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    please dont rice up a falcon ffs
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    Don't they'll look chit. Been there done that. Do this Cost a fair bit. All steel bonnet from Savage fibreglass in Bargo.
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    The guys came up with SVS (probably seen it's logo on hardware), the APT-X codec (used in the A2DP bluetooth audio standard) and were part of DTS (competitor to Dolby surround - was on most DVD's and Bluerays) They're legit, just hoping they send me my unit before they cark it lol If you're bored one day and want to have a play with what's possible using headphones, give this a try - emulates most of the options that are out there. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/6rye2h/guide_every_headphone_surround_virtualization_on/?st=jaudn9g4%26sh=5298eeb8 Try this with headphones on to see what the differences are between some of the "solutions" Windows 10 now does Atmos and Sonic natively (plug the headphones in and choose the "surround" option) and will have DTS-X soon. The GSX works best for me.
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    This unit is the one I'm waiting on - not offloading any headphones until I get it and filter out the ones I want to keep. Got in on the Kickstarter for about $1500 - it's launching at $US4k when it gets released With the unit you put little microphones (like ear buds) in your ears and it does room sweeps (test tones) to let it hear what you hear from all the speakers. The you put the headphones on (with the ear buds still in) and it plays the tones back through the headphones so it can work out the differences. From that it works out your own personal calculations for the room, your head and also the headphones your using. Then you put the headphones on and the sound is the same as coming from whatever room/studio/theatre the measurements were taken in. It does headtracking (sensor you attach to the headphones) so when you move your head the sound stays at a fixed point I could take the measurements in @.Stripes. living room with his new speakers and it'd sound exactly the same as if I was sitting in his chair - wherever I was. If his window reflects the noise on the left side - it'll sound the same etc. Could take measurements in the best studio in the world - would sound the same - up to 16 speakers Can also use other peoples rooms/measurements and the software will separate the room, headphones and head from those measurements, convert them to mine and I'll be 90%?? able to be in the room they recorded in. (e.g. - I could sit on the crapper and listen to the music/movie as if I was at Festival Hall, Stripes recliner (sorry about the skid marks), Skywalker Ranch Sound Studio (where they do the sound for the Star Wars movies etc) or the hole in the wall pub down the corner - as long as someone got the measurements done in those places) Before they did the A16 they had the A8 (7.1.2 - 8 horizontal speakers) and it was something I'd lusted after for years. The A16 adds the height (+/-) measurement/tracking and 8+ more speakers. Video of one of the main headphone "guru's" after trying it: Music and industry people trying it (apparently you need to be well fed) - they don't believe it's through the headphones, not the speakers playing Demo for the production guys at the BBC
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    I am not sure if this is the correct part of the Forum, if it isn't please let me know where to move it. With that out of the way. I have a 1993 Mustang coupe affectionately known as the Red Stallion! Unfortunately its a 4 cylinder car so its more like a pony. But I'm about to fix that. This will be a long build, so be patient. I will try to keep updating it as often as possible. Motor: NA BF Barra motor that will be getting a set of forged H-beam rods and forged pistons made by Manley. Along with a set of upgraded valve springs and ARP head and main studs. Of course a nice turbo hanging off the side. My goal is 800 hp, so I could use a recommendation on a turbo. Transmission: Just to get the car running as fast as possible I'll start with a T5 manual. But I'll be using a 4R70W 4-speed auto with an adapter plate to make it work with the Barra. In the future I'll be using the 6R80 6-speed transmission found in the 2012-2012 Mustang. Suspension: In the front I'll be using a tubular front suspension from UPR, we can legally use tubular front ends on the street here. In the rear I'll be using UPR adjustable upper and lower control arms with solid bushings. Out with the old 2.3 4-cylinder. I couldn't resist dropping it into place to see what its going to look like. I've already arranged to have a FG front sump oil pan sent to me. Front suspension I'll be using. I bought this suspension almost 2 years ago. Its been in the box in my shed waiting all this time. Rear suspension I'll be using. Subframe connectors.
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    ffing rice burners I do respect a modified car even if it isn't my flavour though
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    I'm back with more cooler related queries! Thanks to ElAndrew for letting me have a poke around at his piping kit I'll be going ahead with that real soon. Anyways, I was wondering what the differences are between the fg mk1 & mk2 coolers as I saw a mk1 which looked a bit different. I know it has the cast end tanks vs. plastic on the mk2. But I had a closer look and there appeared to be 12 horizontal tubes vs. 14 tubes on the mk2. Are there more tubes at a slightly smaller size on the mk2 for better flow? Would the cast end tanks be more reliable (less likely to separate from the core) than the plastic? Just curious from a development perspective of why Ford did this. Cheers.
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    only thing ford did towards the end life cycle of the falcon is cost cutting.
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    Might want to check with Matt. He sent me the attached pic, put I'm not sure what sleeping facilities are.
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    Stick with them and be happy (or better yet don't even take them out of their packaging) Believe me - it'll be a lot cheaper this way
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    Do these get me in the club?
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    There's 2 pairs - the white and the black. Took Aidan to a headphone shop for his 13th?? birthday because he wanted a pair of his own. He listened to heaps over a couple of hours and chose the M50's - the black ones Dog chewed the cord (was before they were removable) - he replaced them with the white M50X's (now with removable cable) 7 years later he still has them on every day
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    I can see my Audio Technica MX 50x's in there ,[emoji3]
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    @JETURBO This you on a Friday afternoon?
