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  1. Dreaded misfire issues (sigh)

    those codes are similar to the ones mine threw when it jumped 2 teeth from a broken guide
  2. Where to get my Turbo

    Sus out Performance Oz on facebook, they are doing precision turbo and manifold packages at the moment. Might be worth giving them a bell and see what their price is.
  3. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    APS in Frankston VIC. I'll probably do the cams, try for 600. Then do E85, try for 650 and that will be the end of power mods.
  4. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Will retain VCT. Yeh will go for retune as soon as they are fitted. Want to try and get the cam timing spot on and bring my turbo on a bit earlier with the retune. Goal is 600rwhp.
  5. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    I am waiting for my TBRE stage 3s to be delivered. Will be going in my FG in 2 weeks so if you can wait will let you know then.
  6. Which coilovers for my G6E Turbo

    Has no one tried the BC Racing kit? $1400 from JustJap in Sydney. I used to have BC's in my 32 GTR and they were good, a little firm but I had the external reservoir racing version so was never going to be super comfortable. Would love to get them again just not as the guinea pig
  7. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    What size is your flapper? Mine was a 38mm initially with the cnc port job but wound up at 40mm with a whole bunch of extra hand porting.
  8. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    408kw at the rears on 98 @ 20psi uptop. it's a little soft down low unfortunately, apparently to save the rods due to the way the boost comes on so quickly. really only gets moving above 3500rpm. it needed an nizpro overboost valve fitted to sort out the aggressive ramp in boost, not sure how that worked but apparently it did. APS reckon on E85 it will be easier to bring the boost in earlier without issues.
  9. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    very interested to see if you have similar issues to me when using the big comp wheel and 9 blade rear on a standard motor
  10. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    69mm might be overkill mate. I went their 67mm with .7 comp cover and their stage 2 turbine wheel. they have got a few good things in the works though, .72 comp cover like the 3584rs and a bunch of new blade combinations for their wheels, 6+6, 7+7 etc
  11. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    That was an issue initially, flapper getting stuck, but was fixed when swapped over to a genuine Garrett actuator. I'm a little confused by it too, it's like the compressor makes more than the turbine housing and wastegate can handle. I'm no expert though, just going off what has been relayed to me by my mechanic from tuner. Will open another thread about it when I get results tomorrow (hopefully) as I'm stealing @MattyP thunder
  12. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    I believe APS tried that as well with no luck. With a Turbosmart Actuator and a standard Garrett one.
  13. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    Turbo was done by Procharge and tuning by APS mate
  14. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    internal gate. was 38mm initially with the stage 1 9 blade turbine wheel and cnc housing port. then went to 40mm with the stage 2 9 blade turbine wheel and some hand porting combined with the cnc port job on the housing. wanted to try and keep it at 20psi, but not having much luck
  15. G6Et Finished.... For Now

    @MattyP what pressure are you running your current compressor setup at? I'm having dramas at the moment trying to get a Procharge 67mm / stage 2 turbine wheel to stay at 24psi.

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