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  1. Limits for a G6ET Single Spinner?

    oh yep been answered
  2. Injectors and sct

    Hi mate, is the SCT x4 still up for sale?
  3. Site Update Required - Donations Needed

    haha I'm with you, $20 donated anyway
  4. Unstable rpm under light load

    is in an auto zf6? could be the gear box fluid coming up to temp. I kinda get the same thing sometimes and just assumed its that. I always notice it doing weird sh*t in the morning when its cold. lol
  5. Injectors and sct

    would you consider selling them separate? I just brought a set of ID1000's but looking for an xcal x4
  6. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Wasn't today but the weekend fitted the new cooler and intake. ID1000 injectors on there way with a tune of course.
  7. New Member!!! 2009 G6e Turbo

    Progress update. Over the weekend I installed a new Nizpro Intercooler which I brought from a great fella on here, took a bit of massaging but finally got it in only just clears the crash bar and what ever the thin cooler is in front of the radiator. as you can see I scratched the coating of a bit which pissed me off but noting a bit of black nail polish didn't fix. Also picked up a second hand but in pretty much new condition KPM Intake for a great price thanks to gumtree. Pretty happy with how it turned out, been a long time since I have worked on cars. Photos below;
  8. Hello, Ok so I purchased a Nizpro Big FMIC kit from a fella from this site last week. The plan is to put it on as well as other mods in the future (I.e xspurt 1000cc injectors, intake muffler delete, herrod CAI, and a Xforce HF Cat and Dump) end goal looking for the 300+rwkw mark and 11s and even maybe e85, max out the stock turbo. However I only have the intercooler so far, waiting to save up for the rest, I 100% plan to get all tuned with a sct x4, once I get injectors/HF Cat etc but further down the track. My question is, will I do any harm if I start putting on the Intercooler and do the intake stuff without a tune?, I understand I will not get any real power increases, but as I don't get much free time, and any free time I would love to jump on the job of putting the IC kit on, say this weekend, the rest at a later date. But is this ok without the tune? will it do any damage? is it safe to do so? I drive the car as my daily. Any help or input would be appreciated. Ben
  9. what size is it? HP rating etc? any photos? certainly interested
  10. Once I go black, I cant go Back!?!!

    yeah na, not painting everything just the fog light surrounds for now I personally have always liked the "stealth" look so to speak, so like black on black and low, but I will say the brushed/polished wheels have grown on me.
  11. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Plasti-diped the grey fog light surrounds to Carbon Black this stuff is amazing so easy to use. happy with the change didn't really like the grey
  12. Once I go black, I cant go Back!?!!

    So I had a play with the Plasti-Dip style spray on wrap stuff today, I used the DUPLI-COLOUR Carbon Black I believe super cheap sell it. The grey fog light surrounds bothered me because the whole car is black and chrome, and having the grey fog light surrounds irked me a bit. So I only did them so far, really happy with how they came out I am still considering trying the wheels purely as an experiment, I think I am staring to come around to the brushed/polished style of the factory 19s. You guys and gals have changed my mind a bit I amazed how easy this stuff is to apply, also any over spray wipes off in seconds with alcohol. thoughts?
  13. Once I go black, I cant go Back!?!!

    not looking for massive power happy with about 300rwkw, from what I have heard not to much issues with reliability, for engine and gearbox at that power, I will be getting a independent trans cooler at the same time. thank you all for your input has been very valuable I think I will try blacking out the grey fog light surrounds as they annoy me in grey but I think my mind has changed about the wheels.
  14. Once I go black, I cant go Back!?!!

    funny you say that was just having a discussion with my colleague here at work and he is bringing in a can he has of matt black dupli-colour custom wrap paint, essentially the same stuff, and we are going to have a play tomorrow. might start with the fog lights as a can will only do a single wheel.

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