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    Note: I made a huge edit/addition to the 1st post to give a little background to my illness Putting it into text scares me I only touched on the extent of my various items Pic below of some of it a few years ago while I was moving the setup - has increased in size since then greatly The beige set are the HD598's that led me down the path in the first place.
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    Fingers crossed the flywheel shows up today. I need a boost fix badly.
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    We had "sound bar magic" Now it's time for "Headphone magic" [emoji1787]
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    Bleh. It's been a while since I made instant coffee and apparently I forgot the coffee to sweetener ratio. Three tablespoons of coffee and 8 sweeteners clearly wasn't right.
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    Big news everyone! I finally have all the equipment necessary to start building my YouTube channel. I have already started filming on one of my projects. I'm in the process of editing the footage I have and will have episode 1 of the 1987 El Camino 6.0 LS swap. I'll have some footage showing me modifying the Barra oil pan for my Foxbody. Subscribe to my channel. Once I have 100+ subscribers I can get a custom URL that will be a lot easier to find. Obviously I am just starting this, so plese bear with me and hopefully my channel will grow fast with good quality car content. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpMeSVPUMtmAOTwFGpSUAJQ?view_as=subscriber&fbclid=IwAR3Gr6Psc2i4sL2aZQ7WnARrnRe4wvLtZU12HPSIaKYN7nsaT3CUCvRjhEM
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    WOW, Thanks for the Warm Welcome guys 😁 I appreciate everyone's opinion. I personally feel the XR6T are an awesome machine, but they are very under dressed and designed. There is no art in car design these days. Yes my better half drives this beast and its a weekend car only 60k in 6 years and yes I park it at the farthest end of the shopping center and make my family walk in 40deg heat 😂. But I plan to build and hand this car to my boy when he is old enough and skilled enough to handle it. I got 16 years to go. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I really appreciate. Will post more questions soon. I am here to learn and see what reasonable to build and try not to piss others off.
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    Yep - will probably have a Creative (SBX) or CMSS version on there. Would recommend not judging the potential of it by turning them on lol - the onboard ones are pretty underwhelming The reddit link to the HeSuvi stuff above would be worth spending time on instead. If you can find a pair of on/over ear headphones to play with it'll be far better than earbuds/plugs style things. edit: I might move this stuff to it's own thread when I wake up tomorrow - not really PC thread stuff, but doesn't really belong here
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    Lol. Bark chips are in the mail. I watched one of the clips you posted and it seems legit. There is no way in farken hell I can convince my missus that I should buy this within the next 12 months. Looks like I'll be sticking with peasant level 5.1 speakers for now. Extra edit: when are you getting it? Holy sh*t edit: I just realised I need this...
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    some cars don't take too kindly to large wing mods
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    Car looks great - great photo Enjoy the car and have fun Track days, drags, hard drives through the hills, interstate cruises with forum members, cruising in a car you can drive everyday, do the shopping in, pick the kids up and even let mum drive is where I get my pleasure. You've got a fantastic car that you can do "more" to it if you want - don't try and make it something it's not though
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    maybe it's goeers still a dipstick in disguise
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    1. Whats the Max RWKW you can get from this model without engine mods 320 odd is good for the FG baby turbo on ULP98 350 or so on E85? 2. What the use of a Turbo Intake Muffler Delete? Muffler reduces intake noise - taking it off deletes the muffling effect 3. How do I get rid of the engine heat? Anyone done some bonnet vents? Open the bonnet when stopped Some have done vents with varying success on looks and on efficiency. 4. Why are there no extreme Body Kits for this car like the Celicas, FT 86's and other Japs? I am looking for a pointier front bar like at Ft86. Because we're not ricers Lots of performance stuff, not much cosmetic stuff 5. I want to Raise the rear wing by 2-3 Inches and tilt forward by 15 Deg. Does anyone make an adjustable Riser Kit for this Wing? Why do you want to do that? Looks, or done the maths on performance benefits? 6. Where can I get a Single Piece Front Lip Splitter / Spoiler (Carbon Fiber or Fiber Glass) for my FG? NFI - any reason to need it? 7. Is it possible to install a Poly carbonate See Through center piece in the Bonnet to showoff the Bara Engine ? Something like this  Everything is possible - @bloodycrashboy would be more than happy to cut one out for you - will be square and up to you to cut the bonnet and bolt it to it. The Falcons are what they are - they aren't showy - they aren't prom queens that look better all done up with make up. They are a decent car with an awesome engine that responds well to mods on a price/performance ratio. If you want to bling the car out, put on a cannon exhaust, annoy the neighbors when you leave home and come back, sound fast, lower the car to the scraping level, add black CF attachments and wash it while wearing a mankini then the Jap or HSV cars maybe better suited. If you want a decent car you can have fun in, get to handle well, have awesome performance for the money spent and be able to have females feel comfortable getting into - then the FG could be the right car for you.
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    Haha had a feeling that comment might come. Thanks I always said I'd be happy with 300 but I think now 350 might be a little more suitable lol
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    Sorry, sub 300 club....... Peasant Nah joking, hope your happy with it mate.
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    I finally had a little time to work on this beast. I am still waiting on my FG rear sump oil pan so I can't do much. Just more wiring harness removal, A/C lines removed and a good thorough cleaning. Don't worry, the A/C will be making a comeback in the future after some custom lines are made. Top is dirty bottom is cleanish.
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    Didn't farking show up. Better be tomorrow, gonna drive me mad.
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