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  2. and the mushies? Good stuff
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  4. G'day Falcs, unfortunately not. Ive plugged in to my mates mk2 fg and played around a bit, the ACM (audio control module) is both different from the one in the fgx & the asbuilt is set up different too. With the FGX when I found out it shared an ACM with some of the F150 range in the US, it gave me a good place to start searching and trying on my own bus. This ACM common to the F150 and a couple of US only fords was connected to a Sony AMP in a few audio upgraded models, hence these options existing in the module in the first place. As far as I can tell even though the ACM in the FG mk2 shares a module or 2 with some lincolns ect its a no go. Sorry.
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  6. Have to start the day with bacon [emoji7]
  7. Dynomite Torrington. Only $150 compared to old mates $600 odd for a kit.
  8. And they will still replace it for a new one with zero issues ! Snap on warranty is the best ! And lifetime actually means lifetime !
  9. Wish I had a B Series now. White F6 Ute and one of them pew pew pew
  10. Looks good. I can see a few ba bf units coming to my house
  11. This is awesome! I've always wondered how to fix this issue! It's a massive pain with the FGX! My mk2 does this a little aswell.. Would you know if this would work on mk2 I wanna do the same?
  12. Kayhan. Surprised it took you this long to post. PM @Rab for details on being able to actually advertise on this site
  13. Kayhan Audio Launch a stunning 9.6″ inch ultra HD capacitive anti-glare IPS multipoint touch Sat Nav for your Ford Car. This is a Fully Climate Controler device. It made up of high quality material. We add many new features in it or update Sound Activation, Microphone system, Reversing Camera Input Ready, USB Port, GPS, and many other features. If you want to buy Ford BA/BF Territory Android ICC Then visit or official site.
  14. Watching Neil Daniher and the Fight MND beanies and ice challenge which is coming up. What a chit disease and a courageous bloke.
  15. quotes were a lot more than that to move as far as I just did... spent that much just hiring a truck... haha yep, leg day is a bit of a wh*re.
  16. That's good...moving can actually be the worst. I paid someone to do it fo rme last time - best $500 I ever spent! In other news, leg day is a carnt...nearly fall over every time I go to stand up from my desk...
  17. HOTXR6T

    Bf Mk2 brakes

    I upgraded my Fg rear brakes to Territory over easter. Using T3 discs, QFM pads front and back and braided lines all around. It has made a very noticeable difference. Pulls up about 15 metres shorter from a 100ks, but very noticeable at normal town driving. People say " spend the money on the front" as it does more work. But before you do take a look at the rear set up. Smaller disc, not vented, not grooved, far smaller pads and calipers. Yes does less work and was designed to do less. Upgrade the front and leave the factory rear and you will be putting more strain on the already undersize rears. When the front discs need replacing I will be putting T3 on the front.
  18. looks like a pretty nice hunk of meat pics when done.
  19. As does the good old squirt of inox/WD on the apprentice's arc when they've become irritating 😄
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