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  2. Yes, almost done just waiting on tailshaft
  3. Thanks mate, appreciate your time.
  4. GTX4202R would do the job for 600rwkw if you want to go that far and would suit the high mount better, but it's not a T3 turbo, it's a T4 turbo. If you want a specific T3, then probably the GTX3584R G2 is probably the best T3 turbo. yours is a BF ute, right? if so and money is no object, then hypertune/plazmaman full replacement intake manifold. if you want cheaper then FG manifold replacement is good enough.
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  6. Keith, can you give me a couple of Turbo's to look at that would fit this set up, Thanks And while were at it, an intake plennum preference.
  7. Do you have a powerglide in your car? No I can't answer your question, but am curious.
  8. T3 is the flange type that connects from the manifold to the turbocharger exhaust housing.
  9. Don't know what a T3 manifold is but I will check it out , thanks
  10. you definitely don't need a high-mount setup if you're going for 350rwkw, if that's your only concern. if you want aesthetics, too, then get any T3 manifold with any of a bunch of super-capable T3 turbo's and a custom intake/dump etc to suit.
  11. It's only money Keith. I have worked my arse off in Construction for 40 years. This ute is going to be the best I can make it.
  12. G'day boys Can I have some opinion's on going to a high mount setup. I just like the overall look versus the standard set up. I'm not concerned about costs or power output. When people open the bonnet I want a " holy sh*t " reaction. I have 6 brothers that are hard to impress so give me your best setup options. I am going for 350+ rwkw.
  13. it's OK for people to spend their money... I'm just saying I wouldn't spend that much, but it's fine for you to do you! go your hardest
  14. I lost two from the actuator bracket, went to the local ford wreckers and they had a bucket full of old turbos and I just picked which one I needed and grabbed three of them. But definitely take a bolt out so you can compare them just in case.
  15. I have lots of money and I like spending it. Plus it keeps blokes working and it's good for the economy lol. My interior is now officially classified as immaculate. It will be interesting to hear your comments when I get the engine mods done and give the car a full re-spray. I have done cheapskate on cars for years. Not any more.
  16. Anyone with some real live numbers for comparison?
  17. lel @ paying $2700 for ANY level of interior work aside from a roll-cage lol
  18. As I said in my original update last night, they checked the ECU last night, that came back clean, they also checked the catalytic converter just to make sure that there was an an excess build up, that was fine, and today they're checking the wastegate to make sure that that's operating as it should.
  19. my roof lining in my sedan cost me ~$200 to recover in black
  20. this seems like a more than appropriate response
  21. nothing gets over rated, faster than doing nothing
  22. fair whack of nothing for me it's great
  23. 2 banh mi rolls for lunch 😍 that's all 😄
  24. not too much man, been crook for just over a week so that was fun. whats happening your way?
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