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    No, that's what Ford chose because its cheap. I run a full syn 5W-40 never run better, better temp and viscosity control especially for turbo. Didn't like Nulon though. P.S Sorry Keith I'm not trolling you lol.
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    I spent $100 on a set of Remington cordless clippers and I've never looked back. They're curved, they are wide, they last for a couple of months on a single charge, they are fairly water proof and they cut quick as you like. I think I'm down to 25 cents per hair cut now. Paging @EvilDaifu
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    Will bring my clippers on the snowies cruise.
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    That's pretty good. I did a 2:03 this morning but I have to give it a good play. Mebbe a couple of beers and a good half an hour will catch me up
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    2:00 flat so far just can't seem to drop into the 1:59's
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    haha, always got enough left in reserve to get my end in either way, should be a good night of gym, footy, rooting and food
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    It is bloody ridiculous that some people are charged an arm and a leg for a tune that leaves you wondering wtf!!!
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    Working on a boat with four 627 HP V8 supercharged outboards Approx 130k each !!!!! It's basically a very long shark cat type hull A very fast fishing toy
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    Haha. Great minds think alike and all that. Great to catch up. Hopefully get another run in before we head off. Don't want to look at the fuel used, but the range left on the tank started going up once we left you Thanks heaps for showing us the fun bits
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    Well meet up with Rab and Paul this afternoon in Christchurch, was great to meet them and put a face to the name. I joined them for the drive towards Greymouth parting ways on the West Coast side of Otira Gorge. Was great fun through the twisty roads around the mountains and both vehicles got to stretch the legs a little. That AMG has got some go to it. Was an easy 1hr back home from where I left them and seem to have misplaced about 2/3 of a tank of 98 quite quickly today. Depending what the guys get up to will catch them later in the week possibly.
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    Despite coming from a state of serial killers & power blackouts, these^ two add a lot of value to this forum
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    Hey @Mustangman570 why dont you get a list together of what you want and ill happily source everything for you, box it up and send it to you through a Pack n send company /TNT/HPS style company that way you will get the right parts first time if you're interested buzz me a PM
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    Phew, 1:59.688. Haha I'll have to see which kerbs I can jump to pick up some time
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