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    I let them in, to a rig or VM that I don't care about. It's hilarious when they notice it's a virtual machine but even better is everytime they try and do something you type the word porn in. so they click start and run but you take over and type in porn hub
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    Yeah, guy at work is selling one atm and I couldn't believe how much they're selling for these days! Crazy!
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    😂 that will I’ll fix your pube issue for sure
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    Nah that's alright. I'll just pick up a copy of fortnite if I need to.
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    I have a crab in my fish tank not in my pants...I have a can of insect spray if you need it?
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    Havent played the first one but get a free copy of the new one with my ryzen so when I pick it all up tomorrow I’ll set it up give it a crack
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    Enjoy - I think I'm level 4?? Have opened the 1st outpost, safehouse and done a hotel mission.
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    I know, I was looking at a thrash back fun car and even s13 with ca are apparently gold. People are are just stupid these days 😞
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    Well 42GB at about 4 to 5 MB/s means I'll be waiting for a couple of hours. Enough time to drive to the pub and pick up some beers for the weekend.
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    I already had that page loaded. After a bit of frigging around I found it on the client in the game page. Brb installing etc...
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    I would probably be closer if I actually had some content lmao. I have a bunch of footage of the LS El Camino build I'm working on. So unfortunately my first build on the channel is going to be that and not the Barra Foxbody Mustang. I just found a decent quality free video editing software. So I'll have my first real video up in the next day or so. Thank! All in good fun of course.
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    Said that to the missus at 2am this morning. It didn't work and apparently the phrase, "well you're awake now" didn't help either.
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    Lol I was looking at s15s last week and damn people want stupid money for them 😕
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    These extreme editions are going for nearly 1k on the used market so I’ll take 900 They will be 2k then
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    It’s so true though..... this is all coz some twat waffle architect thinks he/she can design chit without knowing the site, the business they’re designing for and on top of that the companies rarely have enough input on how their business runs with the architect to actually make a decent design. Then the builder cbf coz they just want the completion, the trades just comply with the builder and no one gives a chit. I don’t know what happened to pride in your work....but I think it died the day they started to let people who went to uni for five years to study timelines and know how to do a spread sheet, tell tradespeople how to do their jobs. Its so frustrating and makes my life a nightmare. Now the poor contractor and I have to work together to rectify the issue that’s technically the builders fault for not picking up a violation of code but they get around it by stating all contractors are responsible for their stuff meeting compliance. And nothing happens until someone gets ripped in half by an auto gate or gets a roof Pannel fall on them or gets locked into a building during a fire. Meeing with 5 fire men today and they were also baffled at the minimum requirements for fire services on federal land. You don’t even have to have an alarm when a fire is detected to warn patrons... like legit ridiculous.
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    Bird flew over head and shat in me coffee this morning. Füçk Missus pissed herself laughing. Cafe is licenced, went in and got a beer. Good solution I reckon.
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    7-7,500 is enough to make that much with a well matched turbo and cam setup. Have a chat to some of the guys who're making big power over here to see what cams they recommend for that sort of thing.
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    Hmm I’m doing full fill on the block, ibeam rods, and bullet pistons with upgraded pins. Maybe I won’t take it quite that far
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    I don’t think she will twist
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