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  1. FGX minor mods that won’t delete warranty

    Pro tip taken, I will just wait thx
  2. Hi all, have a virgin Turbo ute Fgx built May 2016, bought new looking at doing some minor mods when near warranty runs out in June 2019, only just hit 25k on clock. Already had ford put a new complete rear end in after 6k as it had major taxi whine. All good now. If anyone has some pointers of direction to hear in around the Sydney area please let me know - cheers
  3. FGX Turbo Ute Suspenion Upgrade

    Thanks Guys for the info, Good trend but I think its well over my budget but food for though down the track , Freaky your idea sounds cool for now, I will look into it
  4. FGX Turbo Ute Suspenion Upgrade

    Hi All I'm new to all this site wondering if anyone has suggestions for suspension upgrade my 2016 FGX Turbo ute as stock is very soft in corners

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