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  1. Happy Birthday yw84u!

  2. Happy Birthday yw84u!

  3. Happy Birthday yw84u!

  4. Happy Birthday yw84u!

  5. Happy Birthday yw84u!

  6. Side Mirrors Upgrade

    No they don't come painted you will have to do that yourself. Mine were black but I have herd of some being white. You only need the scollops and the repeater, as the mirror and frame are the same. And even the bulb from the guard fits you just need a holder. I don't know about sedans but the ute didnt have a loom or plug I just ran wires from the plug in the guard to the mirrors. What are you going to do with the repeater on the guard? All up mine cost $300 for 2 scollops 2 repeaters and the fpv badges for the guard plus painting and a couple of bucks for the bulb holder
  7. Harry's / Munchies

    I might call past just depends what time I Finnish work
  8. Mt Lindsay Cruise

    [quote name=Russo ' timestamp='1305968082' post='1107844] Yw84 im heading up the coast from ballina at 5:15ish if u wanna meet up yeah mate which way you heading out through canungra or out the logan motorway
  9. Mt Lindsay Cruise

    hey guys cant access the personal messages to see what is going on tomorrow, just says error #10229 could not determine which message you were attempting to view
  10. I am having the same problems, same error and tapatalk won't work either, but they both will on wifi, cleared cache and cookies still happens, it might work for a few days then won't for another week.
  11. Fg Ute Hard Cover

    if you can open it up enough to get your arm through there is a cord on the left side, pull that it wil open it.
  12. G6E T 2010 Upgrade

    Don't know about the g6et's but the fpv's where upgraded in July, my f6 is no. 3 and it is a aug build
  13. What Colour Leather?

    What colour car do u have? I always think that you have to match your interior to the exterior. I hate looking in a car and seeing mismatched colours.
  14. Mt Lindsay Cruise

    Hey guys any more info? Time and place that we are meeting?
  15. I did my first front bearing at 220,000 km, 03 xr6t it is lowered but standard 18" wheels with Dba 4000 rotors, the wife drives the car so it isn't thrashed, well that u know of, no track days and it mostly does highway km got them to do both while they were at it. mine just went one day it was fine the next there was a grinding noise

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