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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

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8 hours ago, Ford Freak said:

yer hes not in melbourne that makes me unhappy 


Mrs BCB said  she  wants to go to  Kangaroo  Island 

I was  like "can we drive down there? "

She was like "WTF"

I was like  "there's a  guy in Adelaide I need to  leave  my car with while  we go to kangaroo  Island " :aaggl:

Edit:  only 3000klm 

Edited by bloodycrashboy

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Hahaha yeh that wouldn’t take long at all 


Anywayzzzzz back to doing what I like doing and that’s tuning turbo falcons ! 


I’ve actually had 2 previous customers request I not post up about their cars and that’s fine as it’s their journey and property so I’ll do whatever makes them happy but this last one is as per normal so I’ll share away. Bit random but the young bloke decided to go a full Plazmaman 800 kit and race intake and battery relocation kit, centre muffler delete full Turbo spec service, cooling system service but put the brakes on doing injectors and Hi flow cat ..... I did my Job with explaining why’s and how’s but it’s a job for round 2 and again no matter how weird the request I’ll do what makes customers happy 


To be honest I’ve never done the mods in this reverse order but hey it is what it is and actually went a touch further than what I normally see stock injectors go and it’s pretty fast on the street for what it is at 276rwkw on 9.5 psi 













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Me and Fluff could get together and talk religion LOL



I’m an old bag these days and much more calm, I actually don’t mind ya now BCB LOLOLOL


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Had Mario come back for one of my lowering packages after receiving a tune only last time and working the basics out before we tackle more power mods ! 


This time I supplied and fitted a full set of KYB’s and SSL king springs all round 

full service 

michelin Pilot sport 4’s all round 

4 wheel digital alignment and fixed a coolant leak 


Started off at pretty much 363-356mm HTG all round and now right at 343-345mm level HTG 


has completely transformed the car and next round hopefully will be one if my brake packages to compliment it all then we can hunt for more power ;) 
















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Aaron do you fit the tyres & do a wheel alignment in-house? Or do you send the tyres /rims to a tyre shop for fitment? Apologies if that's not a fair question, understand if you'd rather keep that as a trade secret!


Edit: looks good BTW





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No mate I don’t physically do the tyres and alignment, it’s done by a trained professional “for me” and my specifications on the alignment as most alignment/tyre shops will only set to factory specifications which suck on the falcon especially once lowered 


This is only a new thing after having the typical “Tyrepower/Bob janes” completely ballz up an alignment on one of my customers cars recently so I had to find the best and go from there now. 


I do take care of all of it for my customers though ;) 

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