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    Hey mate this is a tuff one as toads said You might only be making 400 but you might be a few hundred NM up on the comparison car, numbers are numbers and its easy to get caught up in it but just yesterday we had a car come in that did 288rwkw and after a retune it did 290rwkw , so what u say but have a look here Where the power graph ( and also torque is picked up in the mid in a huge way ) please dis regard the length of the run ( yes u chit stirers ) as this was just the last power run all the "work" had been done previously and I have no issues with ending runs after they taper off Now the torque ( not on that page ) gained truck loads on the same speed/rpm and the owners praises after collection was enough to know it had big gains but just not in rwkw Your car seems to have good hardware and if it is CMS you have to be happy a very knowledgeable tuner has done the tune, that being said everyone's engine is slightly different maybe yours did'nt take timing as well as the bloke down the road, maybe the tuner had that feeling is was working hard enough and any more was just creating heat,slippage,issues even Most tuners are very approachable in regards to "how" and "why" just ask there may be a very good reason or none at all That just might be all is has, who knows but as I said u may be packing a killer torque curve that is not displayed and this is what gets u down the strip faster than the bloke with 450 but bugger all of the NM's Hope this may of helped
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    It's a stock bottom end....400kw is what some would call a safe limit. Just because there are a number of members running good numbers on a stock bottom end doesn't mean it can be safely flogged. This is not a place to discuss why a tuner hasn't turned up the wick....It's all speculation and no meaningful info. Time to talk to your tuner and report back. I mean this in the nicest possible way.
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    Nah you just wear a mask with a skeleton face like a boss
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    Don't park your car on the street in Freo on Saturday! Win OR lose, hahaha. Keen to see Freo have a win for the sake of my tragic friends who love them. Also lived in Freo many a year myself but never really made the swap when they were formed. Still go for them against other states though!
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    Bradbury 3000kg Wheels Free 4 Poster. Picked it up for an absolute song. Most Pleased. (Hilux not included)
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    I bought a hoist can hear all the WA members who have had their cars in my shed collectivly shout ABOUT TIME!)
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    Muchly agreed I have tried to give him buzz just waiting for the call, It's nothing against the tuner, It was just to see if there was anyone else with similar mods making the power what I felt it should of made. I understand it is standard f6 short block but there has been 450rwkw ba with a factory bottom end (gtx) , what has lasted for over a year or so with no issues and It had less mods as I believe. I don't like to flog the ass end out of my cars endlessly on a daily basis, Just once blue moon I head down to the track do my day and return but don't go stupid. I also service my car every 6000km I change the engine oil and filter. So I feel it should last along time
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    52 and just bought my first FPV three weeks ago (2003 BA GT). Aren't marriage breakups great
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    I understand totally what this member is going through It would be like paying for a BMW 540i, expecting the relevant performance and comfort, but being delivered a 318i instead. He has already paid the tuner once to get the car tuned, it seems to me that the tuner has spent maybe a few hours on it, it has made a respectable number on a safe tune, so he has rolled it out of the workshop, and started on the next job. Instead of trying a few things, pumping some psi into it, and see how it reacts. The tuner should have had all scenario's tried and tested, so when the customer came to pick the car up, he can explain and demonstrate why the car is set up the way it is. Eg customer asks why isn't it running 20psi? Won't the turbo and mods support that? Tuner response: Well I tried that, the car seemed to not make the expected power, here is a graph demonstrating relative afr, psi, and power output. But if you try a new cat (for example) I'd expect it to make more, or handle 20psi. When I pick my car up from my tuner, I know my tuner has my car running at its optimum, and has tried all avenues to get the most power out of it, safely.
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    oh sh*t look out Freeze is gonna be sick again surprise surprise Freeze is as sick as Trent is omoh
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    There are heaps of good tuners out there. The fact that they don't get a mention on here, shouldn't detract from their ability. Site sponsors do a great job and theyre on here for a reason. Trust me, there are plenty of guys out there getting results. Just no big song and dance I guess
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    ^^^Hey Trent!! Yeah I'm alive the gyn is my second home at the moment. Gotta catch up .... When it ain't raining.
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    Agree with the above. My $hitbox BA is nothing special but it's time to beat up on it a bit!! Going to be bulk fun!
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    Yep roger that, I know what you're saying, hard to communicate without body language!
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    Yeah.I would expect around a high 11 with that power and some decent rubber.Im interested to see what it can do as my old 315rwkw XR6T did high 11,s at 118-120mph.
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    YEH your a poser Steve.
