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  2. Thanks brother, I found a vid on YouTube on how to remove the steering wheel. So it's not too much more effort to get the blinker / wiper switch out? YouTube vid: Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
  3. Should post this in the whats pissing me off section, BUT the wife just told me due to an aviation cargo freight dispute the Australian MotoGP will likely be cancelled.
  4. Need to remove the airbag and then the steering wheel to get to the wiper/headlight/indicator switch assembly. Attached to the steering column. This photo isn't great (was just from when I was wrecking my BA) but gives you some ideas of how it looks once the wheel is off.
  5. I'm in need of a new blinker switch as mine is no good, tryed glueing it but it's broken again. Does anyone know how to take the old one out at all?
  6. arronm

    04 ba xr6t

    Maybe you majorly skipped teeth and bent valves
  7. Alex Marquez does a Mamola. Only difference Marquez did not remount Awesome save. Sad thing is. I watched both as they happened = old bugger
  8. k31th

    04 ba xr6t

    did you line up the timing marks on the chain etc when you did the repair?
  9. hahaha have you turned off realism or something? good job on getting a 2:03, though, as that's pretty damn good. On there with Nath again?
  10. Been getting back into Bathurst (for some unknown reason) in project cars 2 Best time of 2.03.8 Here's a nice action shot coming through Sulman Park [emoji3]
  11. Where is this? Sorry for revival of the old thread, but I'm in Melbourne and don't want to fork out $1200 for someone to do it, and I really don't want to remove the cradle if I can get away with not
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hi swap abs pump swap dash wiring icc unit engine bay wiring fuse box just about everything I have run into all these problems and reverse map sensor wiring to hope this helps
  14. ADZzzz

    ECU issues

    I would check the clock spring im the steering wheel
  15. Thanks for the feedback OZY but in my first post I stated it had been playing up for 3 to 4 years from new in 2013. Then, last year I had it serviced in hope the problem would be rectified but to no avail, it did not fix the problem. I shall persevere and hopefully be able to let you know. Thanks again.
  16. looks great what'd it cost ya to lower it?
  17. Got it lowered and serviced today. King springs SSL front and SSSL rear. Love how it sits, but might be a bit too low for me. Getting old lol..
  18. Well if someone else has got their dirty dickbeaters on it I'd just about garauntee it's been overcharged. FGs are designed to have fark all charge in the system, if someone's gone and charged it by pressure rather than weighed it in it'll be right dickered. More to the point the whole get your vehicles AC system serviced is the biggest wrought going on. Friggen things don't need touching unless its farked up, as in failure of parts or by damage in a stack.
  19. I believe it is definitely freezing over as initially the aircon is working well and then I notice the airflow is becoming less and less from the vents until it ceases altogether. Last season I had the aircon serviced as I don't have the equipment anymore to do it myself as I have done for the last 45 years. After driving for a further 5 to 10 minutes the airflow gradually increases until finally, it is at normal volume. Just thought someone else may have had a similar problem. If I discover anything new over coming days I will let you all know.
  20. Doubt it, they have a very low refrigerant charge from factory so unless the fans not running it's pretty unlikely it would freeze over. If anything it's just being a temprimental *beep* of a thing, fg old battery problems.
  21. Ok............ So I've finished work for 2 weeks and am getting pumped for my trip to Philip Island [emoji3] The championship has been done and dusted but it's still going to be an epic weekend Hopefully be able to catch up with@Rab and sinks few brews at the Island. Had a triple shot vodka rocks to kick things off Now a quick beer waiting for Mrs BCB to get home and then it will be party on!!!!!
  22. Hip hip hooray Hip happy Friday [emoji12]
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