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    Holy sh*t what a day. Im actually in CHCH today. crazy as. algood though!
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    for the GF's birthday we went to another nice steak place (a couple of days ago) Steer Dining Room in South Yarra. She had a "COHUNA F1 WAGYU, Porterhouse 7ms (30 days dry-aged) 300g medium-rare" which was a bloody deliciously flavourful I had the "Sher F1 Wagyu,Rost Biff 7ms 250g medium-rare" and it was a very nice steak, but nothing compared to the one above #gymbroforearms
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    Ok read it.... interesting,....
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    He wont try mental health, he has all the details covered in his 74 page manifesto. A truly remarkable read. Any question you might have he has covered it.
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    Just seen the live feed, he definitely was on a mission that’s for sure
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    Was just in a meeting and checked the F1 app for live timing of FP2. Forgot I had live pit radio messages switched on...
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    F1's and BBQ's this weekend - am tipping none of the above will get done
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    Fun times. Happy birthday I'll take a detour on the way to the mid year cruise to arm wrestle, if you're keen. I may or may not be trained, but I have a feeling it won't matter lol
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    Went out to fit new spark plugs. Ended up fixing my wideband, installing injectors, replacing the fuel pressure regulator and cleaning the throttle body. No spark plugs fitted. I'll do that tomorrow and flash in the tune for the injectors. I thought my wideband sensor was dead. Plugged in a new one and no luck. Turned out it was a bad crimp connector. Resoldered all the wiring and it is all good. Spare new sensor now I suppose. For what it is worth, AEM confirmed for me that the Bosch 17025 LSU 4.9 sensor and the AEM-branded LSU 4.9 sensor are samesies. Just buying the Bosch is about half the cost, so might help someone else sometime knowing that. I suspect it is the same for Innovate, etc too. Given my sensor has been driven around for a couple of weeks unheated, I suspect I'll need the new one sooner rather than later.
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    we have a baby seat in each car, and one spare in case some one wants to take my daughter in their car. puff, the hybrid took a while to get used to it not making any noises, hella smooth and comfy, it was the previous model to the new one out now though. I cant remember what the power and drive was much like though it was a few years ago now.
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    Sometimes you have to do what u have to do
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    Yeah probably. It'd be easier to use a set of stock springs cos the tool is already on and the cylinder is prepped. I've got a set you can have if you want them.
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    my advise for a BA xrt get a built motor and box first then go for it!
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    @bloodycrashboy So much for Wednesday being 40 degrees. Looks like we can be outside after all!
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    Yeah it was interesting to watch.... extremeism can come in any form from anyone. I decline to comment on the political motivation behind his actions as I think these topics typically always tend to get people up in arms if you’re not a peace loving conformist to the enth degree after there’s a massacre (it tends to make people dance around topics in fear of offending people due to the deaths, so everyone’s forced to be conformist in a way), but I will say there’s never a good reason for this sort of behaviour and I only hope he gets punished to some sort of decent degree which is relevant to the crime committed... which he likely won’t. Ironcially extremists like this who’s main motivation was stopping “immigration” and “integration” in western society only actually make their cause seem ridiculous due to the extreme violence and if anything it will promote immigration and unity of cultures because the government won’t bow down to terroroist... period... and neither will most of society in this sort of instance. Next time, how about get a petition going mate... rather than killing a bunch of innocent people. Ten bucks says he will try the mental health thing.
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    Nothing wrong with a clunker, they have character that new cars don't.
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    I gotta go jump on the trampoline for a bit, brb.
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    @tazzanz You all good bro?
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    Bloody oath And the mowing and the washing and the cleaning and the trash etc
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    You definitely have the advantage that you're home during the day - so you'll get a very real and noticeable benefit from solar in that sense. I just wish battery storage would drop in price and be worthwhile!
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    Yeah mine was 10 days, with them coming out after that within 5 days. I rang them up a week before to get it rolling a bit quicker. I can't turn mine on yet for reasons I've already mentioned, otherwise it would already be running, just not benefitting us yet. I don't really care if I got nothing back from the power company, cos I'll be saving hundreds per month buy not having to buy it from them in the first place.
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    Yay Friday It's a whopping 9c right now, I bet bcb is freezing his bollocks off
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