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    Thanks guys, happy as with the car. Going back to the strip in a couple weeks with some 275 ET streets, will see what I can punch out then with a good launch. Here's the bootlid spoiler pics
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    Actually have a 4" intake already (Turbo side intake) with a Silicone reducer into my stock 0.5 cover. Just thought it would be cheaper to use my existing 0.5 cover, get it machined to fit the GTX3576R compressor wheel, and retain the advantage of fast spool up.
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    Is this gunna be the norm on the beach this year???????????please say yes
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    Getting a lot more sex, great workout, but doing not much exercising anymore. I need to do a lot more on the arms and shoulders., got this far but nowhere near a planche yet
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    After so many kilowatts it becomes exponentially more dollars per kilowatt, the question you have to ask yourself is it worth it. Your 400 at your current tuner could be 420 at another, if your tuner has made it safe for you then even better, especially if you haven't told him that you don't care if it grenades itself. Does it drive better since your last round of mods?
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    For a tractor it looks good Henz, I like the rear light mod.
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    mate you should be entering your ute!! you would love it, cruising around the track racing everything down the straight, doing the odd skid and the best thing is its all legal, not just another forum cruise haha so no reason for the missus to whack ya and tell you to slow down cheers luke I will gladly kill them for you and swap you beer in return!!
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    Who the fhuk is shyfrd? New guy?
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    Shhh guys were at a funeral.
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    Howdy OT long time no speak!
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    Not being able to grow a beard is why I can never own one of these bikes.
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    my car is going very well thanks to chris and his tuning ,we are trying a few things so its a work in progress atm but the hp software is awesome imo if you know how to use it.
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    I don't know what RHS support bolt n play spec is but it was a bitch to get in. Finally got it to hang after cutting and bending things not in the instructions. Also had to move the top radiator mounts back a few cm like turboboink said.
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    Hey so who's going to powercruise next weekend? Im flying over for it.
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    Pics on the CRG Facebook page. Looks like the stock ford exhaust housing with an external gate hanging off the side. I'd be very interested to know what mph this is capable of on only 17psi. What's the turbos exhaust and compressor turbine specs?
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    Shove it up your ass. Time for a new avi
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    Nope, Moves a tiny bit and provides an additional intake source... but I just wanted something hanging out of the bonnet.
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    So many ways to skin a cat Ive just gone for the upgraded billet wheel,, port and flapper obviously.. Atomic cams and crow springs. The thing comes on pretty much like the baby turbo did.. 480rwhp.... with very conservative timing.. This thing on E70 or 85 would be absolutely insane
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    This thread is great, it has girls and an old man hat.
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    Angel your not yourself, have a Snickers..
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    ^^^^^^ lucky im at work atm, and getting paid to watch that cause if I had to watch that "thing" in my own time, id be pissed
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    ^^^you are going for admin aren't you ! good job Angel. some very good reading in the ones you recommended
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    Well, goes something like this. I discovered this frame on a job that had a hilux extra cab tub on it that had been in an accident. Was in the owners way. Carton later, towing home. Grinder came out and buzzed the tub in half - off to tip. Had sourced another new hilux tub ready for $400 but said nup, gotta be Falcon. Rang my local dealer and as luck would have it they'd just delivered an XR with a tray and the owner didn't want the tub. Negotiated a 'very' reasonable price and picked it up the next day with brother-in-law and his brother. Measured everything up and cut 75x50x75mm long 2.5mm RHS mounts which were welded directly onto the frame under the ribs. This I knew would give me correct ride height - about 10mm lower than stock XR. The axle was too short and Expensive Daewoo pattern so ebay'd it for $50 - gone. Rubber had gone off on the XR (about 60% left) so bought two new rims and tyres. They went on the car, the others to the trailer. Calculated the axle length 70", which ended up 5mm in from the outer with the 9.5" ET40's and 275's. The frame was gal but painted it black. Four sets of hands and on she was lifted to the frame. Drilled my holes into the new mounts and rattled them on. To finish, I'm making a checker infill front panel and, fakey zort tips to match the car, lol. Going to fit a soft cover for now. Has an extended draw so tows perfectly and backs a treat. Total weight a shade under 300kg. 22kg on towball. GVM 750kg so can carry 450kg legally. I'm the President of the Gold Coast Performance Ford Club so it will mainly be used for club duties plus carrying my tools for the odd Saturday cashie. If anybody gets a tub and wants to build one I'll shoot the measurements. Cheers, Bomber.
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    gotta hand it to u spiro u have done more development on these things than nizpro, and mainly single handedly. u were into it way b4 dlm was established. weather u pay people to work on your car or not they were your decisions/ideas. there is a huge amount of passion when u spend that sort of coin and dedicate that much time. I hope the prevoius page made u laugh mate it sure did me, get well soon buddy.
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