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    I tried living with others the last twelve months..... Including one girlfriend of seven years on and off. Now well and truly farked. I had one flatmate by the throat. Owed me money and was back for more as he spent the rent I gave him. One axe murdering off his crack head loser wanting to kill me. I took a massive loss to get out of an investment house and to be able to afford to rent a nice beachfront unit with a double garage. And I love it. I can see the waves without having to get out of bed...or off the lounge. The garage is huge and fits all my toys. No one elses mess, worries, drug habbits or mental illnesses to shoite me. And if the rare occaison arrises where I want to be social or attempt the rampent possum on some poor unecpecting female. It's all less then a five minute walk. And I can put on porn and have a bat when ever where ever I want. And that's important to a man ! if I'm feeling kinky I leave the curtains open.
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    May be E 85 to be a Dyno queen And the FR 20's hopefully sooner than later (Mrs going made with my nagging) she always gives in
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    get married and take his name
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    That's awesome. Good to see it in action already. Need to be congratulated on going so far Tony So I've got a few mates that aren't driving fords and mentioned this briefly to them last night telling them I'll inbox them more details on Facebook. You got a little write up we could all use describing the event and classes, what cars its restricted to etc. I'll also include the post you made this morning.. Or even if the Facebook event is up and running I'll invite them to that..
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    TURBO SIDE intake.... go on Mark... :sungum: get some real intake noises then
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    This made me spill my coffee.
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    Dillz = too busy modifying his car Trainer = training Dre = will log back on at the end of the year or after pazzo has run away with adie.
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    calder has gotten back to me with an email and are very interested in the idea. Will be going to have a chat with him sometime this week
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    F*** heathcote and it's owner worse than Bobby Jane. You could do a strictly www.ls1.com.au VS www.fordxr6turbo.com day! I wouldn't even have to stir them over them to get them on side! Expensive Daewoo in one lane and Ford in the other!
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    Ohh so that was his thread about being scared to sleep ect?
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    Gooooooooooooooooo riff lol I bet you de tune it by then lol
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    YAY riff will use the go fast pedal all the way!!!!!!!!! you must run full boost though, and remove the brick from behind your pedal!
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    looking forward to it gunna give the Phoon all it's got! No cops - no radars - race track = keep my license! Will be a hoon legally!
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    Will anyone believe me that I will race on my low boost tune
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    Haha I was going to say too busy organising cruises.
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    Yeah I'll be seeing Dave next week when I pick the surge tank and valve springs up. Just thought I'd get what info I could off here. The pw harness just seems a bit pricey for something I could do myself.
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    Nice machine really like the white colour!
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    sh*tcheah!!! Latest staus from Nitro Circus; Aussie Nitro fans, we have some big news, our latest TV show, Nitro Circus Live - Las Vegas, is making its worldwide debut this Friday night. 6:30pm on Channel 7Mate, don't miss it!!! Check the teaser as well.... Video link;
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    Never heard of that myself, but when an airbag goes off it is due to severe (sometimes repairable) structural damage. It's costly & usually not worth it to an insurance company to repair as the car will usually not come back as good as it was pre-repairs...
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    Because your a *beep* as you answer to it! Just like Hens.
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    Apparently I have to run the engine in for 1600km first, but there are a few mods planned - 3.5" CES Dump Pipe, 4.5" 100 cell Race Cat, Injectors - haven't decided on a size yet, might have to do some more research before deciding, and piping - either herrod or Plazmaman and tune It's supposed to be going for a shoot on Sunday next to a mates 700rwhp GT-E (5.4 Boss with a Vortech V3 T-Trim and heaps of other mods) I'll throw some photo's up here maybe later today, picking it up this afternoon from the dyno run this morning.
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    Currently remembering why I quit the government.. God it's f*cking slow!!!!!!! And I don't have Internet access or anything!! Don't think even the money is worth it..
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    Lol yer volume builders just round up to the nearest meter
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    26.1 here currently min of 22 on its way to 32 later on today
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    Ya'all have to pick the more $$$y ones innit. I was thinkin same. When I have a fleet of work vehicles can go from STAIN 0-9
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    I think I broke my foot 6 yrs ago at snow. It hurt for bout 4 yrs.
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    can you get a RWD camry? How big a sport is NASCAR? these cars have only the shape in common with showroom cars, sport has lost it's appeal to me.
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    Spotted carlton supporters with massive farken heads everywhere
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    The top clutches look like they have never been fitted into a box
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    Is this the same for a fg?
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    The bloke who rebuilt my box said that the clutch packs are to far apart and towards the rear of the box and that's why the torque kills them . These are the clutch packs from mine. the brown ones are first and second and are still like new, the other set is third and fourth and are warped and blue in colour
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    THIS sounds like fun and I reckn with enough planning /time s.a would come over and join the party a strictly xr6turbo.com thing would be awsome location isnt to much of a worry but cotty is 100kms+ closer to us than anywhere else and its also very relaxed in the pits area even camping becomes an option for some, keeping it street style is so much more of an intrest to most as not all of us have dedicated drag cars, so nothing wrong with dumping the spare and jack and bolting up the et streets if it comes on a trailor it shouldnt be coming I say run what u drive there if us s.a boys can do it u vic's shouldnt have any dramas liking the support from staino and others to get this happening
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    And I think it's a good idea that all cars and the real powerful cars gotta run street tires cos as the title says king off the street so then if you loose traction and get Owned by a less powerful car well that's bad luck that's what happens on the street and it gives people with less power more of a chance cos we all no someone who has spent 50 grand on a engine and running gear has slicks of course he is gonna win it will be more fun this way lol that's my 2 cents
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    Isn't the spray pattern also incorrect or not ideal? And the flow rates are all over the shop?
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    Just the standard stuff, sports ryder 2994 front coils and they reset the rear leafs, whiteline 20mm sway bar in the rear and adjustable 33mm in the front.
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    After posting that piece of foam I found in my car a few pages ago I finally figured out what its from.. The panel beater said its not from the car as hes pulled thousands of them apart due to the paint recall and just said it was prob something they rest on,, took it off me and threw it out.. Well on the weekend I turned my reading lights on and was alot of play in the roof lining.. Yep it fills the gap between the roof and roof lining.. Now I gotta go back and ask him to replace is as he threw it out
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    Why not just have a fun day? No prizes, no classes, run whatever you've got and race the lights. People can pair off for grudge racing if they like.
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    Spotted Ripped 6 tonight coming home from work....Cruising down west terrace onto anzacs....Tough looking XR6T..
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    Also comes down to what the person wants as a end result, like for me it's 320 to 330rwks. Which the PWR does perfectly in my eyes without the need of cutting. If aiming for higher then look at something in the bracket of power your after. No point putting 1000hp cooler if you never going to go for huge numbers. I think people get caught up in numbers and names, what I have read all the good names perform well, so it's more personal choice. Don't want to waste a extra $1000 if I'm never chasing the numbers.
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    His body fat is 3 inches long, hahaha
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    Yea its mint my neighbour WAS one of them in his R8 until we had a jog he now wants to sell up and get a F6 lol
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