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  2. No mate, just a flex telescopic mirror & torch will do the trick
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  4. Sorry I meant in order to be able to see the lower mark and put on a new lower sprocket, guide and chains etc...
  5. Had the 2 front struts replaced with 2 x KYB 551135's last Friday by Ape Suspension and all good now ☺️ Didn't realise it but it looks like the struts are adjustable 😎
  6. Okay so here is a better explanation. I was removing all that NA Butterfly vacuum crap in the diagram. I have also removed the PVC valve from the top of the engine since I am running a catch can. Now the hole under the map sensor is only supplying vacuum to the circled fuel vapour purge solenoid. So I thought I would move it to the now spare vacuum nipple next to the fuel reg and block off the hole under the map to neaten everything up. I snapped the manifold side of the solenoid and can no longer attach a hose to supply vacuum to said solenoid.... So, do I now unplug the solenoid,
  7. Basic resto then get it licensed and cruise it.
  8. The way I figure it, if I can make a stock trans live for as long as I did with the power I made, one of old mates rebuilds will keep up.
  9. He's great. Have implemented his ways with my rescue dog I got a few months ago and he's come along in leaps and bounds in terms of where he was when we got him (8 months old at the time we got him which as a super-active dog is the perfect storm of adolescence and bad habit formation to battle).
  10. Yeah old mate from Dandenong. 6r80 input, 1000hp exedy clutches, billet intermediate shaft, modded converter for 3200 stall or so, deep pan etc.
  11. Yeah nah the plums can go stew themselves, ain't nobody got time fo dat. So yep back to the whole staying at home thing again. Have been doing some tuning for random people but apart from that just sitting here scratching my head for the most part.
  12. I don't have a method per sae. I just train them has worked for the last 3 dogs. Might watch Zak George, hopefully he's got some tips on training the kids....
  13. noice... training method? zak george on YT is the go
  14. you actually bought that? sick... when's it getting a barra driveline?
  15. Got a new Litte Mate a few weeks ago. She's already settled into the Shed Dog role.
  16. no worries, happy to help, that'll be a fiver
  17. Was changing wiper blades, instructions where unclear so I cut the floor out
  18. Ah legend, Everything was straight forward from there. I never would've had the guts to pull that hard without knowing.
  19. As you do when you are bored in June Dat Ass Doe
  20. I have the engine vin number but don’t know what site to use
  21. What’s the work sitch mate ? Did you track that plum down or let it go ?
  22. Who did you get to do the build Nath ? What’s specs ?
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