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  1. Small update Have sold the T5 gearbox, and purchased a T56 6 speed with Mal Wood option 5 clutch courtesy of Brad @HI PSI While I have the box out and waiting for the new one to arrive I'll be doing the rear main seal on the motor. So tonight I pulled that measly excuse of a gearbox out. Just need to pull clutch and flywheel out tomorrow ready for pick up on the weekend. Got extensions? That's a 500mm with a 375mm wobble drive on the end
  2. Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    Engine mounts look nice. What bushes do you use? Do you notice any more vibration over standard mounts?
  3. 2 things today 1. The price of fuel. Had to fill up the Nav on the way home. I think a fisting with no lube would've been more enjoyable. $1.74 p/l for 95ulp 2. Electricians. Still trying to find one. I swear the first one that turns up and sends a quote I'm giving the job to. I can't wait any longer. I need the powahhh in my shed!
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    I know a bit late but happy Monday. Was another terrible day weather wise in Perth
  5. Valve springs installed

    Have a look here in the QLD section
  6. I don't know how couples can sleep in anything smaller than a king bed. Didn't even realise a super king existed
  7. So is that what the anti backfire is on those, just a smaller gap? I googled the anti backfire plug and couldn't find any info to say what the difference from a normal plug was.
  8. Whats On The Menu

    Mrs Renton said she wasn't cooking tonight and I was thinking the same. Don't get take away that often, number 1 son is at grandparents, and I've been shoveling rocks all arvo so we splashed out and ordered Indian. Beef vindallo, rice, onion bhaji, naan bread and butter chicken for her. Bloody sensational! And now I've eaten too much lol
  9. When I win lotto that's exactly what I'm going to do!
  10. You did kinda leave yourself open to the comments 1809's using my standard retainers. The tuner said to go for that. It was an interesting conversation though. Like he didn't want to give out the info and started off by saying just use whatever. So having second thoughts on using him now.
  11. Special delivery! Ordered these from VPW on Friday. They had to get them in from Crow, and arrived here today. Pretty happy with that, and was cheapest around at $289 delivered.
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    And she went in the water today, and no water went inside her! Fyi, was told they were 6bt Cummings motors. They're actually C series. So a bit over 8 litre/500ci. What a terrible day at work
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    Sorry only 45ft/14m. Looked at this morning thinking it looks smaller. I think someone said it was about 28m, or maybe 18m. Dunno. Fkn bad memory with numbers lol
  14. The Off Topic Thread.

    Only a small one compared to the current one we're building. This is the directors personal boat. I'm a mechanical fitter, just replacing/re-sealing all the thru hull fittings and valves for sea-water cooling, replacing shaft seals. Will do full service on motors/gearboxes once back in the water. I can't believe ppl put these Cummins 6bt's into Nissan Patrols. They're a big heavy motor.

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