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  1. suspension work in SA

    Thanks for the advice. Job done by SA suspension (Greg) along with new rear brake pads recommended and new shocks in rear. seemed quite thorough and Greg drives a SY territory with mud tyres! car rides quieter but it's still a near 10 year old car I s'pose. The car has full 3 inch exhaust and cold air induction too I am informed. Greg suggested replacing the trans cooler too. Any kits/pitfalls. was planning on a generic 10 to 15 row cooler ( I've seen some mounted under the car but would probably go front mount???) and some longer hoses ,etc. and just loop the coolant hoses back into themselves. Any tips?
  2. suspension work in SA

    Hello All. Just got a 07 Territory turbo ghia. 170 k's - seems stock except what looks to be larger, noisier exhaust pipe (cat back?) Has issues with rear diff bushes...clunks over speed bumps at more than walking pace. I'm looking for a SA ( I'm in Unley) workshop recommendation for suspension. I would go it myself, tools I got plenty, but no hoist. Bloody big heavy truck/ diff cradle.... I usually only work on motorbikes. Or anybody out there with a hoist for hire?

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