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  1. Problem solving

    Just tried disconnecting the battery and flashed back to stock and returned to tune but still in limp mode. I'll get a new battery will a higher CCA tomorrow like you said and see how that goes. Fingers crossed its only the battery! cheers guys
  2. Problem solving

    Hey lads So got some issues and in need of some help solving them??? The story goes for the past couple of months my air con has been very temperamental, the first time it didn't work I took it to an air con shop and he just disconnected the positive from the battery and bam it started working again. So that was a band-aid that helped me through for a while but it has been doing it more and more and pretty much every time now I have no working air con. I also at the time took it to battery world and ol mate said my battery is fine. Along with this my central locking has been temperamental sometimes working sometimes not as in it activates the alarm system but doesn't lock the doors. Next, lately when I turn it on it takes a bit to tick over and start, then yesterday it wouldn't start but then when I put the clutch in its started (that has never done that before). Now after the clutch incident I took her for a drive and shes gone into full limp mode. It drives but just barely any boost. There are no codes which I've checked with my xcal4. I've disconnected and reconnected the battery. I called an auto electrician and he didnt want a bar of it as its modified and said to talk to my tuner. Help a brother out???? cheers
  3. Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    JET cheers for all the info mate! You've sold it to me that's for sure.....I'll keep yous posted
  4. Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    Cheers bro, I'll look into it
  5. Brake pad and rotor suggestions

  6. Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    Cheers mate that's the kind of confidence I was looking for
  7. Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    Yea I've heard they create a lot of brake dust which I do not want, but cheers.
  8. Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    Hey lads Happy new year soon! But car parts is life lol. So I am in dire need for new rear rotors and brake pads all round as I'm getting heavy shudder, I took it into a mechanic who put front dba t3 rotors on and new crap repco brake pads all round and have been back 4 times to try and figure out why the shudder. I got the rear stock brembo rotors machined, no help. I gave up on mechanics and decided just to do things myself. I changed them out with another set of second hand rotors, no go too. So I'm just going to change them out with some new DBA t3 rear rotors and brake pads all round and see if that fixes it. However I've done some research on brake pads and HOLY sh*t there is a lot to choose from! So my question is to all the barra gods out there is, where should I start??? I'm heavy on the brakes often but no track days as of yet and I hate hate hate brake dust!!! I have learnt ceramic is the way to go for little brake waste and am willing to pay a bit extra to get good performance with no rim muck........ I'm in Brisbane, has anyone had any dealings with Brakes direct? or know anywhere that does rotors and brake pads at a reasonable price? P.s. I've got 4 pot brembo fronts and 1 pot OEM rear. Cheers
  9. Before and afters

  10. Clutch talk

    Cheers for all the info guys!! legends!! Yea I thrash it pretty much every time I drive, I cant help myself really its an itch I've gotta scratch. My average economy is 20L/100km and I want something I can punish and that won't break on me. I try to be as nice as I can to my clutch but the punishment mostly comes from driving it hard, nil by burnouts etc. From what I can gather from everyone is NPC is the way to go, not one of you have even tickled the notion of Exedy ??? I don't care about the clunking and other noise, that'll get me off lol but I'm going to look into the twin plate ceramic.... Cheers lads!! much appreciated JETURBO I'll PM you,
  11. Clutch talk

    Hey lads and ladies (maybe) So I've met my first power goal of 500hp and am in need of a new clutch very soon as I only have the stock FG F6 one. Any advice on clutches I should be considering???? my next power goal will be the 700hp mark so want something that's not going to clap out and take a beating but still relatively light for city driving. My mate will be putting the EXEDY DEVIL CLUTCH (ceramic and organic) in his XR6T which is pushing 700hp and he said he'll be able to get this for cheap through the business for me. Has anyone got any experience with EXEDY??? if so any info would be much appreciated and prices etc..... also any advice on mechanics in Brisbane to do the labour. Cheers Chad
  12. Before and afters

  13. Before and afters

    Yea I just bought the plazmaman one, the plastic one I have on now has started to literally crumble! Gotta get it changed ASAP lol
  14. Before and afters

    Well 500hp is boring.............
  15. Before and afters

    Cheers guys, I'll sort that out for sure.

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