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Weight Training For Beginners

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7 minutes ago, k31th said:

I'm trying to get strong enough to do two muscle-ups in a row haha, that transition from chin to dip is bloody difficult.


How many dips can you do? I haven't done them for yonks.


I've got an old swing frame in my back yard I could practice muscle ups on. I think it might be a while though.

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20 hours ago, Puffwagon said:

How many dips can you do?

Heaps... I did 10/9/8 etc down to 1 rep sets after doing my usual triceps moves, once. Not sure on how many I could do in a row, but I find them relatively easy, compared to chin/pull ups.

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I pulled 170kg for 3 today on the deadlift for my final set. Before that I pulled a couple of sets of 6 at 150kg after a warm up. 150 went up quick and I probably could have pulled 10 per set but on the third set 170 stopped at 3 reps. I didn't want a form breakdown after how the third rep felt weight wise so I stopped it there. I only rested for 3 min between each set and I probably should have rested for 5 minutes. Oh well, live and learn.


I know those numbers are kinda weak by internet standards but I've only been training deadlift for 3 weeks now. There is some carry over from squats and rows which is why it's coming up quicker than usual. I think the progress will go back to normal in a couple of weeks anyway.


I'll be reevaluating my 1rm in a couple of weeks cos when I switched programs I made it too light in some areas. All good though, I'd rather train lighter and remain injury free than jump into a new program that's too heavy.


All of that is by no means bragging, when I can pull 200kg for 5 maybe then I'll give myself a little pat on the back :)

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