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  1. Fz auto slipping when cold

    Yep they are designed to slip until they reach 30C for warm up, shouldn't happen after that though. I prefer the Gulf Western SYN-TS fluid as well feels a bit smoother than the Lifeguard.
  2. Power steering pump bolts

    What size are they? The shorter ones. I need the bolt size and thread, not the head size. Thanks
  3. 04' mk2 BA ute 554rwkw

    Yep, easy 10% in the trans and stall. How does it drive compared? What is peak torque and rpm (if you wish to say). Enjoy its only money
  4. 04' mk2 BA ute 554rwkw

    Hmm, who knows at that power level geez, no expert ballpark -10psi for same power???. I know who is an expert though for turbo, blown, NA head work not just v8's either is Tony Knight of Knights engines SA. If whoever is contemplating this could get hold of him I think he would be interested. He isn't taking work on atm but you might be able to twist his arm, at least get some reliable info out of him, honest guy. The young guru in head and engine work for any engine.
  5. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    Yea , I talked to Spiro over the phone (Its in QLD now) I didn't know it was abnormal at the time though. Maybe it was for a friend or relative, Its really the only way to get 14psi in there on a 'stage 1' tune. It wasn't tuned previously and this was only 2 years ago. Thanks for reply.
  6. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    So what was the reason mine was tuned like this?
  7. 04' mk2 BA ute 554rwkw

    lol, the turbo boys are talking port work Coming from 308, 304, 355, Iron heads. VN heads, alloy heads, manifold porting. You have it so easy just turn up the boost. What was it 850KW stock heads, cams omg wonder why I came to the darkside. Seriously no offence but in what circumstance would it ever be worth it $. CNC isn't the holy grail either.
  8. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    What about this thread, I'm not trying to argue the fact. I think it may be the exhaust and standard cat stopping it from holding boost, but I'm not a 100% sure what's going on there though till it goes on the dyno. Thanks for reply's.
  9. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    Yep, I'm planning on the tune, if I go back to stock boost control I will be up for actuator as well. I saw some posts on here about decent manual controllers getting to boost quicker? I can get 14psi in second gear at 50%+ throttle. Will the stock boost control be the same (sorry just a newb to turbo). Its strange Autotech tuned it like that...
  10. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    Anyone, any thoughts on the manual boost control with good tune? Will the standard exhaust and cat be able to handle 14psi? I have logged it peeking at 14 and dropping off to 7. But it seems to have come good recently. No where to do the 3rd gear run but
  11. Groan in steering colum

    Hmm, found these http://magnafilter.com.au/magnefine.html nothing about aeration though. I think I might be putting one of these on the ZF as well (good reviews online). Ryco has something similar for power steering only, apparently they are standard on BA V8? Still have to confirm what they are actually for from Ryco - https://www.autobarn.com.au/ryco-power-steering-filter-sp91604-z504
  12. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    Ok finally did some work got the trans cooler in (davies craig with a fan in front of right wheel, works perfectly and the auto feels like its new again). Had it and the diff serviced, oil, plugs, everything else, modified airbox etc. Finally had a good look around the engine bay and through the XCAL and to my surprise its running a 14psi tune and a turbosmart manual boost control on what I think is the standard actuator. Hmm, must say its tuned very well, only ever heard it ping once on bad fuel. Its been doing 400km a week for quite awhile. So, I've settled on an outlaw hi flow cat converter (heard good things) some new coils and an upgraded fuel pump before the tune. So what is everyone thoughts on the manual boost control situation? I take it I will need a new actuator for 14,15,16 psi to go back to the boost control solenoid? Are there any benefits staying with the manual control It gets to max boost early.
  13. Groan in steering colum

    Where can I get this filter? Cheers.
  14. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    Ok, I might leave it for awhile then and replace some parts first. So, what is this 'magic' formula for another 50rwkw? I only want 300 max. Thanks.
  15. Daily driver 300rwkw?

    Yea, has the injectors done lol. Has a cooler, tune, injectors, K&N filter and 9 pound of boost from Autotech. Only needs cat, fuel pump, tune and 12 pound actuator for 300 I've been told. It's in QLD now though. Trying to keep it as stock as possible I.e. no 4 inch exhausts etc. Its the 07 model.

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