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  1. Piss takes aside, where the fark are you? I liked your review
  2. The comments point to the o2 sensor/s or a fark up in calculating. Instant fuel consumption can get very high. 1000cc or so injectors x 6 is 6 litres a minute at 80 to 100%dc. 99.9 L/H is tame. It's closer to 300 L/H which is where the gs34x runs out on our cars.
  3. Lets just say 25 reps turned into 5 reps. You'll get to see the glory of my fat guts in a couple of days. tomorrow.
  4. I tried benching the other day after 4 or so months of couching. It wasn't pretty.
  5. Am I?
  6. Bring a guitar. I haven't played for 5 years but can probably still play the playschool song.
  7. Ya can't be scary benching 45 kg for reps.
  8. Is that a thing? I'm pretty sure my hangover from yesterday will last until Sunday. The fire danger season in the Flinder area is in effect until the 15th of April. I doubt we can have any fires apart from the bbq.
  9. Fortunately some karntz don't give a fark.
  10. If by "fun" you mean "Pretty sure that pot you're stirring there had at least 3 days worth of meth in it" then yes.
  11. True dat, can confirm have pulled skids with trailer in tow
  12. Haha. Last I counted was 77...then I found the weird part of the forum.
  13. Fair dinkum...