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    I 100% agree with the sentiment of your response there. If you'd said that first up haha. Just tell it like it is. No boss will say "nah, you're vomiting, you can still work in between chucks" lol
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    Hey While searching for some wiring info found out a way to get FG (and other Ford models) . Below is a link to the ones I got https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jhmld4g1rj1oj/FG_worshop_manual_pdfs Let me if the links not working. Should be able download what you need. Mod edit: zip of the complete set. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1deNtovPrX3qMtMD66LYNyK_Hmm6B_79b/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Bahahahahaha J@kini 2019.
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    I heard smoking a fat doobie helps with that in most cases.
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    Ouch, poor cat. Hopefully he turns up
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    Well, this 2ah battery only used like a quarter-half of its charge to do the front and back. So I reckon I'll be fine with the other 2ah battery that comes with the mower. Supposed to run for like 30-40mins in the mower, which will be plenty. Kinda also tempted to sell my Ozito Blower so I can get the Victa skin so I'll only need to worry about charging one type of battery.
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    Definitely recommend it - Make sure you get at least one of the 4ah batteries though. I've currently got: Mower Trimmer with edger and pole pruner attachments Chainsaw Blowervac Pressure washer. 1 x 2.4ah and 2 x 5ah batteries (and would love another and the fast charger)
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    Used some Bunnings vouchers I got for Christmas and bought myself one of these: https://www.victa.com/au/en_au/product-catalog/battery-powered/82v-range/line-trimmer/82v-rapid-trimmer-kit.html Previously I bought a Honda 4 stroke bent shaft line trimmer, but always hated it. You always had to have lots of fuel in so it didn't cut out when turning it on its side to do the edging and it sucked to start and hurt my back doing edging coz of the short and bent shaft. This new one however is farking ace! Made the heaps faster, doesn't need hearing protection and didn't need to put fuel in it. I'm pretty chuffed!
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    The Ute trays arnt fully steel lined. Take the plastic tub liner out and you can access anything you could possibly need to measure from inside the empty tub
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    Thanks guys - that's awesome. Means the part I was shipped wasn't the ZF part, and what I've ordered definitely is. Bit annoying to now have the car off the road for a couple of days, but oh well. Can't quite bring myself to reconnect the factory heat exchanger in the meantime now that the car is officially incapable of bringing all the boys to the yard. The fittings the parts place had in stock weren't in packaging so I'm guessing he thought they were ZF fittings but was mistaken. Edit: yeah I saw that one Arron. Seemed too good to be a true and possibly not right, so I played it safe and ordered through TI Performance. Small saving not worth the car being off the road for a few more days if it's wrong.
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    for the most part, guys at my work do nothing, not a text or a phone call rude pricks I'm with you Fluff, tell it like it is, saves a lot of grief
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    @PAH is it a manual? If it is a manual, this is what it looks like. invert the boot like a sock to be inside out and you find this. See that zip tie, that is all that holds it in place.
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    Converted the lawn mower to E85, and by convert I mean I had nothing else to pour in there runs good though
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    Lol I had a giant can of monster at 6am so that probably helped. Here's a pic or two where we stopped for morning tea. Also one for bcb from a lookout we stopped at. The bottom three pics line up together.
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    Fixed my faulty fuel gauge. It just stopped reading a while back and always sat on empty. I had my mind set for a surge tank out, tub liner out, sender unit out 3hr/10beer job #utelife. I already tried disconcting the battery to no avail. Pulled fuse 27 and 29 she's good as new! I read it online somewhere and I had no hope of it actually doing anything. Beer time now[emoji481]
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    Not at all..... It's just quite intriguing that since her start here 5 months ago she's had an abundance of ailments..... to be fair not much actual sick time but just constantly says she's got this or that.... you know just one of those people that's always got something wrong. I don't think she's faking... but I just think she's a tad dramatic at life in general...which is ok.. but I just have a limited patience for drama. Like the call this morning was 9.10am and said "oh I've vomited 5 times already, but that's not why im calling I just wanted to check with you about this email (which wasn't anything that actually required checking).... like just say "hey carrrrnt, im sick... shatting my pants... not coming in today" at 7am when you were messaging me saying you weren't very well but don't worry coz you'd be fine for the day. Now I've had to some into work and glen 20 everything and risk getting the plague myself. I am just a very blunt person I guess... id rather a straight up honest message saying you're sick or even you cant be bothered and are chucking a sicky than a cryptic sympathy phone call or set of texts where I have to assume youre asking for time off because you haven't actually asked me anything. And the worst part is I actually like her... like if I wasn't her boss id be good friends with her... which I sort of am to a degree now but I just hate dramatic crap.
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    I run a stand alone Haltech engine management system. As I had no factory EMS, my ICC could not link and thereby displayed the security code. Car ran, Dual zone etc woked.. I sent the ICC to Fadi, at https://www.aslautomedia.com.au/. They removed the security from the ICC and all is well again. Was $120 total...
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    took car to car wash, then filled up BP98 In nz still $2.34 loooool
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    That's about all it's good for. You're running more boost than me (for now) so your iat's wouldn't be any better. One lap of the drags will see you close to 80c. I'm happy with the car though. I was driving today and a dude had a failed overtake attempt in front of me on the flat road. All good, get around the corner to a steep hill, he doesn't try so I get past him and the dude in front of him, with a full car load and camping gear, effortlessly. Happy dayz
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    Got everything back on after putting the intercooler kit in and wired the gauge lights
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    That model of mount isn't compatible with the S9 due to the camera placement apparently.
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