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  1. Not bullshight! Instant coffee burns faster then beans hence getting that hidious burnt flavor when u boil a kettle and fill the cup with instant. Best to add milk and water together
  2. Haha that's phucked
  3. Na engine with turbo mods and tuned it with Sct x4 rewired it himself windscreen front and rear have no seal around them lots of other small things when I bought it I knew the engine was stuffed but had no idea 4 holes through the block 2 each side 1 was big enough to fit tennis ball in
  4. Im thinking oil pressure gauge. , the druggo I bought the car off did a lot of dodgy sh*t and he said vacuum gauge
  5. When I start it up its high then after a few mins it drops but today it stayed higher than usual
  6. Dont think its a boost gauge, just took it for a 20min drive and its reading higher than usual
  7. Got a vacuum gauge on the turbo , can someone explain to me the purpose and how to read it correctly google isnt much help cheers
  8. Im keen
  9. 1 of the Battery leads were stuffed , 10 min job fixed the problem
  10. Problem solved
  11. Yeah got all that better take your advice thanks baxrtute
  12. Probably stupid question but what if I return it back to factory tune
  13. Yeah sounds right. any other ways I could check to see if its running rich