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  1. Thanks for the reply. Sorry bad choice of words. Was more referring to the standard motor/internals. As you said maybe building a motor later on. So no real disadvantages running a bigger injector for now?
  2. Very cool build. Hope it doesn't go to the UK. Would be nice to see it stay here and do events like Powercruise. Re: Injectors. Wouldn't 1650cc be way overkill? They don't appear to have done many other mods to be chasing massive power. Are there any disadvantages to running a larger injector at say only 50% of there flow rate?
  3. So on the weekend I finally had some time to work on the bunky. Going back a few weeks ago when I took the motor out I had to beef up the engine stand. Thought I would put the info for these mods in here too in case ppl needed ideas as there's some sh*t stands out there. Started out as a second hand Supercheap stand. Firstly the legs were too short so lengthened them with some 65x2.5 SHS, cut most of the old legs off. With a bit of massaging and a lot of hammering I got them inside the 65 shs. Also had to redrill some holes in the supports for upright post as it leaned to far forward. Still wasn't happy as the motor bounced around a bit but was busy with other things. It sat like that up until last weekend when I had some time to beef it up some more. Probably a bit of overkill but sits pretty solid now. At this stages I'll just be stripping all bolt ons off the motor, cleaning everything up and painting some parts, replacing all gaskets and seals, apart from head, and reassembling with valve springs. So first job this weekend was to strip the paint off my rocker cover as I will be painting a different colour and already had a few chips. Bought some paint stripper from Bunnings. Did ok but had to put a few coats on and ran out towards the end. So a got the wire wheel and scotchbrite wheel on the die grinder. Then I got carried away with the sander and orbital and smoothed out all the casting marks. Still needs a few little touches before a throw some paint on. Next up stripped everything off the motor. Actually prior to that I lined up all the timing marks to make sure that was all good. Only had to turn it over about 15 hundred times! Pulled the cams, rockers and lifters out, then bagged and tagged everything. As far as I can see everything so far looks in reasonable conditions. Not sure if it's worth pulling the oil pump out and inspecting, possibly put a set of gears in it? Or anything else (apart from rods) that I'm not thinking of that might beneficial. I know Arron has mentioned harmonic balancer in a few threads. Whats decent out there that will be good for a few killerwasps without spending a fortune, Powerbond, Ross? And underdriven or standard? Tonight I took a few measurements for my valve spring tool so will hopefully have that sorted for the weekend Rough pic on the whiteboard. Yep it makes sense to me lol
  4. Jeebuzchrist! What's ULP worth there? The other thing that sh*ts me there is the .7c. Seriously, just call it $2.40 FFS
  5. Replacing front crank seal

    Well done. Custom made tools- I love it! Don't paint it. Leave it raw. Adds character!
  6. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Also don't let the weight of the converter hang from that last bolt. Put the other ones back in and just nip them up until you crack that last one.
  7. Replacing front crank seal

    Yep fair call keeith. I did think that after posting. Having said that I'm guessing you'd want to drop the radiator for more access if doing g it in the car so I think that should give enough space for that type of puller. That's what I was thinking too puff. Spend a quarter of the price on a more versatile puller. Also instead of using nuts/washers to pack between the crank and jacking bolt you could try a socket to space it out. I was lucky I found an old motorbike flywheel puller that happened to be the same thread as the jacking bolt. So I just screwed it on the and with a nut to lock it on. Made it easier to attach the puller to the balancer.
  8. Replacing front crank seal

    You can use a generic puller. I did mine on the weekend.
  9. 2 Wheel Transport...

    How many kms on them mate? Did you try cleaning the seals out before pulling forks out?
  10. My Build

    Niiiice Garry! Fingers crossed its sorted now. So you bringing it over for Racewars 2019?
  11. The Off Topic Thread.

    ^^^ what a good [email protected]#t! Hope someone at least brings a slab of coldies for you as a thanks. Love my Milwaukee gear. Why the change to AEG?
  12. Whats On The Menu

    That looks sensational! I can't stand it when ppl serve up pink bacon and non crispy snags. I love tabasco on anything. Especially on a big breakfast! Think I know what I'm doping for breakfast tomorrow
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    Motortrend used to put all their content on youtube for free, about 1 month after they released it on their premium channel, Motortrend on demand. At the start of the year they stepped away from youtube and now can only pay for the subscription and stream thru the website. https://www.motortrend.com/ https://subscribe.motortrendondemand.com/ I'm not exactly sure how the streaming works. But comments I've read from ppl in Aus are saying that you need a vpn for the streaming to work properly. Not sure why it doesn't work here, I'm not full bottle on this stuff, not even 1/4 bottle actually lol I'm happy to pay for it if I have to, just thought someone here might have more of an idea best way to go about it.
  14. Unblock AC drains

    Not sure what the BA is like specifically, but usually there's rubber hose with grommet attached to the end in the firewall on passenger side. Try pop the hose out first then as OZY said you can poke a cable tie or bit of wire in there. If it's like a lot of cars and it's not blocked and leaking into the car, you may need to extend the hose from the drain thru the firewall.

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