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  1. Hi everyone, I keep blowing fuse number 11 in the engine compartment fuse box, its a 30 amp fuse labelled ENG and it seems to blow after running the air conditioning for around 20 mins, it dies take a long time for cook air to come out in the passenger side too if that triggers any ideas
  2. There could be corrosion on the aux imput circuit board not sure how to check that out though
  3. The aux imput socket may need a clean this is usually what causes an aux imput to play through one speaker, this us nit a ford specific fix so may not work but this is what generally causes it to play thiugh inly one speaker
  4. Thankyou everyone fir the advice an assistance, thank good my new battery is fine, what had actually happened was the 30 amp engine fuse in the under bonnet fuse box had blown, swapped it with the back light fuse and it turned over first try
  5. I just want it start to drive to get my alternator replaced, I had the battery on a ctek trickle charger it seemed to think the battery was ok and charged it up
  6. I dont even think the starter is click I think its just the relay in the cab
  7. I tried this but im still getting nothing, ive even had a jumper pack on the fresh battery, it seems like the smartlock has isolated things but the the red warning hand isnt flashing, I also left tge key in the on b position for 30 mins to see if that fuxed it but still just a click inside the cabin, could the fuel isolation system have tripped
  8. Hi everyone, Im totally stumped as to why my car wont start, All I get is single click or two when pressing the starter button. This began a week ago, when my battery went flat, I replaced the battery and then 2days ago it shutdown while I was driving which I think is related to the alternator but now with a freshly charged battery I get nothing, the dash lights up as per normal with no odd warning lights but I dont get any ignition just a click click, please any suggestions, I dont think im hearing the fuel pump prime either