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    I was brought up in a "normal" home with a mum and a dad looking back, they loved me and cared for me. I turned into a complete asshole at about the age of 15 ran away from home, not before telling my parents that I thought they were the assholes I did return a few weeks later, cos me mates mum got me on the phone with them She was probably sick of me bludging off of her things weren't the same after that cos I got into drugs ended up leaving home at 17 left the country at 21 ok, ok, I'm a Kiwi, there I said it! (explains alot doesn't it) I am an Australian citizen though one way ticket to Brisvegas then onto the Gold Coast there I met Mrs BCB I was still an asshat, just a handsome one one of the many reasons I never wanted kids was that I didn't want a mini me cos "me" was a self centered drug taking asshole with no respect for pretty much anyone else I never kept much contact with my folks after I left home at 17 over the years it's been Mrs BCB's encouragement that has got me back talking with them now we talk via google hangouts or skype every few months they are both in their eighty's, so I imagine I will be going back to Un Zud for some funerals in the not to distant future "The living years" by Mike and the Mechanics sometimes brings a few tears to my eyes and I'm sure I will cry at their funerals but cos I was such a self centered twat for so long, and I now live 4000 klm away, our relationship can never be any different
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    Quoting to remind j@ how lucky he is bahahahahahaha
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    Today was a good day! Went to pick up the matching Focal Electra centre speaker for the new front speakers I got last week. I was also going to pickup the Electra SR1000 dipole surrounds, and given the price he had them up for and the model number I assumed they were the cheaper ones without the beryllium tweeters...got there today and they were the expensive beryllium tweeter models! Oh and the dude just gave me a $3k AV receiver for free too (Yamaha RXV3040), coz he reckoned they're not worth anything these days. Great day!
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    Three steaks after slicing, before trimming 30 days dry aged at home (scotch - Wagyu MB7+) Ugly white fat to be trimmed off - outside "skin" to be trimmed off The fat through the steak is the healthy, flavour filled bursts of flavour - not the bad fat Cooking hot and fast - cut the steaks "thin" - crayon thick, not pencil thick, not paperback book thick SPG (salt, pepper, garlic), quick fry in ghee (clarified butter - doesn't burn) and onto the plate. Once on the plate, cut off the thinnest slices you can - each slice is an orgasm of flavour. FIGJAM
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    sorry guys, that probably shouldn't have been in the WMYFGT thread, just needed to get it off my chest
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    T56 magnum and option 5 (organic and ceramic twin plate) I <3 Bananasing amazing. Don't bother with this stock box garbage. Magnum cos size matters
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    wow Bcb.... what a journey..... but at the end of the day I will say, if u had kids, doesn’t mean they will make the same mistakes you did as a kid and even so, sounds like you’re a decent bloke in a happy relationship with a home full of love and to be honest that’s all a child needs. I understand and what you’re saying though, my parents adopted me and loved me, if anything over loved me. I think that’s why it’s so hard now, my mum is all about the children and as soon as they are older she loses her interest and moves on. Now im an adult she doesn’t love me or behave like a mother anymore, but a baby comes along and she’s all mush and love. Lofes a funny thing.
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    it's fine happy to hear you out and good to get that stuff out in the open. No harm done, when it comes to us.
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    Can’t... my dad worked for 50 years 50+ hours a week to look after us all... and I’m damn sure I’ll make sure our FA invests well and there’s loads left in the long run for our kids... I’m playing the long game, plus the house another property sitting there ready to make me money one day. Im conflicted coz I love her as my mum, but I also dislike her immensely as a human being, my dad would be ashamed of the person she’s become. But I always said I’d look after either of my parents and I will. No matter how damn awful she is to me.
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    me too, nothing unusual really for me. We can be in a mood together and rant like old people
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    Haha just kidding ya old carnts. I might need that sh*t in 25 years or so too Wmmfg today? The mother in law offered to pay for the solar. Not necessary but greatly appreciated.
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    Lmfao at that gif... though you are right BCB.... for once
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    @Miss Cornwall and @JETURBO must be the most finely dined people Iv'e never met
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    hey @skidxr6t , now you know why I have your comment in my sig I've always wanted to be an Aussie
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    Surprised to see you around here still@jeturbo. Thought you would be sick of working on these things by now.
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    I spent 2k on that ryzen but I used some ram and a gpu I had here. The rest is all new. Im in love with the thermaltake tt fans, they perform well above my expectations
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    fan controller I ordered wasnt in stock either. have wait till friday as well for that. Custom loop + new case is gonna cost me just over 1k.
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    Gaz you’re probably unaware but that heap of snot plenum is made right here in SA and it’s been mentioned a few times on this forum as the “bashed up tin can” plenum honestly mate it’s a donkey and the gain claims aren’t there imho and other plenums are vastly better from all angles and you really should of gone for a branded item or a FG turbo plenum for similar money just sayn
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    So I asked my boys what they wanna be when they grow up and the younger one said he wants to be a bat watcher and the older one wants to be a fox hunter. The older lad also wanted a membership at the local gun club. I told him if he can kill the cat with his bare hands I'll get him sorted with his gun license etc but he just gave her a pat instead. I spose I can safely get him signed up, now that I know he isn't planning on becoming a serial killer.
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    I'm interested in this too.
