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  1. I skipped the chicken Maggi and went the burnt butthole variety. Two packets for double the burn.
  2. I could only wish for a night out without the kids. Brb making up for it with steaks on the bbq with salads 2moz.
  3. Really? Well there ya go. Mine sounded different when it had that issue. So you bought a car that has every nut bolt and screw stripped eh? If that's the case then I see where you're coming from.
  4. This or something like it. It's too linear to be air related.
  5. Haha I'm having a couple of glasses of wine and am now thinking about reminiscing with some Maggi chicken noodles. I was to lazy to drive to Gawler (who wants to drive 80km for maccas?) to get take out so I had home made carbonara for dinner.
  6. I've also had the problem where I wanted to burn my car or write it off. Fortunately neither has occurred lately. There are some knowledgeable people that will read this thread. Spend the time searching threads and asking nicely and I'm sure you will find an answer.
  7. For sure mate. I've only been once but I'm aiming to attend every drag day this year bar one or two. I just read the rules, showed up with $100 (after finding no eftpos), an in date helmet and long pants and sleeves. Here's the website. Even if I can't race I'll come down anyway if you're bringing your car down. That way I can bring the family down too.
  8. I've got the front only and it stops pretty quick. It's more than enough for public streets. I can't speak for circuit use.
  9. I could but it's not the best thing to do atm. I'll just pick up a second hand unit from the wreckers (or buy a new one) so I can participate in the cruise. I think that having the polylast bushes, 255 wide 120 tread wear semi slicks that hooked mostly and a full power, aggressive 1st to 2nd change is what farked it. There was no noise after the bush install for about a month or so and after that has become progressively worse. I've recently changed the tune to save the box but it appears I was too late for the axle/s. My ford mods are like shampoo, it won't happen overnight but it will happen.
  10. Heh I just showed the missus how much a decent set of axles and hubs cost. She no like.
  11. Yeah man the brakes are a bit noisy hey. Even if I could get in one run without it breaking that's an expensive run. If it did break then it's more money down the drain. I'd rather buy maccas and a six pack.
  12. (╯°□°)╯︵ ʞooqǝɔɐℲ
  13. Haha it's not vibrating yet. I did some "mid track" tuning yesterday and it was fine. Now that it's goes better it just spins the tyres when I change from 1st to 2nd. I would take it tomorrow but I don't trust it not to snap with the extra grip. Have a listen to it through headphones or large speakers, you can actually hear the exhaust tone.
  14. It may as well be for all the good it is now.
  15. And... the farken farkers farked No drag racing tomorrow.