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Photochromatic Rear View Mirror For My Fg F6

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Photochromatic interior rear view mirror is fitted standard to FG G6 E T, F6 E And GTE models

I nearly purchased an FG G6 E Turbo but went with an F6 April 2010 build. The salesman was driving an FG G6 E T demo at the time and said he loved the rear view mirror.

I asked our friendly Ford dealer spare parts dept if I could buy a photochromatic mirror and sure enough yes you can and $ 6 wiring loom as well. They called today and said I could not fit it as the BMC would not allow it! WTF? Its only a mirror and is wired to the interior light assembly as far as I can see.

Can anyone help me?

Photo of my jigger attached.post-1707-0-77986900-1305538504_thumb.jp

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it would appear nobody can... which is surprising because I would tend to agree it should be easy.

I thought it would require 12V on ignition and that's it..

I'd be keen to hear if anyone has any more info.

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I fitted one to my BF2 that was from a BA... And I don't believe they were an option in the BF's.

Anyways, its only 3 wires. Power, which you get from a switched source - Factory source being the power mirror circut. Ground line. And if you want, the 3rd hooks into the reversing lights so it doesn't dim the mirror when you reverse. Reverts to full "brightness".

You'd have to assume the window mount is the same for all versions of the mirror.

So if there is some retarded BEM contrl, it's easily bypassed with 20 mins custom wiring.

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mmm... I forgot, I have a FG manual to look at.

The setup is exactly the same for a FG.

Connecter is C-51, which is behind the drivers side A-pillar cover. It's a U shape connector with 6 pins along the bottom (only 3 used) and the "legs" have 2 pins on each side (one on each side used). Has a black, red-black, violet-red, black-blue and grey-yellow wires running to it.

Doesn't actually say if the plug is in all models. It might be trim/loom specific.

But if its there, its just a matter of mounting the mirror and running the loom and it will work. If the connector isn't there, run the loom and splice the 3 wires into the appropriate spots.

And then you'll have the best rear view mirror you'll ever get.

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I fitted one to my BA, I just installed a Fairmont Ghia rooflining harness when I installed the Ghia rooflining.

The harness has the provisions for the additional courtesy lights, and the auto tint rear view mirror.

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