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    Watching someone slide a turbo falcon correctly 5/7 Would Bang !
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    ive been trying to marry fluff for years bloody jet got in the way first
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    Black and gold tuna? Yumm yumm
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    Here you go gents... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1deNtovPrX3qMtMD66LYNyK_Hmm6B_79b/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Maybe you should have called instead of wasting all your time on here
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    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=CHRA haha great minds think alike, eh, Nath
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    Lol at you all. Me at 6am:
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    Sold my petrol mower and whipper snipper this week, so went and picked up one of these to go with the 82v line trimmer I got last weekend. https://www.bunnings.com.au/victa-82v-power-cut-mulch-or-catch-lawn-mower-with-battery_p3381341
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    Yeah man, I get the buy 5 get 5 free On another note why the Fock does the game of thrones intro have to be 7mins long
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    nope, had to google it though. I think that will make the whine worse.
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    $1 sale and free postage from eBay? Ahhh to many edits
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    Lol my laughing was at the above meme. on a side note though.....gold digger
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    I wish!!!!! J@ is the rich one and I just tag along ahahah #golddigga actually funny coz we were only doing the math and nearly ten years ago we used this forum to start talking to each other and we met racing our xr6turbos.... I won.... Bahahaha We were both pov as feck back then.... but it doesn’t matter.... money doesn’t make u happy or mean anything... I’d rather live in a tent with my boys than a mansion without them.... he knows this.... but we we ain’t rich... we just both work really really hard. not like Arronm hes got gold plated everything
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    tap Water is upper middle class for you folk isn’t it?
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    I never ring any performance, I want to look at the shop and talk to people face to face. I hate talking on the phone, gives me anxiety for some reason. I've spent probably 50+ solid hours going through everything on this forum. Too summarise- Change the air freshener = TUNE Apparently all size wheels fit on my FG No one listens to people with knowledge Fluffy is trump rich Site developer isn't human at all, it's a cute little hamster Puff is the cheapest person on the forum and likes to buy bulk bananas. There's 12,000 tuna's on here 85% of members are in their 40's Other 15% want to know how to dose it I could make this list go on forever haha
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    DOOO EEEET! I love the euro stuff. I'm thinking about getting one of these in about 6 months when its time to change the work car. The R Line has a twin turbo Diesel V8. how does 800nm and 0-100 in 5.8 sound? not bad for a 2.5 tonne SUV. not to mention 9.5L/100km. and can still tow 3.5 tonne. I already have had this model for a couple years, but the v6 diesel model. it is fantastic. not as ritzy as a beemer (la di da!) but man euro stuff is miles ahead in NVH.
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    starting from here, there's some discussion about fixing an ignition barrel... might be a similar problem for you: https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/89792-my-build/?do=findComment&comment=1664853
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    Things I don't miss about FIFO...6am now feels like a sleep-in.
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    Is it though? I mean, yeah it's morning and I can agree that it's Thursday but is it really happy? What if it's "morning all, meh it's Thursday " Yay Thursday
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    cant see why it couldnt tow anything, ive seen towbars on hyundai i20's.
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    Twin Walbro 460lph intank. Making it fit to the stock lid. New 1.15AR rear housing as well [emoji4]
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    I've been buying them for about as many years and some were cheap. I still like most of them though as they hold some nostalgic value to me. I fired up the r31 today for the first time in months and it started instantly, even on 2 year old fuel.
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    genesis g70 on its way? might be my new family car. thoughts?
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    there is only one opinion allowed (the left) If you don't hold that opinion you will be accused of being an extreme right wing racist wanker who hates everyone It is a world wide phenomenon
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    I managed to get a bit done on the dash today. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I still have to pull it apart and put a layer of carbon on the face plate and as I'm a bit broke at the moment, I'll have to put purchasing the lights on hold until I go back to work. I also spent some time on the starting issue that I've been having. It seems that as I'm running a Haltech CDI ignition, I cannot specify in the software to start the engine on wasted spark, as it normally does with the factory system. Thereby the car will not fire until it seems sync. This has resulted in the car having to crank for around 10 -20 seconds for it to fire. I dummied up my spare head and measured the gap from the intake cam sensor today in the hope of machining the sensor mount and moving it closer to the cam trigger. Thereby increasing the cam signal. Unfortunately, I found that there was only 0.8 mm gap between the trigger wheel and the sensor. So little chance of improving cam signal by machining that way. Having given up on that prospect, we went back into the Haltech software and we eventually realised that it was possible to specify a -VE Trigger home arming voltage. I then changed the 100 and 300 rpm values to -0.15 and 500 rpm to 0. And you wouldn't believe it, it starts after 3 crank rotations. If I said that I was ecstatic, it would be an understatement..... Another issue sorted, only the shifter to go.....
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    See what happens..... now we’re just descending into anarchy
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