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  1. Is my icc working properly.

    Why the fck cant we recirculate air with out the ac.
  2. Is my icc working properly.

    do ac have a separate belt. My car only runs a 8 rib pulley system. It is the only belt that is utilized. I am confused , because if I turn off AC the one big serpentine belt keeps running as normal. Does this mean that if I turn off ac, the car is still pulling the same horsepower with, or without ac. PS I am a newbe, and am beginning to wonder is a stock g6et would of been a better purchase.
  3. Is my icc working properly.

    Icc is important, but at the moment I think there are more pressing answers that need answering.
  4. I have a BA series 2 Ghia ICC in my GT. Everything is working fine, but I am wondering why does the recycle function on the AC only work when the AC is on. Its annoying when stinky fkn diesel fumes enter my cabin. Every other car I have had, the recycle function was not dependant on the AC been on. Is it a stupid fkn idea, or not working correctly ?? Also, the manual says, "When AC is on, it will switch between cycling outside and inside air periodically" Don't need help with this one. I know that is a stupid fkn idea.
  5. I got FGXKED over!

    I feel your pain, but stay away from caryards, feels like the sharks are circling every time I step into one. Things are really tuff at used car lots, who knows what tricks they pull to get a few more dollars on a sale. If you want history you cant beat buying private from a one or second owner.
  6. When launching an automatic car, should I be using traction control or no traction control, And what is the best way to launch an auto.
  7. As Bad As Chev Badges?

    And to go with the pony badge, the bloody thing was purple. That's a double whammy no, no, in my book.
  8. BAII XR6 Turbo Ute 313rwkw

    Not wrong, I have a Whipple supercharged BA GT on 8 psi with 17000 dollars of mods, and only getting 330 rwkw. (I mentioned in an earlier post it was a BF, turns out its a BA ) Mine averages 24 litres per 100 km. On a highway it's only 12 litres per 100. That's with a couple of short squirts per day. What are you guys averaging in your turbos. Not that I am complaining about fuel usage, its what one would expect with a modded v8.
  9. Exhaust size 500kw.

    You were right, after measuring, the exhaust turned out to be 2.5 inches and not the 2 inches as mentioned in the advertisement.
  10. Exhaust size 500kw.

    That's what the advertisement said. But yes I will measure it tomorrow, bit cold outside tonight in Adelaide. I will clamp a clamp onto one of the pipes then measure the gap.
  11. Exhaust size 500kw.

    I am only talking kw at the engine. I think I would be happy with that since I don't want to fry my engine.
  12. Exhaust size 500kw.

    I don't own a T but do own a current model 2.4 ltr Whipple Supercharger running only 8psi with a conservative tune, on a BF GT. Hope that gives me some gred with you Turbo guys. Anyway, car currently has Genie high flow extractors and cats. with xforce cat back 2 inch sports system. Wold the current 2 inch cat back system be ok after a pulley upgrade to 500kw or would a 2.5 or a 3 system be the way to go. Currently have two 2 inch pipes running side by side with a muffler about one metre away from the cats, and another muffler at the back with twin tips.
  13. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    OH, I put oakwood leather care hydrating cream on my seats today. Not sure if it did anything but did make the leather more glossy. Does anybody else find ford leather to be on the hard side. It seems very durable, but it is a very stiff hard leather. Car is BF GT.
  14. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    I everybody, this is my first post on this site, hope you guys arnt as anal as those ***** on Australian ford forums. I got a lot of be quiet we have been here a lot longer than you high and mighty ****n bullsh*t on that site. If your objective to anything those robots say, your banned.

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