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  2. I looked into this last year, From my research BA BF Block possibly stronger with higher nickel content (Unconfirmed) But people are making 1000hp left right & center on BA BF FG blocks so its not really an issue. I'm going to have my block sonic tested before my build to check bore thickness and that is all that counts really.
  3. Hey guys First time posting, was just wondering. Internals of the motor aside. Is there any difference between a block from a BA to a FG like strength or build wise? Cant seem to find anything besides internals are different
  4. Puffwagon


    I like sea snails. Also take your car to a tuner for fixing. If you wanna learn, use the search bar.


    Oh yea, shall be interesting.
  6. FiftyOne


    Interested to see how this one pans out
  7. no wonder you married him hang in there fluff ❤️
  8. do some burnouts on the stock wheels for maximum value before you get rid of them
  9. Still a decent response though, unlike that cùnt from yesterday.
  10. Mine was intermittent. When I accelerated hard it came back on . Over time it got worse and stopped just blowing hot air. Checked the two wires at the top of the compressor. One was out and connector wasn’t clean. Bit of a light sand, plugged it back in and back in business (this was after first pulling the icc unit out and checking wiring, as it turned out for no reason )
  11. Shoulders were 60 x 4. Gehay. Also I don't know about this awd crap when only one tyre smokes to fark. Lsd in the back? Lsd in the front? Take lsd and move to perth? Move to perth and drink the water? What do? #57boxzofwine
  12. The limit is infinite with enough pumps and pressure but when maximising a fuel system a twin feed rail and aftermarket reg with increased OD is the way to go ! Fleebay,MTQ,xr6 turbo developments etc etc
  13. the limit is pretty high, though, isn't it?
  14. Yeh used them a few times now and go alright for the application but the factory rail has it’s limits
  15. When you are talking a 15-20rwkw max extra out of a tune in an NA another 5 definitely helps.
  16. This month we go hunting for the Cars of Bendix at the Team Wild Speed meet in western Sydney. Owners of Team Wild Speed Susan & Joe have been in the modified car community for a very long time, so when they hold a meet, there’s always a great mix of old and new cars. This particular meet was held in conjunction with Street Fam; a car group primarily focused on VIP Style cars which certainly added to the variety. Hayden’s 1995 W20 MR2 Bathurst Edition Hayden’s W20 MR2 was one of the first cars that caught our eyes, as these mid-engine, rear wheel drive run-abouts are not often seen. This one was also a special Bathurst Edition and custom painted in Giallo Modena (Ferrari Yellow). The 3SGE engine has been bored, ported & polished, running Arias pistons, Ferrea valves and stage 3 cams which flow through a custom exhaust and are controlled by an Adaptronic ECU. The car sits on a set of 18 inch Simmons FR1. Hayden still has an extensive shopping list of mods to do to the car, including a full respray to fix up some of the mismatched panels. Robbie’s S2K Robbie’s turbo S2K is an absolutely gorgeous car. The F20C has had some tasty additions join it in the engine bay to make 380kW on low boost. The red and black theme throughout is definitely eye-catching, with the red brake calipers, Recaros and highlights in the door cards matching the gauges in the dash, through to the flow coated black paint done by Precision Auto Body. The car sits on a set of Hyper 5ZR wheels from 5Zigen, also in black. Anthony’s S14 Anthony’s S14 sits on a set of bronze TE37s, and at first sight, it looks like a stock car, but once you get under the hood, and into the car, you’ll find that it’s so much more. The engine has been swapped to an RB26 that sits neatly in the engine bay and makes 365kW. Inside the cabin you’ll find that Team Wild Speed have been able to replace the S14 dash with an S15 one. Dayday’s S-Class 430L W220 Dayday’s Special Class W220 was the top of the line model when introduced in 1998, so it is fitting that he continued the legacy by bringing some additional VIP touches to it. The car came with an Airmatic air suspension system from factory, which sits the car nicely on the 2-piece Lorinser LM1 wheels in 19x10. Dayday has replaced the head unit, rear camber arms and thrown on a custom exhaust to give the 4.3L V8 a nice outlet. There are plenty of Junction Produce pieces throughout the car and some custom Louis Vuitton styled VIP tables from Blackout Garage. The LV bag and bottle of Hennessy also give it a nice touch. Florin’s 1975 Ford Escort Florin’s 1975 Ford Escort is definitely a little attention seeker. It runs custom flared guards and rear Cosworth bonnet vents. The Phantom Purple paint sets the car off nicely. Under the hood, the stock engine has been replaced with an SR20 mounted with a Garrett 3540 turbo which is now making 388HP at the wheels thanks to the 1100cc injectors and EMS ECU. The engine was built by Brett at St Marys Engine services. Even though the car sits on some custom made 17 inch Lenso Concept 5 wheels at 10 inch in the rear and 7 ½ in the front, Florin says it skates like it’s on ice, but that could just be because of the shortened Borg Warner 345 diff. Luckily the VL brakes in the rear give him some great stopping power. Lam’s 2005 Lexus GS430 Lam’s 2005 Lexus GS430 is the build car for VIPDOut Australia. It has been dipped in a custom House of Kolor Cherry Red, dropped with an AirLift Performance 3H system, had some aftermarket head & tail lights added, with INGS front and rear lips and finished off the a 2.5” dual cat back exhaust. Tucked underneath the car are a set of staggered 19” LEONHARDIRITT Ordens from Super Star Co. The 3UZ engine is making 218kW, but Lam has some future plans for that as well. TWS’ Bozo Skyline There’s not a lot of details that we could find out about the Team Wild Speed Bosozoku Skyline, but just from the look of it you can tell it’s got to be wild, with a crazy body kit and over bonnet exhaust system. The myth is that the C210 2000 GT is powered by a L20DET, and was once owned by a member of the Japanese Yakuza under world prior to being imported to Australia. Johnny’s Ford Cortina URHARD Late to the event we managed to grab some details on Johnny’s 1974 Ford Cortina which sported a big power 408 stroker engine that feeds the C5 auto transmission through to a 9 inch rear end. This is a super tidy example of Australian muscle with classic drag wheels, chrome highlights setting off the purple paint. The interior is the business with leather buck seats, B&M shifter and classic Autometer gauges, just how an old school tough street car should be.
  17. I recently had mine replaced and was told the Territory versions had different output shaft and bolt pattern for transfer case so XR6 turbo won’t fit
  18. That's excellent. Very well packaged bit of kit for retaining the stock rail.
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