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    ***Money pit update*** All new alloy 3" v-banded intercooler piping, cost a fortune but no more intercooler piping blowing off being a ute, traction is non existent on the street even with radials on, trying to get used to the acceleration at the track is an awesome learning curve. Willowbank had the hot rod and nostalgia reunion on that weekend, so in the 5.5hrs I was there, only got 4 runs. 1st run - 132mph (red lit with a transbrake fault), 2nd run - 11.0@140mph (left off the foot brake without boost), 3rd run - 10.3@139mph (3000rpm launch, short shifting through the gears), 4th run - 12.2@141mph (3750rpm launch, blazed the tyres,, pedaled 5 times).
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    That's not surprising..... coming from a Kiwi! But seriously, they are the easiest pets to keep if you set things up correctly...... feed once a fortnight-month, only from October to April, nothing thru the colder months. They make great viewing in the night time with the right lighting in their enclosures, and will mezmerize almost anyone that comes to your house and watches them cruise or bask under their lights. Not to mention the "very" healthy price returns from selling surplus offspring each season they breed..... (helps buy the better bits for the car, without the Mrs crackin' the sh*ts!)
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    sounds like every kids dream this big kid got to pet a few friendly's when we were in Africa
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    Well done successful fixes are what we live for haha
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    Thanks for all your help guys, new actuator installed and all seems to be running fine now. Next step, upgrades👍
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    I love snakes.... no that’s not a pun. I love them and handling them. My uncle was a zookeeper and one of his pets he brought home frequently were snakes. Interestingly it also enabled me to be able to feed and pay the giraffes all the time, cuddle baby meerkats and otters, clean hippos teeth, train a white owl, feed the lions, tigers etc. I used to spend most of the school holidays there which was pretty cool.
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    Hey Keiffff, your top health system is at it again LOLOLOLOL https://www.9news.com.au/national/a-current-affair-hospital-elective-surgery-wait-times-record-high-latest-news-australia/d8e37050-8135-457b-a718-96eca72f3acc
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    Flush it and you'll find out. Guessing it's a BA with its original heat exchanger so think about fitting an external cooler when you get it flushed.
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    I got a few pets that would be happy to keep a cat or 3 company! And they are very affectionate towards fluffy animals..... lots of cuddles!
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