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  2. Cheers mate. I did a bunch of gymming before I started losing weight and had built up some good muscle, although it was hidden under the fat. Now I've lost a lot of fat and probably a bit of muscle too. I look alright but no 6pak yet I'll diet down to about 90kg eventually and when I'm ready to hit the gym again, I'll make all kinds of recomp gains. I'm not going to miss dinners but I am currently intermittent fasting and the weight is still going down. Maybe I'll get a pushy so I can keep the weight loss going.
  3. Sounds like it was tuned at some point (hence using 98 all the time)... did it come with a tune box? If it's tuned for 98, you'll have to run it off boost until you run out of the 91 in the tank, as mixing in 98 won't help until it's mostly up to 98. A general piece of advice... if your car behaves badly for whatever reason, giving it full throttle is the last thing you should do in that circumstance. FYI, also there's no "AFM" on these cars, it has a T-MAP sensor (Temperature, Manifold Air Pressure) and it's located on the inlet manifold. The sensor on the throttle body is a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor).
  4. Hey Guys So I recently brought an 08 FG turbo off a guy from facebook, stoked as with the car driving it home (about an hour and a half from where I live) I made the mistake of putting 91 in it I assumed it wouldnt be a problem bc I owned a ba xr6t prior and it ran fine on 91, anyway it drove home fine come the next day I drove it around in the morning to show one of my friends and when I went to leave I started the car and when I put it in Reverse it stalled all of a sudden (yes its Auto) to my frustration I ended up getting it to drive again and once I got it on the road I gave it a bit of sh*t and managed to get it to my friends house around the corner, I took off throttlebdy looked clean so I took the AFM out and cleaned that also put it all back together and it ran perfectly for about 5 mins then stalled again once it went under 1k rpm. I talked to the previous owner about it and he said hes only ever run 98 So I thought it may have been something to do with 91 so I filled the rest of the car up with 98 thinking it may have been tuned to just 98/95 and put some octane booster in there managed to get it to idle with out stalling then after about 20 mins I gave it a little rev and I noticed it started making a knocking kinda noise around 3k rpm. I brought an diagnostic reader and it doesnt come up with anything on there and im starting to freak out abit. Has anyone got any advice or how to go about fixing this and if it is a knock whats the best/cheapest way to fix that? Cheers in advance
  5. it's all about roundabout in WA, hence why there are no corners. Should have seen that tyre when I first got the bike. I regret not taking a picture of it.
  6. The chicken strip comment was just a bit stir I know your bike is a cruiser And besides that, there's not many "corners" in WA [emoji1787]
  7. I have to loose 20kg and don't feel like it. Been swimming on a daily basis at site to do cardio. Cutting back on food too and still haven't lost weight in the last 3 months. I might have to go full retard and not eat at all like you. However this is an unhealthy way of doing it.
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  9. morning all, happy Tuesday
  10. Good stuff mate! I dropped 30kg in an unhealthy manner of missing one or two nights a week of not eating dinner (bloated to death) and then it snowballed into not eating period and I was just consuming coffee and water and nothing else... This approach led to massive muscle wastage over about 3-4 months and then at the 85kg point by then (I was 115kg+ originally) I started to eat a meal here and there as I had so little nutrients for my body to consume at that point (muscle and fat) that I had trouble doing anything that involved exertion I'd almost black out every time. This is while taking a lot of other various medications for other things. I ring around 85-89kg (generally at 88kg) now depending on fluid intake and a meal once or twice a week as my body tells me when it requires food other than coffee... The take away from all of that was, try missing a dinner or two each week and see how you feel as even then I dropped a substantial amount of weight while still eating lost that bloated feeling and I do nothing but walk my daughter to and from school each day which is only 2km all up and that's it!
  11. I don't know how I missed this post. That is much better. Chicken strip you say.... I beg to differ mate. I bought the bike with 1180km on the clock. she has 5k on the clock now. The rear tire still had dem nibs on them. the tire wear was only in the middle. I have pushed that almost all the way out to the outer tire. I can't go the last cm or so cause I am scrapping on the exhaust..... 😞 on one side and the foot peg on the other side......
  12. Jmr84 did u ever work out what caused the vibrations? Mine does the same... stopped and in gear. Stops vibrating when I put in in neutral.
  13. Washed ute That is all Unrelated : Whiteline have %25 off everything atm till 6th december. Looking at rear sway bar for my tank but its smaller and non-adjustable compared to the Superpro Sent from my fancy pansy touchy screeny phoney
  14. New fence down one side of my place done, took a week to do solo, not including the 2yrs of putting it off. Still 6 or so truck loads of clearing the other side of the block till I can do it too. Sent from my fancy pansy touchy screeny phoney
  15. If tub bolts are coming loose you'd be able to grab it in the wheel arch and give it a lift n see if it lifts up, bolts could legit be rattled loose. If you want to know where the bolts are to tighten everything back up here's a video from an awesome forum member :
  16. Opened his own shop called HOON Tune, has since merged with Aaron from Precision Automotive Racing and they are now called Precision Racing https://precisionracing.com.au/
  17. so there have been no further updates since 2016. what happened? they moved on to faceballs?
  18. Obviously, only when your car has been set up for e85. E85 IS NOT suitable for a stock standard xr6. Just wanted to make it clear 🤣
  19. Yeah use the E85 pump = no foam
  20. Hi All, FG XR6T Oil pump failure, will need a shop to replace and inspect my engine. Whos good around gold coast and brisbane area? Thanks alot, Sam
  21. Welcome mate! Hear a lot of people say the same thing, and I too struggled when I first bought the car. There's a special technique to filling these rigs up 😋 It'll take a couple attempts but you'll soon get it filling up without it clicking the pump off
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  23. Yeah that's a fairly normal symptom. If it does it on every single pump you use then you might have an issue, but it seems unlikely that you actually have an issue.
  24. Hey Guys, First time poster with recently purchased 2014 FG XR6 turbo sedan ( 2 weeks ago ), and have been lurking in this forum 'quietly' for a long while, and before buying this beauty.....I had 2 ( 84 + 85 ) XF's and 1998 EL XR8 ( that is for sale )First things first........fuelling the car up seems to be a small issue. I use BP 98, and when I stick the nozzle into the tank to fuel up, I have to hold the nozzle at half throttle to fill the tank or it quickly froths up and stops the pump. Is this normal or do I possibly have a fuel vent blockage somewhere??
  25. Thanks mate I'll see how I go
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