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  1. Earth and 12V cables and a little bitty switching wire. Three in total.
  2. If it is just crap on the shaft then you can key it a bunch of times to clean it off. If it's the brushes then it'll be hit and miss whether it will work. It'll help to smack it while turning the key. If the armature is rooted then I wouldn't drive anywhere. Prognosis: you'll be right mate if you fix it asap.
  3. Solenoids stay good for ages. It is usually just a rusty crap build up on the shaft that prevents it from throwing the gear out. If you hardly use your car then a new starter would be the go as once rust starts on the shaft it likes to grow back and fark it all up again pretty quick.
  4. Lmao. Yeah mate it's called remove your starter motor, emery the sh*t of the throw out gear shaft and put it back in. Don't use a wet lube as it will just collect dust and seize up quicker.
  5. Yep. I'm sure if someone can make their way to sa then they can make the 15 minute journey to the park from the top of the freeway. I don't mind meeting people at the freeway though which is where the pub is.
  6. 8am to 11am for breakfast according to the website.
  7. Yerp. Head up it towards Summertown and go both ways on the dippers.
  8. If yas want I'll meet you all at the Crafers Hotel on Friday. There is a BP servo across the road from there so we can all fill up if we need to for the Saturday cruise. It's only about 10 minutes from the caravan park and is just off the freeway where you'd exit anyway. 2nd edit: This would be a good meeting spot for Saturday morning as well.
  9. Yep for sure. Bbq is quite well received around these parts. We'll bring something for dinner too if you want.
  10. Haha that's funny. I collect them so I can easily see if I'm logged in as me when I'm on mobile. I also check every unread post on the forum each day so I am caught up with stuff. I'm pretty sure @BAXRTUTE is just working his arse off atm and for that reason isn't very active on here right now. @Rab I've talked the missus into coming up on Friday with the kids so you all can meet my bunch of little puffwagons.
  11. Nice one
  12. You had a good day, don't lie.
  13. Did you love it though?