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  1. Bf ball joints

    I bought tie rod ends and ball joints from that brand. The rubber dust covers on mine were stuffed within a few thousand km. I wouldn't buy them again.
  2. 2 Wheel Transport...

    You got that right. It's rated for 40kg. It still goes good and pulls a wheelie. The suspension ain't too happy though.
  3. 2 Wheel Transport...

    The kids have a 2014 crf50f which the youngest is enamoured with. I was taking her for laps today (the poor bike) and boy did she crack it when I parked it back in the shed. I'm glad at least one of them likes it.
  4. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Yeah it might not be for everyone. We have a lot of washing to do so it gets used fairly often. Our dryer is the water removing type (it has a drain hose etc) so it puts out a dry heat.
  5. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Energy tip: Set your washing machine to start at 5am and then when you chuck your stuff in the dryer it will heat part of the house when it needs heating the most.
  6. The Off Topic Thread.

    Probably would if I had 10 cups.
  7. The Off Topic Thread.

    It must be time for a coffee or 10.
  8. BA Turbo - build thread (sort of)

    What's your pick?
  9. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    So who is buying one on the 18th?
  10. The Off Topic Thread.

    Brrr it's cold as sh*t. And...Yay Friday
  11. The Off Topic Thread.

    Haha I usually do on the mower but it's asking for punishment with the whipper snipper.
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    Thongs for foot cover and squints for eye protection is all I need. I'll upgrade all of that tomorrow when I whipper snip cos that thing tries to kill me every time.
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    Not really. More of a shock than anything. One piece smacked me in the chest and another put a teensy hole in my arm. I probably should have done a better walk around.
  14. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Eh, I'll take it then.
  15. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Cheers, I would have given it a 3.

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