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    Rolled the turbo out for the first time in a year. Gave it a wash and a air out. How good is the colour phantom.
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    That it is. Anyone else reckon the back looks a bit pox?
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    We decided to scam the scammers today. They called me on an open line and we got 18 calls out of them all lasting over 20 mins... pretending to be random retards then sending them down garden paths... funny as feck.... I asked the last guy if he felt good about scamming people... he said yeah coz you dumb aussies fall for it all the time... to which I replied “well today I’ve wasted at least ten of your staffs time and hours of labour so who won?” He told me to fhhhuk off and hung up. I still won the lols we had were amazin I even had one of them decline to scam me as he felt sorry for me... I told him at 72 your vagina gets a bit dry and all I need is a good rogering... he hung up on me after that 40 minute call
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    Lucky he wasn't living there when I was wrecking the BA and 'accidentally' opened the AC system.
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    I still haven't returned from my weekend away down the Island yet :S Laugavulin 16yo tonight
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    Nobody can, because it's military/government related. He feels superior because they have a "need to know" policy, hence he can faithfully say "you'll never know/comprehend" and the such. Who cares
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    That place is only worth about 350 to 390k depending on insulation and fixtures. I've been watching land out there for several years now and it was worth 200k for the land iirc. It was just an example of cheap land anyhow. It is in bumfark nowhere and while it could suit some people, it is a modern cheaply built house in the desert. I guarantee ya it was built to flip.
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    I agree that's over priced as buggery. its in butt fek nowhere. Lucky he wasn't living there when I was wrecking the BA and 'accidentally' opened the AC system. lucky they didnt see me push my old wall ac unit out the window where the a/c line cracked and accidentally leaked haha
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    Mate's car leaked a bit of coolant in the street last night. Left a small stain so I went and flushed it with the watering can to do the right thing. Nek minutes new neighbour turns up telling me I've spilt oil in the street and he is going to report me to the EPA cos it's illegal. I try to tell him it was 100mL of coolant and I flushed it with water literally 5 mins ago. Can't help a car pissing itself in the street. He goes and looks again and says he thinks it's water based. Yeah I know.
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    For anyone who’s built an engine you’ll quickly understand the atomic complete bottom ends and or longs are exceptional value for money when you look at what you get and the warranty for “Genuine” claims if you ever needed it !
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    I feel a Charlie horse coming on ..... I just made thick in your warm 😂
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    Not enough traction to worry about breaking the driveline yet.... Exhaust stud/nuts bought off EBay, do a search for Mamba Ford Exhaust Stud Kit.
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    Bought a used low k NA FG engine and had it reconditioned with; Spool conrods CP Pistons Turbo exhaust valves Valve spring upgrade Cylinder head reconditioned Block machined Head studs Other parts fitted; 1000cc injectors GTX3582R Venom 4” dump & 5” cat Manta twin 2.5” exhaust Process West FG Stage 2 FMIC Turbosmart Eboost2 Automac BTR 4 speed with custom converter Turbo Territory front brakes 18” F6X rims On my wish list is; Shockworks suspension Retrimmed seats including FPV GT-P front seats Replace ICC with Android unit Body and paint work.
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    8 hours til the Mustangs hit the track for the 1st practise. Anyone else reckon the back (especially) looks a bit pox?
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    overboost can be caused by too much airflow on either side of the equation... a collapsed catalytic converter or you've actually got a tune in the car, is my guess. At least bypassing the solenoid prevents the problem (e.g wastegate and actuator are fine to control the boost), so if you're planning to keep it stock, leave it bypassed. on the topic of the misfire under load under a quarter tank, blocked/dirty fuel filter(s) can cause this (there's a "sock" on the fuel pump pickup itself and the usual serviceable item).
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    Biatch please... he called my hippo arse last week.... it’s called banter.
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    I don't understand why everyone is jumping down Damo's throat? The guy is clearly going through some stuff in relation to work, has possibly seen some traumatic stuff and is pi$$ed off about his situation? Isn't that the point of the thread? Everyone else whinges about their work on here and is (very sensibly) cagey on the details. Whether it is a current employer, future employer, workers comp provider, whatever - of course you need to be careful about what you write down publicly. Hardly tin foil hat stuff. Geez, can't we just hope it works out for him, have a scotch on his behalf and get on with it without heaping more on him?
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    Hopefully S3 is out soon. Filming started last year
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    I watched all of the first season. Then when the second season came I watched the whole lot with the missus. Worth a watch.
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    Glitch on netflix Blurb is an instant turn off: Aussie Small town Back from the dead etc But... It's bloody good. Give it a try
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    Ditto, decent actor, waste of oxygen person
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    First turbo car 520kw Silly pecker
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    Do people actually get out of bed for that???
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    Pics as promised of leather handbrake tutorial and shifter boots. Replacement for incorrect handbrake boot arrived yesterday.
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    I collected these from the painter today. I can't wait to make more stuff. The pictures don't do them justice...
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