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  2. Evening all I didn't die Cheers
  3. Just for closure, that power figure was made from 26psi boost. We’ve had other issues so a street tune at 20psi will be loaded in the coming weeks and left alone. The power figures made on my tuners dyno are what they are. I don’t care about numbers but how the car drives and I can’t fault it. I’m out with the pissing contest arronm..
  4. Doing it right the 2nd time, it appears Keen to see the results of this gen2 you've purchased.
  5. In other news, I've sourced a new Genuine GTX3576 gen 2 for stupid cheap. Just over 2k Complete and is getting overnight-ed ex-east coast. So with any luck the car will be back on the road thursday night. If I had budgeted originally for a genuine GTX I guess I'd still have money for another powerspirit or 2 plus the dead one 😄 . Maybe a spare mamba? no? Anyways, im going to rebuild this Powerspirit and get it balanced. Use it in another car. Cheap, easy fun. Seriously the baby GTX is so fun. Response and spool just puts a smile on your face haha. Can't wait to see how much better the GEN 2 is.
  6. UPDATE 3: Powerspirit GTX GTX3576 (KSRacingPRO) So... only just got around to pulling the turbo off. Pretty good at it now 😄. Got it down to around 40mins with a bit of mucking around included. As expected KSRacingPRO has been silent at the moment on my email to them about warranty etc. I'll try them again tonight but not holding my breath. I have attached images of the damage. All in all, its not that bad. Only 3 fins managed to rub the housing. Rear housing is fine. Shaft out and "there's your problem" Flaps just coz everyone loves a good flap Conclusion: Cheap chinese bearings gave way in my Powerspirit GTX3576 from KSRacingPRO (SEO ). Turbo is well oiled. Everything is coated. I have logs of all my tuning and daily running and oil temps, water temps and ERGs are all well in check.
  7. Custom made buy Nizpro. I didn't fit it. But yes it's bolted on the side to the chassis.
  8. 1300 or 1700. Tell Simon what is you max power goal and he will tell you which injector to get.
  9. Who cares how much he spent . there is no such thing as wasting money as everything cost money. What people spend there money on has nothing to do with you. You must be jealous people have money to do things with?
  10. In all honesty I’d be going to your engine builder/mechanic and discussing this further as it appears you are in over your head. He he is going to ask similar questions but then the pair of you can work out what is best for your needs, order it, cut out any middle man and stop any confusion or incorrect parts and build it as you want.
  11. im looking to go for something then a 64/66. would 2200cc injectors be enough? not looking at running secondary set. what about if I ran 1050s at 5 bar? is this possible or would it cause the fuel to heat up too much? or is it a bit harder to tune? my understanding is that the 1050s will flow 1065cc at 3 bar? or would I have to got another injector like ID 2000? I see that thye are not compatible with (MTBE fuels) so does this make then un usable with e85? I will have a tune for 98 if I cannnto get e85 anywhere. what ele/ precautions do I need to know about when using ethanol? I understand cold starts may be a pain but im prepaired for that? this is my first faclon. I have only previously had commodores.
  12. Hi Aaron. Couple of questions. That mounting bracket you've used, what and where is that from? It looks like a great fit. And have you bolted it to the chassis rail one on side only? Or is there a bracket up top that we just can't see? And in the left of that pic (towards the front of the car) it looks like there is a notch cut out in something that's going straight up. Is that just camera trickery or what is that? Cheers! Hunt
  13. morning all, happy Tuesday
  14. Mint as. Shifters the same, as in I can unbolt my short shifter out of the box and bolt it into the tr6060??
  15. Yesterday
  16. If you don’t want to cut anything it’s a good option. But I highly recommend the PW stage 2. It’s about the same price. You don’t actually have to cut that much but also you have to think about whether you care about defects.
  17. a nice cat back will be more than enough. you dont want to hear it but dont waste your money on headers.
  18. if its the place im thinking of hes business is a joke. takes your money but wont have the stock. go the repco ones
  19. MBAF

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    That orange just looks the part on all the older fords
  20. do I get a prize for answering within 2 minutes with the perfectly helpful information?
  21. The tr6060 is slightly beefier looking but mounts up the same. They're spot on about the bell housing. Keep the fg one if you want the option of using an fg clutch down the track. $$$ may be cheaper, or you might want the bigger flywheel one day. The shifters are basically the same and are swappable. The only difference is the b series bolts from shifter to stick go front to back where as the fg is left to right. Either way the shift stick/knob itself sits in the same spot.
  22. Audi’s electric over mechanical turbocharger is hectic nuts ! But you’ll bend way over more than Garrett prices lol
  23. Anyone wanna sponsor me to put a Ford Racing 572 in my Ute? Wonder if it'll fit lol.
  24. Just the angle of the photo. It was the size of a dinner plate/normal pizza size.
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