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  1. My Build

    After nearly 6 months, the wiring is completed and installed in the car. I cannot begin to describe my feeling of joy and relief. I really feel like crying.. I know that some will wonder why it has taken so long. The extended duration was due to my wiring guy having a full time job (At the mines), which involves being away from home. Given my familiarity with these circumstances, it has taken substantially longer than normal. However, the man is absolutely fastidious with his work and I'm sure that when you view the pictures below, you will attest to the wait being justifiable. AS you can see, we cut the harness just past the firewall and added a Motorsport connector. This will allow us to completely disconnect the wiring harness in one spot (Except coils), if engine removal is required. I wish that I'd thought of it the first time around.... We've done the same with the Thermocouple amplifiers to allow for ease of removal/installation. Note that they amplifiers are not yet installed into the engine management compartment and that they will be mounted on top of thew wideband and I/O expander modules... So, the beast has been fired, but we had a small trigger issue. It seems to be losing it's home(Can't remember exact term).. We'll put it on a scope and suss it out...
  2. Map sensor when upgrading plenum

    I ran a flexible line and positioned it next to the ABS module.
  3. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    I find it amazing that everyone has been complaining for years about the lack of options, and when one presents itself they complain about the price. I've just had my car rewired again, as I wanted to modify my harness and delete the factory PCM. Think about the costs involved with supplying a unit and making a harness, compared to the new replacement Elite 2500. Let alone having FREE tuning software with the package... The price comparison would be comparable to still running HP or SCT...... The biggest problem now, is that anyone with an Elite can tune and modify their own tunes. This will undoubtedly affect the income of some performance shops in the short term. But will increase workloads for engine builders, as more engines will be damaged/destroyed by amateur tuners.. The cycle will go full circle. Dale has confirmed that it is a replacement unit and has live tuning.
  4. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    Dale Hilier has indicated that it will be around 3 - 3.5k abd that it has built in Lambda.
  5. I haven't spoken to Daryn in AGES. I'll call him tomorrow for an update. I do believe that the car has been racing, so it must be fixed..
  6. Clutch ba xr6t to fgxr6t

    No. The input shafts have different splines....
  7. fg engine rebuild

    Here are a new set of 0.020" JE forged pistons that have coated skirts and ceramic tops. I picked them up for $1300. There are bargains out there.....
  8. 590Rwkw Ba Xr6t Sedan

    Also do an IMS diff hat conversion also. You will thank me later...
  9. fg engine rebuild

    Dollar for dollar, JE are probable the best value pistons for a stout Barra. I've built three engines using them (Sold two short engines). They're extremely high quality alloy that have minimal expansion. Therefore you can tighten up the clearances, which results in a very quiet engine. Btw, I agree with 99% of what Jet stated...
  10. My Build

    Thanks Cosmo, I have a small update for you.. AS some would know, we decided to remove the factory engine management altogether. Being the the Haltech was spliced into to it to maintain some functions, it turned into a rather complex, time consuming task. While it was all out, we installed/wired in: Installed and wired the thermocouples and amplifiers Installed a exhaust manifold backpressure sensor Launch control module - More of that at a latter date. Strain Gauge Gear position sensor While the harness was out, we decided to install Motorsport Connectors for the engine harness and thermocouples. This will make the removal of each extremely painless and time effective process, as well as neat. I went and checked on the progress of the changes on the weekend and I must say that the workmanship is amazing.. Here's a pic of one of the Motorsport Connector wiring..
  11. My Build

    I've sent Keith a new lot of re-uploaded pictures for the thread. Major regrets about posting so many pictures, as it has taken MANY hours and I'm only up to page 8. FML...
  12. Resistance for coolant and oil temp sensors

    I installed new AEM sensors for this exact reason. I seem to remember my wiring guy saying something about them being GM style sensors. Could be wrong though, as it was a while ago.
  13. BA/BF Gearbox swap

    You will need the matching t56 crossmember, csc, yolk and clutch. If you need a box etc, send me a pm. As I have a spare T57, with a Mal Wood option 5 clutch.
  14. Thank you VERY much. You are a life saver. Is there anything that I can do to repay your kindness? Like a carton of beer?
  15. Thanks for the reply Aaron. Due to it's size, it might be best to upload it to a file locker - Tinyupload.com Cheers

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