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  1. QLD Sam/ CPV Tuning F6 sedan - Palmyra 10.55 @132
  2. Cheers mate, yeah definitely can't complain the time. Can't wait for next time to see if we can improve on the time. Had issues getting it off the line well so get that sorted and it should go a little quicker.
  3. So went to strip a couple weeks ago and it didn't go to badly. 10.5 at 132mph, had a couple small issues so that gives us something to work on for next time. In my opinion it's got a little more left in it but only time will tell.
  4. Yeah I forgot to mention I've got an upgraded converter aswell as a built gearbox. I've got a new some brand new et streets waiting aswell so now I just need to find some time to get down the strip and see what I can do. It's a great turbo, I can't believe how much top end it has its just unreal.
  5. Yeah alright, first time I've ever heard of a company doing it was monsta torque. Do they all perform roughly the same? I had always been pushed towards a gtx or a precision. Yeah mine has the .7 cover.
  6. They seem to keep it fairly quiet though. I've had turbo Falcons for about 3 years now, with the last one being a bf and it wasn't till I got the f6 and started talking to Dave that I even heard about this turbo. So they have done well on keeping it a bit of a secret. But I have seen on Facebook a company called RaceEquipped doing a very similar turbo now. They call it a high flow gt35 which has a 66mm
  7. Yeah that's the one. It's a great turbo
  8. So a couple months ago the turbo on my f6 failed so it needed to be replaced. I had been talking to Dave from CPV Tuning for a couple months about upgrading the turbo and when the stock turbo failed it kind of forced my hand and the turbo was upgraded. Hadn't planned on doing it this early but couldn't see the point in replacing the stock turbo and then getting a new one again in 6 months time. So a custom turbo from monsta torque was ordered and installed to go along with existing mods like manta exhaust, twin 460 surge tank, intanke 460, PW stage 3 cooler, valve springs, 1000cc injectors and stall converter. The daily tune ended up doing 459.6kw and the drag tune ended up going 493.4kw, both were on e85 Most impressive thing about the car is that it still retains the standard airbox and intake so there is no doubt in my mind that if a turbo side intake was installed than the car would make over 500rwkw but that's not what I was chasing with this car. I wanted to keep a relatively standard looking engine bay seeing as though it is still my daily so to the untrained eye it would still look standard and I wouldnt get much attention. I also wanted to see if it was possible to run a 9 on the standard intake so will hopefully get a chance to go down the strip soon and see what time it does.
  9. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has had any experience with innovate motorsport guages. I haven't heard anything about them but have come across one of their new guages the ecb-1 which looks interesting. I was actually just looking at there boost and a/f ratio one as that's what I was looking at getting but then came across the ecb-1 that does ethanol content which could be handy to check the ethanol content, and then also fuel temp which I probbaly wouldn't use much. So if anyone has any feedback about this guage or just innovate motorsport guages in general that would be great.
  10. Cheers for that. In my mind I thought as long as it had the manifold pressure there it would have held closed unless there was a leak/ hole in the diaphragm. But then it would have leaked regardless of if it was installed the correct way or not.
  11. Standard bov. I wasnt asking how to fix it. Was asking if anyone had any ideas why it was doing what it was doing. But thanks for your input.
  12. Hey guys I had been noticing a bit of a boost leak and when I put it on the dyno about a month ago was suspicions were confirmed. Would make 21pound and then fall off to 17 on the high boost tune and then with the everyday tune it would make 18 and then fall off to about 15-16. Started to investigate and found the bov was on back to front. So what would usually be the outlet was now the inlet. After changing it back to how it should be it now holds 21 pound and goes a lot better. Is there a reason why it would be leaking through because it was back to front? Or could it just be a sign that it's not that healthy and may need replacing. I can't think of a reason why it leak being installed backwards. Cheers
  13. So I had a issue with the immobiliser coming on in the f6 the other day. Got in it and drove it about 3 minutes down the road to go to the supermarket and then when I came out I went to start it and it would think and cranking and then just immobilise. So I jumped out tried lockking and unlocking the car but that achieved nothing. Lucky I had a multimeter in the car at the time and the battery was reading 12.2v which I didn't think was that bad. Called a mate and he turned up with a new battery and that fixed the issue anyway. Now I know that a battery is suppose to be a little higher than 12v but I would have thought 12.2v would have been enough to start it. The voltage could have been dropping when it tried to crank but I didn't test that. While I was googling to try and find the issue I read a couple people saying that if its under 12.4v it will immobilise. Anyone know if this is actually true and if so why they are so sensitive to voltage??
  14. dosing for days now?