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  1. GTX3584RS

    It'd be pretty close, depending on the rest of the setup.
  2. GTX3584RS

    That's just the turbine housing flow, it's not what the turbo can do. The compressor is bigger on the rs and with a big enough gate it will keep the back pressure in check and still make all the power. Maybe true at 450rwkw but not at higher power levels. With your drivetrain loss a gen2 gtx3582r will be perfect at 450rwkw on e85 imho. There is a lot to choosing a turbo and it depends mainly on what you want it to do.
  3. GTX3584RS

    I guess @arronm has a point with his previous comment. If you do decide to turn it up then you'll want the bigger housing. Running this turbo at 450rwkw will leave some in reserve and imho with an external gate, the smaller housing will be ok for that power level. If you're not turning it up then the gen2 gtx3582r might be a better turbo for you because it is still an 850hp turbo and has heaps more housing options. Depending on how you control boost and also depending on the ignition and cam tuning you can bring a turbo on slower or make the car more drivable.
  4. Whats On The Menu

    That is going to make for a good bbq.
  5. GTX3584RS

    Not to harp on about it guys but it seems that he hasn't bought the turbo yet. An in between would be the gen2 gtx3582r and cut and shut a vband where the t3 flange is if a vband is mandatory. You could use a 1.06 housing. I also had a look and Tial make a 1.03 housing to fit the gt/gtx35 turbos. Lol I dunno if it would fit the rs though
  6. GTX3584RS

    Apparently they fit with modification to the turbine housing. Still, Garrett is saying that the turbine wheel is different...Maybe they don't know what they made?!
  7. Whats On The Menu

    Haha I was expecting to see a 4 litre bottle of scotch and half a side of beef on a spit
  8. GTX3584RS

    Here is a quote from the Garrett website that I linked earlier for the rs in this thread; "A brand new high horsepower turbine wheel flows exhaust gasses at a higher, more efficient rate than other GT and GTX turbine wheel designs. The new turbine wheel design allows for higher exhaust gas flow which increases aerodynamic efficiency compared to the previous design. New hi-flowing, stainless steel turbine housings help decrease backpressure and range in size from 0.83, 1.01, and 1.21 A/R. These compact turbine housings are unique only to the GTX3584RS meaning they are not interchangeable with other GT/GTX35 products because of the new turbine wheel."
  9. GTX3584RS

    If it can flash to 3500rpm it should torch the tyres either way, as that is where the boost threshold is give or take. Obviously you don't have to floor it everywhere though. Just by looking at the numbers I think there wouldn't be much in it when you drive flat out, considering the trans and converter. Also you are running an external gate from the manifold which will alleviate back pressure more than an internal gate would. This is why I would lean toward the smaller one in a street driven car as it will help when you are at part throttle. From here you would really need some actual data as we can only work out a certain amount from the specs of the turbo etc. If you check the housings back to back you might have a result like that video.
  10. GTX3584RS

    You move to a bigger A/R when the back pressure to boost pressure ratio is unacceptable. Here is a yootube clip that just showed up on my feed that is relevant to this conversation. Edit: The clip also shows before and after data logs.
  11. GTX3584RS

    The 1.01 housing on the rs flows nearly the same amount as the gen2 gtx 1.06 housing. Based upon this and the results we've seen with the falcon housing with the gen2 gtx3582r, I think that the smaller housing will be fine for 450rwkw, even through an older style auto with a big converter.
  12. GTX3584RS

    How much power do you want? If you're running an auto with a big converter then pick the A/R to suit the power you want rather than the boost threshold as most of that threshold will be mitigated by the converter. Either is going to be pretty snappy with a 3 and a half grand converter. Are you running a 570 cube v8? If not then not a chance in hell.
  13. Weight Training For Beginners

    Well I only got 190kg for a single. A bit sh*thouse but whatever, it is what it is. I still got enough reps on the way up to make some gainz. I got the numbers and I've made the program so yerp, get it started on Monday.
  14. The Off Topic Thread.

    @JETURBO You working today man?
  15. The Off Topic Thread.

    Haha that's what Street Machine reckoned nearly a year ago. The turbo will be living an easier life for sure. Are you happy with it or do you reckon a smaller one would be better? There's always room for it to be turned up anyway if you ever feel like breaking or building stuff.

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