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Ford Bf Falcon Mk2 XR6 Turbo
By lowfutura, 28/10/08
  • Color Creme White
  • Price --
  • Year 2007
  • Odometer 113
  • Odometer Unit Kilometers
  • Description Under construction (Stage 1).
    0 Sleeps to go....
    Let the games begin
    Rats already need more power!!!!!!
    4000 Views 6/10/09
    Bah! Gunna skip stage 2 and go straight to stage 3....
    5000 Views 26/01/10
    6000 Views 14/06/10
    7000 Views 28/09/10
    8000 Views 27/12/10
    9000 Views 28/02/11
    10,000 Views 30/05/11
    12,600 Views 13/12/11
    13,700 views 6/02/12
    14,800 Views 28/03/12.... stage 4 full rebuild starts in a couple of weeks so stay tuned...
    16,300 Views 1/06/12
    17,000 Views 6/09/12... Well my stage 4 build is well underway with the new body shell in for Paint.. so not long until it's back on the track..
    Well, its finally back on the road after 2 years..Woo-Hoo!!!
    18,700 views Damn!!!
    Stage 5 Build underway..
    Stage 6 Build underway / 20,600 views..5/07/17 Stage 7 under way


Well the car is off the road at the moment while I make some tough decisions about the direction I want to take the car.

Option 1.

Try for a ten second 1/4 mile time with the stock unopened factory engine. street driven.

option 2.

Take the car off the road completly and gut it as a dedicated strip car with built engine.

I think the car has a ten in it with the current mods and really just a tyre change and built tailshaft would proberbly do the trick, or gut the car and do the whole ass end, run slicks with built motor.

I have some body damage to take care of first, so I have time to think about what I should do.

Any comments are welcome.

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