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    Quoting to remind j@ how lucky he is bahahahahahaha
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    Today was a good day! Went to pick up the matching Focal Electra centre speaker for the new front speakers I got last week. I was also going to pickup the Electra SR1000 dipole surrounds, and given the price he had them up for and the model number I assumed they were the cheaper ones without the beryllium tweeters...got there today and they were the expensive beryllium tweeter models! Oh and the dude just gave me a $3k AV receiver for free too (Yamaha RXV3040), coz he reckoned they're not worth anything these days. Great day!
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    Three steaks after slicing, before trimming 30 days dry aged at home (scotch - Wagyu MB7+) Ugly white fat to be trimmed off - outside "skin" to be trimmed off The fat through the steak is the healthy, flavour filled bursts of flavour - not the bad fat Cooking hot and fast - cut the steaks "thin" - crayon thick, not pencil thick, not paperback book thick SPG (salt, pepper, garlic), quick fry in ghee (clarified butter - doesn't burn) and onto the plate. Once on the plate, cut off the thinnest slices you can - each slice is an orgasm of flavour. FIGJAM
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    Haha just kidding ya old carnts. I might need that sh*t in 25 years or so too Wmmfg today? The mother in law offered to pay for the solar. Not necessary but greatly appreciated.
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    Lmfao at that gif... though you are right BCB.... for once
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    @Miss Cornwall and @JETURBO must be the most finely dined people Iv'e never met
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    Invite sent, check mail from Ubisoft BCB had trouble getting it activated
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    Who knew that Sunday was viagra delivery day?
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    not "luck" It's destiny that yous were to get together edit: your'e just fortunate that she can cook and
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    So everyone will know the exact reason when I have a heart attack lol 😂 my wife definitely goes alright, one lucky bloke here 😍
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    Fantastic stuff Fluff Am drooling
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    Sunday, best day of the week....
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    Youve been quiet lately? Cat got your tongue BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Gedit gedit
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    finally my mum stopped being a stubborn Pole and went to hospital after about 2-3 weeks of her right arm developing some kind of rash and causing her huge discomfort... they've had her overnight for observation, got on heavy antibiotics and it seems to be helping a bit. They may keep her for another night too
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    it's a good morning because I realised it's sunday and I don't have to get up yet! lol
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    Yep, that's the one - you have to let the guy into your account, so change hte p/w temporarily, then they'll upgrade it and you're good to change your p/w back and then go nuts it definitely works, too, as I did it for the missus.
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    Lol I know a few people who’ve lost digits to those... lel also ... love finding new good music ... Apple Music is totally worth the $11.90 a month.
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    Flywheel arrived. Drilled it to suit the atomic dowels. Slapping it in this arvo. Just as the rain starts, lovely.
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    Do these get me in the club?
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    Whats the Max RWKW you can get from this model without engine mods 320 odd is good for the FG baby turbo on ULP98 350 or so on E85? What the use of a Turbo Intake Muffler Delete? Muffler reduces intake noise - taking it off deletes the muffling effect How do I get rid of the engine heat? Anyone done some bonnet vents? Open the bonnet when stopped Some have done vents with varying success on looks and on efficiency. Why are there no extreme Body Kits for this car like the Celicas, FT 86's and other Japs? I am looking for a pointier front bar like at Ft86. Because we're not ricers Lots of performance stuff, not much cosmetic stuff I want to Raise the rear wing by 2-3 Inches and tilt forward by 15 Deg. Does anyone make an adjustable Riser Kit for this Wing? Why do you want to do that? Looks, or done the maths on performance benefits? Where can I get a Single Piece Front Lip Splitter / Spoiler (Carbon Fiber or Fiber Glass) for my FG? NFI - any reason to need it? Is it possible to install a Poly carbonate See Through center piece in the Bonnet to showoff the Bara Engine ? Something like this  Everything is possible - @bloodycrashboy would be more than happy to cut one out for you - will be square and up to you to cut the bonnet and bolt it to it. The Falcons are what they are - they aren't showy - they aren't prom queens that look better all done up with make up. They are a decent car with an awesome engine that responds well to mods on a price/performance ratio. If you want to bling the car out, put on a cannon exhaust, annoy the neighbors when you leave home and come back, sound fast, lower the car to the scraping level, add black CF attachments and wash it while wearing a mankini then the Jap or HSV cars maybe better suited. If you want a decent car you can have fun in, get to handle well, have awesome performance for the money spent and be able to have females feel comfortable getting into - then the FG could be the right car for you.
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    sounds like you need to go back to your Supras, Celicas and WRX's.
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    Turbo side intake, intercooler, knock the bung out of the cat and a tune is where I'd start. Brakes and suspension are done (for now) If auto then get the tune for the box as well. Cosmetic stuff is a bit "ClubFG" for me, but each to their own Yay for another 2 wheeler there's a couple of us here. Welcome to the forum
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    Had my beautiful wife @Miss Cornwall take me out to pick a new 1Driver for me so I can sharpen up my game. Not many of you might be into the game of sticks but this is pretty up there in the stick world hopefully my game will reflect soon as it’s showing I’m passing them over the 200mtr mark so far, now with loft and weight adjustments I should do some damage to the score card.
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