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Site Updates

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Thought I would finally start my own blog and give everyone a bit of an update as to what has been going on with the site of late.

Some of you may have been thinking what the hell happened with the upgrade? Why was the site not its usual self? Well the problem lay when I emailed Invision about an enquiry to update the site. Literally minutes after the enquiry was made the site was down and things were happening. Serves me right for leaving the login details for the site in the Invision Customer Portal. During this update Invision deleted all the skin files and anything else that would not work. Great but we should have a backup right?

Well Yes. The site is backed up twice a day but several downloads of the backup were corrupt with each backup. Also found out that certain folders were not being backed up. One including the skin / theme folder! Great!

Well happy to see the site slowly taking form back to its old self again. Working on it with many long hours put into it. Hope people are getting the enjoyment out of it along with some new features.

We have brought back several features including:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Garage System
  • TimeSlips
  • Shoutbox
  • Ticket System (For Logging Support Tickets)
  • Donation Tracker - For keeping track of all the donations (Thanks!)

And soon many more things..

Please be patient as I get the forum back to how it was and add new features along the way!

All the Best


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