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  3. No Brad was very clearly talking about head studs needing to be done from 280rwkw, he was also telling me engine had to come out to take head off and that their OS washers fit straight in. Maybe he just wants to sell more stuff? He is a really helpful bloke though.
  4. Maybe you are confusing with valve springs.
  5. Great thanks jet, Brad from atomic told me from 280rwkw they need studs.
  6. morning all, happy Thursday
  7. Yesterday
  8. Just out of curiosity, has anyone had any dealings with Athol Park wreckers in SA??
  9. not even close to needing them mate
  10. To be completely honest, I have seen one failure. Steve Capuzzo's 1200hp Falcon took all of the teeth off 5th gear when he was in the powerskid comp at Powercruise a few years ago... But you can hardly blame the box in this instance..
  11. hi guys, I'm aiming for 350ish rwkw, I dont want to have to start spending cash on zf because it looks to me like a never ending money pit, and for me I think 350rwkw will be heaps of grunt given the torque these motors have. Anyway with a gt3582 .70 comp housing, external gate, pw st2 cooler, exhaust, intake, fuel system, v springs, atomic oil pump and 18 or so psi boost. Will my motor need head studs? Can head be taken off block with engine still in car? Thanks guys.
  12. Mine are in my shed. I reckon they're the best looking of all the OEM rims, but don't fit the bigger brakes 😞 Will be going back on the car whenever I take it back to stock to sell.
  13. patience is absolutely necessary for that sort of endeavour haha
  14. I found my 19inch xr6t fg mk2 limited edition rims at a wreckers in S.A. I had been looking for a set for about 2 years. Very minor gutter rash. 50% tyre wear. $1100. Completely suits my Silhouette black BA mk2. I was getting some turbo bolts and there they were. Sometimes ya get lucky. So don't give up hope, the rims ya seek are out there.
  15. Is normal to do that - basically means it is leaner than the range of the gauge which happens on major lift off the throttle. The car basically cuts most/all fuel for economy reasons during deceleration. You don't need to worry about being lean on lift off like that. I have the same gauge and get the same display. What is more important is that it is sufficiently rich when on boost.
  16. hello a quick question about my AFR gauge I upgrade from narrow band to wide band AFR a few weeks ago. https://www.ebay.com.au/p/AEM-X-series-Wideband-02-UEGO-Air-Fuel-Ratio-Gauge-Kit-30-0300/1364585095?iid=323277678390&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-139619-5960-0&mkcid=2&itemid=323277678390&targetid=468725514643&device=c&adtype=pla&googleloc=9071447&poi=&campaignid=1793098739&adgroupid=74958851248&rlsatarget=aud-692203741102:pla-468725514643&abcId=1139216&merchantid=7364522&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjrvpBRC0ARIsAFrFuV-fvxkSxxg9Y3riL8cZBJXLLRDoCSHLrPntNC04kkKPheFRCeO4ZA4aAnCiEALw_wcB liked it very much as it can tell me a lot if I am running rich or lean and when cursing its around 14.7 where it should be for 98. very happy with the tune but however when cruising over 60 to 100 kmph (freeway) when not acceleration (or closed throttle) the gauge shows lean at max. https://imgur.com/108d1or here a video of it travailing on freeway and when I let the gas go you should be see ----. https://imgur.com/mlHrm4Q Wondering if this is normal or you think the tune is not right so I go back to my tuner. car is 2010 xr6t running on 98 with 431 kw for more info. thanks
  17. Yeah -10an inlet and -6an outlet but changed it to -8an Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  18. The new ones are supplied with better fittings.
  19. Thankyou, for that. I am guessing the one highlighted in yellow (tan/sliver). That is underneath the steering column. Unless I access the wire from elsewhere?
  20. I30N auto coming later this year - WB.
  21. Thanks! hopefully there won’t be a next time but I appreciate your offer, very kind. Cheers
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