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  1. FG vibration problem

    Gave it a good beating then turned it off and when it got started the noise/vibration was evident. Sound coming from front of engine. Have either of u tried giving it a bit of a beating again since? Or have u noticed a loss of power? A video of the car idioling going from the back of the engine bay to the front would be handy atm. Front housing eould be good to hear close up.
  2. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Smug face followed by big grin. Then first,second, third power skid #causecan
  3. Torque converter to flexplate torque setting

    And that is why I drop my car at a shop. Id be going lock tight style on everything and stripping bolts kicking chit and still farking it up.
  4. Whats On The Menu

    Feel sorry for your better half later, your gonna lift the sheets.
  5. FG vibration problem

    And the seatbelt tensioner
  6. FG vibration problem

    Yeah underload doesnt rule out anything. Like reversing out the driveway is load. 160 on the freeway is load. Are you able to give us more info? To maybe get the info you need?
  7. Whats On The Menu

    Fat crunt
  8. FG vibration problem

    Can you remember when the vibration started? After giving it a boot? Does the vibration become worse with more speed? Higher revs? Is it worse in certain gears? It could be as simple as the exhaust being loose, or a timing chain tensioner.
  9. Standard or After market..?

    "You can turbo it" though I wouldnt. You are better off looking for a 07 or newer turbo engine with the manifold and turbo attached to it. Definitely needs to be a 07 or newer though. Upload some pics of the new car? Sound like a nice ride mate. Welcome to the forum to
  10. Missing At High Revs

    Maybe read the posts above?
  11. Clutch reservoir

    Plenty of knowledge and help on here buddy, stick around and u mite like a few of us.. Except the hampster, his farking strange
  12. 2013 Mk II Ford Turbo

    Turbo needs to have a X next to the GT. Exhaust dump to tip is needed Cooler and piping upgrade? Buddy a 450rwkw ZF is a beast of a car, though to have a reliable one?? costs double the quoted prices u have and some more on top of that again. @JETURBO could probably get u the right parts needed at very good prices, cause #worldwidetunarep. But yeah that mod list is good for maybe 450rw (HP) then heat soak kicks in.
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    For u to have a snooze u mean?

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