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    Mine was intermittent. When I accelerated hard it came back on . Over time it got worse and stopped just blowing hot air. Checked the two wires at the top of the compressor. One was out and connector wasn’t clean. Bit of a light sand, plugged it back in and back in business (this was after first pulling the icc unit out and checking wiring, as it turned out for no reason )
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    When you are talking a 15-20rwkw max extra out of a tune in an NA another 5 definitely helps.
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    Going for the flat earth look [emoji38]
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    playing Dirt Rally 2.0 heaps harder and loads more fun than the F1 2018 I downloaded trouble is, my car usually looks like this by the time I get to the end of the stage certainly smashes the video card but that's probably cos I haven't set a frame limit yet
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    Yeah, I was tossing up between a couple of others with similar spec for about 200 more, then that one showed up and I was like "done"
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    I spent a solid two days researching to find that bad boy. There's so much overpriced junk out there.
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    Well, it's really not top of the line, but for my purposes it's great. Acer Nitro 15 Stole the idea off Puff and got it cheap at MSY
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    Lack of bench will come from shoulders. It’s crucial to ensure you are keeping your rotator cuffs strengthened up happy easter everyone. Hope you all have a safe and happy day 😄
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    You should try playing with the commanded overlap. There is another 5kw in the na with those tables.
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    FTFY After all this time, you can't change now mate
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    That is what I reckon. Turbosmart sell it as an xr6 turbo item and people go slap them in not even bench testing it to set the preload properly. Standard job gets standard result.
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    It's a fair assumption at face value lol. Gotta have them sick references bro.
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    Leave it for your mechanic.
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    maybe. I need to dig the panda out and do a couple things if I get chance- prob should do the power steering high pressure hose as its getting a bit juttery... if nothing else I can bring the new R line.... bear in mind weather may not be great that time, but you might get lucky.
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    A teaser, of recent progress. It's 95% complete, I just have to install some micro switches for the hazard lights and the dimming switches for the dash/Icc illumination.. Then it will be permanently installed.
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    Okay, here's the step by step procedure I used - enjoy if you need it and hopefully it somehow gets you out of a jam (pun intended ) Howto Unjam BA CD 6 CD Stacker Ver01.pdf
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