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  1. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Very nice, always great information and progress photos. Love your work JET!
  2. Fg f6 ecu issue?

    Check your intake manifold gasket for leaks. Read a few more threads in this section regarding missing or no injector pulse. Fg ecu will drop injector pulse on some cyls if it picks up specific coil misfire events.
  3. help

    Even though alot of aftermarket pumps run more line pressure then a std one this is not why it happened. This was just a bad instalation.
  4. help

    Take it back to the tuner and get them to check it out.
  5. Possible headgasket

    HaHa Molch good job, now the fun stuff begins.
  6. Turbo lag with new turbo

    ^^^whs^^^ wastegate more than likely not shut.
  7. My Build

    Lol, I wish I had that stockpile of spares and had to make those hard decisions. Good to see the build is still going on. The end result is going to be fantastic to see.
  8. HELP! Car breakdown and popping after traction loss

    .7 plug gap but you are going to hit more problems with overboost with that exhaust. Ported turbo and retune will be needed. If it killed the cat there is a problem with the tune anyway or either it had a previous missfire for quite a while before being fixed.
  9. 2009 FPV F6 blowing smoke

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Just a quick question, How long ago have the mods and tune been fitted and done on your car?
  10. I'm Back... ?

    Welcome back, You may as well do the head studs and new valve stem seals and your done.
  11. BA XT stock diff to turbo LSD

  12. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Very nice.He must be happy with the finished product.
  13. Centre bearing mount on driveshaft

    The Repco packaged unijoint for the falcon is actually supplied by Hardy spicer for them at the moment. Next month or year it may be procured from elswhere.
  14. Hi, Sorry another BF fuel gauge problem...

    When you say you replaced the fuel sender are you talking about the pump module or the actual sender unit ? Many people have confused these two items.
  15. General Turbo Chat

    More pics would be good too Ralph if you could please.

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