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    I just pull my wheels off and drive down the road on my discs cos #hubdynoroadtuner
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    You’re an interesting individual indeed Arron, you were definitely the kid that hated everything other kids had at school until you finally got it, then it was the best meanwhile Nizpro still use a chassis dyno along with arguably some of the best tune shops in Australia, there is a time and place for hub dynos and that’s not for ya typical 300kw bangers
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    It's a 1080ti and he's already sold it to me. I'll let ya know what I paid next April.
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    yer im thinking your going to have to pay us money for our troubles
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    I think I probably use this thread too much lol, but I'm pissed off because I've pretty much sworn today was friday and then I realised it's only thursday....
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    No probs - thought it safe to tag everyone - they may change their minds
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    Paying you today's prices next April, when they'll be worth a couple of hundred less, seems fair
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    I shat in my coolant, all the cool kids are doing it. prefer a milkshake though.
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    Did u get any fresh stab wounds from hanging at Elizabeth for that long? LOL Rebel Ford hey.... oh I spent some solid time there selling some bogans cars they couldn’t afford.
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    The Hub bandwagon is gaining but let’s not forget the Dynapack has had Hub dynos on the market for alot longer than Mainline or DD ..... it’s just the cat fanboys can now justify it because it looks like what they’re used to working with, and don’t get me wrong the key to a good tuner is knowing his tools very well and very few ever embraced the Dynapack set up/layout and fair enough I’m not a big fan of it either ...... But ...... if all the “Pro’s” to a Hub Dyno arguments stand today then they definitely stood years ago when all these “Leading” workshops bought chassis Dynos ..... so were these workshops sub par before and only “Great” now ???? Anywayyy from my tuning point of view I always want to tune a vehicle the exact way it’s going to be driven ( yes this does include with wheels on and rolling causing heat/friction losses that a road would provide )lights on, load being applied to rotating ancillaries etc etc as this is how a car will be used and hence how it should be tuned imho ...... stop worrying about numbers and worry about the before and after gains
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    Is that sort of like e85, bit of a gimmick until you finally got the f6 tuned on it and all of a sudden it's the ducks nuts.... Edit Didn't refresh to see jets post...hit the nail on the head again
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    that's why chassis dynos are crap and no reputable tuners use them anymore. If you tuner has one maybe you should look around...
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    I know this feeling - been me the last few months for me. Things weren't great in my relationship and I ate to comfort myself...which only made me feel worse and feel uncomfortable in my own skin and not want to go out in public etc. Not there yet, by a long shot, but started taking steps in the right direction and the GF and I have a lot of work to do still but are in a much better place in terms of the relationship and we've both started making a conscious effort to eat better and be more active. It's amazing how interconnected it all is. Even just making a start helps you start to feel a bit better, which tends to become motivation in itself.
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    Recently made a few changes to the car. Now running a gtx4202 turbo, 6boost manifold, 60mm external gate, jonny tig 1800hp intercooler, walbro 460, surge tank with twin 044s, fpr1200, billet rail, 2000cc injectors, 4" into 3.5" exhaust, valve springs and billet oil pump gears. Car made 495rwkw on e85 with a 2 speed powerglide. Tuned by Dyno-Mite Performance. Previously had a 3582 with 66mm wheel, 0.7 cover and 44mm external gate. Made 430rwkw and ran 10.36@134mph. Sometime within the year I'll head out to the track and see how it all goes ?
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    How do u test misfires with forscan??
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