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  1. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    Ok, I might leave it for awhile then and replace some parts first. So, what is this 'magic' formula for another 50rwkw? I only want 300 max. Thanks.
  2. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    Yea, has the injectors done lol. Has a cooler, tune, injectors, K&N filter and 9 pound of boost from Autotech. Only needs cat, fuel pump, tune and 12 pound actuator for 300 I've been told. It's in QLD now though. Trying to keep it as stock as possible I.e. no 4 inch exhausts etc. Its the 07 model.
  3. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    I have an BF mk2 turbo with 250rwkw atm is it worth chasing the extra 50? Engine has just over 200 000 and the auto is slightly worn. I drive about 400kms a week but I will need it to last for awhile. Fuel economy is still reasonable. Is it worth it? EDIT: lol I just did a search there is a couple of threads on it, pretty old though see what you guys think now. Thanks
  4. BA XR6T Fuel Pump Upgrade

    You only need a good cat convertor (100 or 200 cell) for 300rwkw, rest of exhaust is fine.
  5. I've heard removing the rear swaybar on a BF inproves handling is some ways, anyone tried this? My car is lowered I will be putting a whiteline front swaybar on it soon, just wondered what the best option is for the rear? Thanks
  6. Hi, Sorry another BF fuel gauge problem...

    It was the instrument cluster if anyone ever has the same problem.
  7. Hi, Sorry another BF fuel gauge problem...

    Changed the pump... still not working. The instrument cluster? Anyone see one do this. Works perfectly till it gets to half a tank
  8. Hi, Sorry another BF fuel gauge problem...

    The actual sender unit only still has same pump module.
  9. Hi all, this site has helped me immensely already. I have an issue with my fuel gauge on a BF11 XR6T. My gauge and dte work fine until I get down to under half a tank then the dte starts losing up to one hundred and two hundred km's in minutes, the gauge also follows the dte down to nearly an empty tank. However I still have that fuel or near left in the tank. I have replaced the fuel sender, same problem occurs. Where do I look next the electronics in pump and clip or the dash? Thanks

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