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Tas dvl

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  1. Hi All second post so newbie to the max and ford true blue! I bought an ex cop FGX and want to do some minor mods any tips to get the most out of my new prize beast?
  2. Site search awesome to find love of the mighty falcons!
  3. Ok now I own a FGX Turbo ex police.

    its unbadged except for fron Grill,

    I want to deck it out in sprint decals any info on that?

  4. I bought a harrier warranty as factory I couldn't extend due to ex police vehicle.
  5. What does that do?
  6. This thing drive well gearbox changed well no noise from running gear a very slight vibration but Iam not mech minded it didn't seem a issue
  7. This things under warranty for about 6 months?
  8. Mate for the layman what do I say to ford dealership prior to picking it up?
  9. Bought from ford dealership, they say all work been claimed under Warrenty?
  10. Tell me am I stupid or not the thing drives so well and looks straight but only thing I noticed was in traffic the gearbox clunked very slightly when baking off? Any advice? Still under warranty, I haven't picked it up yet should I buy the extended factory warranty?