitely change the fuel filter if you haven't since purchasing.
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    1/8 NPT that's overflow. Just pipe it down into the engine bay. Or block it.
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    Will move this to the DM WPMO soon if we get too political/religious Personally - am happy when apologists on both side argue with each other - they're all knob heads - nothing better than seeing them bang heads
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    Pelicans. Bar one religion and problem solved. Still gonna be dick heads, just less that wanna go boom.
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    Mine is the gen2 gtx3582r. Whistles like a mofo constantly.
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    as ozy said, they are threaded so just put a blank in it and you'll be fine
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    Yeah mine is a gtx3576r ceramic baring one. Not sure if gen2 but whistles like fvck
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    Maybe suggest to her that she deactivate her own account if it pisses her off that much
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    It ran 23 in the mid last night for a split second, cos I set up the boost controller wrong. Fortunately I got off it at 3100rpm when the map sensor went out of range. I pulled over and fixed it and it was sweet. I've got conservative timing and a good bit of e85 in the tank which stopped it from knocking, but it would not have been happy with that on 98. Haha I'm gonna run 18psi to keep up my end of the deal, make a video for the forum and then turn it back down again. I kinda forgot how much more the gen2 turbo puts out vs a stocker and ain't nobody got time for a worn out drive train.
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    seems like a reasonable plan, bro!
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    im tempted to get a couple more if im honest
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    that's the exact model I have. I can’t fault it. Colour is awesome. Quality is awesome. Osd is clear and easy to use. Compared to model twice the price there there is no difference except cost
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    B series have 2 Fg has one. Leave it out if you can, it's just a bleed line but it continuously allows hot coolant to bypass the radiator.
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    Shifter springs. Stronger centres better
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    That has something to do with it. I think the cold air helped a lot tonight. Not going front mount for now, as there are way too many hoses on the turbo side, and don't want to go under the car with the pipes. Wta seems to be the go, but the wintery air will be a fine bandaid for a while.
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    The price has me skeptical but it has the specs for a great monitor. Hopefully it doesn't have much ghosting or backlight bleed. It's gonna be a huge step up from a 32 inch tv.
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    My favorite beer and what I had for dinner tonight.
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