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    While it's a nice thing for her to offer help us, I'm far from lucky when it comes to my family. We're all good now with me, the missus and kids, but before them life was quite different. It sounds like you guys aren't having the greatest time right now, but you'll get through it hey. I'm sure you already have it planned to completion etc. Just gotta suck it up for a while and then it'll be behind you. What else made me feel food today? I pulled a fat smokey front wheel skid on the way to the pub!
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    Bit of solder work and the intake swap will be all done. Not the cleanest engine bay in the world but it's enough
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    I’m in.... I just ruined the wmmgf thread with my disgruntled crap... get angry I say BHAAHAH
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    cos old bastard who thinks he knows computers................................................................. playing The Division 2 (thank's @Rab) temps after about 3/4 hour gameplay H2O the way to go
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    Invite sent, check mail from Ubisoft BCB had trouble getting it activated
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    Who knew that Sunday was viagra delivery day?
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    not "luck" It's destiny that yous were to get together edit: your'e just fortunate that she can cook and
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    So everyone will know the exact reason when I have a heart attack lol 😂 my wife definitely goes alright, one lucky bloke here 😍
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    Fantastic stuff Fluff Am drooling
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    Sunday, best day of the week....
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    Youve been quiet lately? Cat got your tongue BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Gedit gedit
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    finally my mum stopped being a stubborn Pole and went to hospital after about 2-3 weeks of her right arm developing some kind of rash and causing her huge discomfort... they've had her overnight for observation, got on heavy antibiotics and it seems to be helping a bit. They may keep her for another night too
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    it's a good morning because I realised it's sunday and I don't have to get up yet! lol
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    Yep, that's the one - you have to let the guy into your account, so change hte p/w temporarily, then they'll upgrade it and you're good to change your p/w back and then go nuts it definitely works, too, as I did it for the missus.
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    Lol I know a few people who’ve lost digits to those... lel also ... love finding new good music ... Apple Music is totally worth the $11.90 a month.
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    Flywheel arrived. Drilled it to suit the atomic dowels. Slapping it in this arvo. Just as the rain starts, lovely.
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    Do these get me in the club?
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    1. Whats the Max RWKW you can get from this model without engine mods 320 odd is good for the FG baby turbo on ULP98 350 or so on E85? 2. What the use of a Turbo Intake Muffler Delete? Muffler reduces intake noise - taking it off deletes the muffling effect 3. How do I get rid of the engine heat? Anyone done some bonnet vents? Open the bonnet when stopped Some have done vents with varying success on looks and on efficiency. 4. Why are there no extreme Body Kits for this car like the Celicas, FT 86's and other Japs? I am looking for a pointier front bar like at Ft86. Because we're not ricers Lots of performance stuff, not much cosmetic stuff 5. I want to Raise the rear wing by 2-3 Inches and tilt forward by 15 Deg. Does anyone make an adjustable Riser Kit for this Wing? Why do you want to do that? Looks, or done the maths on performance benefits? 6. Where can I get a Single Piece Front Lip Splitter / Spoiler (Carbon Fiber or Fiber Glass) for my FG? NFI - any reason to need it? 7. Is it possible to install a Poly carbonate See Through center piece in the Bonnet to showoff the Bara Engine ? Something like this  Everything is possible - @bloodycrashboy would be more than happy to cut one out for you - will be square and up to you to cut the bonnet and bolt it to it. The Falcons are what they are - they aren't showy - they aren't prom queens that look better all done up with make up. They are a decent car with an awesome engine that responds well to mods on a price/performance ratio. If you want to bling the car out, put on a cannon exhaust, annoy the neighbors when you leave home and come back, sound fast, lower the car to the scraping level, add black CF attachments and wash it while wearing a mankini then the Jap or HSV cars maybe better suited. If you want a decent car you can have fun in, get to handle well, have awesome performance for the money spent and be able to have females feel comfortable getting into - then the FG could be the right car for you.
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    sounds like you need to go back to your Supras, Celicas and WRX's.
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    Turbo side intake, intercooler, knock the bung out of the cat and a tune is where I'd start. Brakes and suspension are done (for now) If auto then get the tune for the box as well. Cosmetic stuff is a bit "ClubFG" for me, but each to their own Yay for another 2 wheeler there's a couple of us here. Welcome to the forum
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    Had my beautiful wife @Miss Cornwall take me out to pick a new 1Driver for me so I can sharpen up my game. Not many of you might be into the game of sticks but this is pretty up there in the stick world hopefully my game will reflect soon as it’s showing I’m passing them over the 200mtr mark so far, now with loft and weight adjustments I should do some damage to the score card.
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    Consider yourself lucky.... I am currently building my mother a $700k house coz hers is falling down... give her $300 a week to supliment her income and cover any expenses for having our kids on occasion, on top of that paying all the household bills, as well as signing nearly half a million dollars over to her of my dads super and insurance and setting her up with my financial advisor so she’s set for life..... and all she does is whinge to my family that I am horrible to her and make her look after her grandkids (we don’t theyre at school and day care all week so she has them on occasion and we live together atm so she’s there but physically does nothing but lay in bed all day, which is what she’s done for the last twenty years, probably why she’s 130kgs and 5ft 2), send texts family and friends saying how much we are assholes (accidentally sends them to me by mistake all the time) and accuses me of trying to take everything and put her in a nursing home (a week after I signed a waiver to say I wanted none of my dads money and it’s never even been spoken of that I wanted a cent). And yet here I am still building her a house and making sure she’s a happy little vegemite all the time. Being the bigger person is a I ❤️ Bananas CARNT of a thing.
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