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  1. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    hey @JETURBO how much for your ZF transmission cooler kits? as you showed above. Also where does this one mount? and does it use a fan? I am staring to get terrified of falling victim of the ZF milkshake lol.
  2. My quest for 400rwkw

    you wheel and tyre combo gives me a raging hard on, no *beep*! just sayin'
  3. Newbie G6E turbo

    if that's the case profile autosports are right near you I think they are in Cleveland. I haven't done an oil change myself yet, but I have changed the sway bars and changed the front and rear brake rotors and pads myself. pretty straight forward. being a newish car its always easier, no rusted or stripped bolts typically like old cars. I have also done the Nizpro intercooler and intake myself was a bit time consuming but nothing difficult. I have seen the oil filter location doesn't look to difficult to be honest.
  4. Newbie G6E turbo

    yeah the only negative information I could find was from posts 2015 and before, I believe they changed tuners around 2015. the new people are much much better. from what I can see they have some of the fastest cars with the smaller stock FG turbo. plus their google reviews and FB reviews are all 5 starts which seems to be ok. I am still deciding weather to go to profile or RDP. RDP is much closer for me. RDP have a good price for supply and fitment for a remote ZF trans cooler with a temp controlled fan, which I have heard good things about.
  5. Newbie G6E turbo

    Mine is a 09, about 150k on the clock. I will be looking at servicing and flushing the ZF at the same time too.
  6. Newbie G6E turbo

    Hi mate welcome to the site. for general services on my G6ET I only use Northgate automotive, only mechanics I have ever found I can trust, never do extra work that is unnecessary and are very transparent and honest, they will always contact me first is something unexpected comes up that will cost any more money to talk through the options first. They a repco service franchise as well so there pricing is very competitive. Also only ever use penrite oils. Troy and the boys there are great. As for performance workshops for tunes and mods I have heard good things about Real dyno Performance and also Clint at profile Autosports. I am hoping to take my car to real dyno soon and get my ID1000's, 4" Xforce dump and Cat installed to go with my Nizpro cooler and KPM Intake I have already installed, and get them to tune it all on 98 and e85
  7. Advice for a dreamer

    I guess maybe im different, put it this way I would never sell my car to a family member each to their own I guess, she asked for advice I gave mine. and also a G6ET I think often have different owners to XR6T's
  8. Advice for a dreamer

    To be honest I think the extra money you would pay buying stock and upgrading yourself is well worth it. because if its been modified odds are its been flogged, and also if you mod yourself you know exactly what parts have gone in it and who has tuned it. Plus I see heaps of people selling there modified G6ET's for higher than the stock value, which I personally would stay away from.
  9. Advice for a dreamer

    There a lot of people on here with cars with 300+RWKW and 100,000Km and more. as long as they are maintained and tuned by a reputable tuner they will be fine, especially with an FG. I have a G6ET with a set of ID1000's, KPM intake, 4" dump and HF Cat, and Nizpro Big Big IC Kit (Injectors and dump yet to be installed). With a tune it should be good for 300+RWKW on 98, and I have approx 150k on the clock. One thing I would recommend is to get a standalone trans cooler to avoid the ZF Milkshake, especially with the higher Ks and raising the power up. I also would suggest to do a full trans flush and new fluids at the same time just to be safe.
  10. Should I Buy This Xr6T (Merged Topic)

    A Focus RS, ST, or XR5 Turbo are really nice and fast
  11. Should I Buy This Xr6T (Merged Topic)

    Get a nice G6E turbo for 25k then you have 10k to play with mods. Me personally I wouldn't pay the extra money just for a badge and a slightly bigger turbo. plus I like the classier look of the G6ET's just my 2c
  12. Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    I have the DBA t3 4000 rotors and the Project Mu HC800 pads on my G6ET, braking performance is great and I am super happy with it, however brake dust on the HC800s is quite bad, I have head the PMu NS400 pad have way less dust but don't quite perform as well. if I clean my car and wheels on the weekend by the next weekend the wheels are visually covered with dust. I think I will try the NS400 next time, but I wouldnt use another other brand than the Project Mu stuff have always used there pads. and as for the rotors the DBA T3 4000 cant be beaten for value.
  13. NEW PPQ Plates !!!B4RR4!!!

    Arrived yesterday!!
  14. NEW PPQ Plates !!!B4RR4!!!

    straight over my head, before my time, even going through the search I don't get the context but all good haha
  15. NEW PPQ Plates !!!B4RR4!!!

    u wot m9-1? hahah na just excited, I have been wanting silver on black slimline plates for a while and just found out today from a work mate they were pre releasing new plates and Barra was available so jumped on it. so amped! still heaps of cool combos left.

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